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Top 6 Best Coffee Break Signs

Best Coffee Break Signs

There really is nothing quite like taking a quick break from work and kicking back with a mug of your favorite coffee blend. The relaxation you feel, the aroma of hot coffee, the way it warms you up as you sip – it’s all so perfect.

However, there is one thing we think could make it better: beautiful decorations to admire on your coffee break. That’s why we’ve done some digging for you and found the best coffee break signs to keep in your office breakroom or at home.

Coffee Break Room Signs

Is your office a little on the boring side when it comes to aesthetics? The right sign can spruce it up a bit. We’ll show you what we mean with the below coffee breakroom signs…

HantaJanss Java Time Coffee Break Signs

HANTAJANSS Java Time Coffee Break Plate Metal Sign 2 Pack, Retro Vintage Tin Signs for Car Plate Cover, Coffee House, Garage, Rest Area, Restaurant, Bar, Store Decoration

Your coffee break is almost a sacred time, a time to step away from your desk for a few minutes and unwind. This HantaJass Java Time Coffee Break sign combo conveys that feeling perfectly.

You’re also getting two signs in this package rather than one. You’ll get the Coffee Break sign and the Java Time sign, allowing you to decorate more areas. If you happen to have more than one breakroom in the office, you can split the signs up and put one in two different rooms.

To ensure the signs arrive in pristine condition, they’re shipped packaged really well. And once you open them up, you’ll be able to hang them right away because of the four pre-drilled holes in them.


  • You’ll get two different signs in this bundle.
  • The signs have four holes in them that you can use to hang them right away.
  • Each sign has an old-fashioned vintage aesthetic that’s warm and welcoming.
  • The printing on the signs is long-lasting and can’t be nicked or scratched.


  • No reported issues at this point in time.

KAMA Coffee Break time for You Metal Signs Home Decor Vintage Tin Signs

Remember, your coffee break is a time for you. It’s a time to set aside your stresses for a few minutes while you sip on a fresh, hot cup of java, fueling yourself for the rest of the day.

The Kama Coffee Break Time Metal Sign reminds you of this fact. Put it up in your office breakroom so each employee who enters knows it’s a place to relax for a little while.


  • Since it is lightweight, you won’t struggle to lift the sign while hanging or moving it.
  • There are holes drilled into the sign to save you time.
  • The dark background and white font make it look like a quaint handwritten chalkboard.


  • None reported yet.

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14' Large Black Metal Coffee Cup Mug Scrolled Silhouette Metal Wall Art Decor Interior Decoration

This sign may not expressly say anything about coffee breaks, but we still think it would look great in any breakroom. Its beautiful scrollwork and delicately curling letters will make employees feel right at home.

On top of that, since it’s made from metal, you can be sure it’s durable. You can have it up for years in the office.


  • Has beautifully detailed scrollwork and lettering.
  • Made from long-lasting metal.
  • The black color is neutral and can match with anything.


  • Does not come with any hanging hardware.

MyGift 12-Hook Rustic Torched Wood Wall Mounted Coffee Mug Rack, Teacup Cafe Mugs Display Hooks

A sign doesn’t just have to be something you look at. With options like this MyGift sign, you’ll be getting something multi-functional.

Not only does it look good, but it comes with twelve sturdy hooks for holding your coffee mugs. You’ll have everything you need to start your coffee break – just walk up to the sign and grab yourself a mug.

Additionally, the sign is available in four different colors. No matter the color scheme in your office or home, there’s sure to be a version of this sign that fits in perfectly.


  • Made from solid wood and tough metal, so it will last a long time.
  • In addition to looking pretty, the sign can hold up to twelve coffee mugs.
  • Sold in four different beautiful color variations.


  • There are some reports of the sign feeling too lightweight.

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Parisloft Coffe Time Rustic Barn Wood Small Coffee Box Sign Decor for Kitchen, Rustic Wooden Coffee Sign for Coffee Bar Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Wood Home Decor 5.8''x4.8''

This cute little Parisloft sign is an adorable reminder of what your coffee break means: coffee time. We love the distressed look of the wood frame around it, which gives it a handmade air.

The other benefit to the frame is that it’s thick enough to stand on its own. You don’t need to hang the sign up on a wall if you don’t want to – you can just set it down on a table or counter.


  • There are three different versions of the sign for you to choose from.
  • Has a vintage aesthetic.
  • You can set it on a counter or hang it on a wall.


  • Some buyers felt it’s a little too small.

Primitives by Kathy No Coffee No Workee Home Décor Sign, 4x3 inches

Coffee is the fuel that gets many people through their workdays. Does that apply to you, too? If you answered yes to that question, then this box sign could be perfect for your coffee break area.

The message is clear: without coffee, you won’t work. It’s a good thing you’re taking a coffee break, then, isn’t it? You can be sure this sign will make you or your employees chuckle.


  • This funny sign is sure to get a laugh out of you and whoever sees it.
  • It’s easy to read.
  • It can stand by itself or be hung on a wall.


  • Some owners stated that they felt the sign was smaller than they expected.

Making Sure You Get the Right Coffee Break Sign


Chances are, you’ve already thought of a place where you want to put your sign. Before you actually go and choose one, make sure you pause to measure that place.

You’ll want to be sure that the sign fits, after all. Once you have the measurements in hand, you can check the descriptions for each sign carefully to be sure you get one that’s perfect for your chosen space.

Even if you have plenty of room, though, you may still want a sign of a specific size. For instance, you may want a smaller sign to make space for pictures on the wall around it. In this case, it is still important to check the dimensions in the description for each sign.

Hanging Method

You may think a sign can only be hung on a wall, but this is not true. There are tons of signs with wide edges that allow them to stand up on a flat surface.

Think about which method appeals more to you. If you want the sign up out of the way, it may make more sense to hang it on a wall. But if you don’t feel like dealing with hanging something up, you will obviously prefer a freestanding sign.

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Even if two signs say the exact same thing, they can still look totally different. You won’t believe how many signs there that say, “But first, coffee,” for instance. Regardless of this one similarity, many of them still look unique.

This is because of the overall style of the sign. The font, colors, and the way the printing is handled can all lead to various aesthetics.

Consider where you’re going to put the sign and what you think would look best in that setting. If you have a more rustic look in your home or office, you may prefer a rustic wooden sign. On the other hand, a modern office might be tied together beautifully with an industrial-looking metal sign.


What the sign actually says on it is clearly important, too. You wouldn’t want to put something unprofessional in the office’s breakroom because you want something that appeals to as many employees as possible.

Even if you’re getting a sign for your home, this is worth thinking about. If children, parents, and guests will see the sign, decide if their opinions would be important to you.

Fortunately, if you see a sign with a quote you like, there will be numerous variations of that quote so you can find one that is appropriate for your situation.

Wrap Up

If we had to pick one sign that we think would perfectly complement your coffee break, we’d personally say the Kama Coffee Break Time Metal Sign. Its black background and white font make it resemble one of those homey chalkboards with handwritten menus you’ll see outside of restaurants and coffee shops.

That’s why it’s our favorite on this list. We think it would make you feel like you’re visiting your favorite local coffee shop every time you take a coffee break.

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