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Top 8 Best Coffee Signs for Offices

Best Coffee Signs for Offices

Coffee has become a crucial part of any office. Being able to get yourself a free cup of joe is simply one of the perks of working. Even if you telecommute, you likely have a small coffee pot setup to fuel yourself throughout the day.

No matter where your office is located, the décor can be surprisingly important. You’ll feel much more motivated to work in places that are comfortable and organized.

That’s where a coffee sign can come into play. An appealing sign can both brighten up the décor and make it clear where to get some freshly brewed coffee. That’s why we’ve gathered this list of the best coffee signs for offices.

Office Coffee Pot Signs

If you’re just looking for a basic sign to put up by the office coffee pot, we’ve found some excellent options. Check out our favorite office coffee pot signs below…

Primitives by Kathy Floral Trimmed Box Sign

Primitives by Kathy 22675 Floral Trimmed Box Sign, 6' x 8', Positive Thought

This small freestanding sign doesn’t expressly say anything about coffee on it, but we think it would still work in your office coffee corner.

There’s no denying that your workday can get pretty difficult. To be sure, a mug of coffee can be a lovely pick-me-up, but sometimes you need more to brighten your day. We feel like the positive saying on this sign could help do just that for you or your employees.


  • The sign is thick enough to stand on its own on a table or counter.
  • Positive words on the sign could cheer employees up.
  • You have the option of hanging it up if you would prefer.


  • Some owners feel it was smaller than they expected.

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Signs ByLITA Coffee Bar, Table Sign, 6' x 8' (Black)

If you’re looking for a way to make yourself or your employees feel like they’re stopping by a coffee shop when they pour themselves a mug, this sign might be a good choice. It’s simple, refined, and gets the point across well.

Plus, the large and bold font is easy to read. No one will need to squint to see what the sign says.


  • Simple lettering and iconography make the sign look formal enough for a professional setting.
  • Sold in a few different colors, so you can find one that fits in best with your office.
  • Includes easel legs to stand the sign up with.


  • There are some reports of the material feeling a little cheap.

Nafico Large Coffee Bar Signs Decor Vintage Coffee Tin Sign Metal Wall Decoration Art Home Room Outdoor Decor 12'x12'

If you want something with a bit more character, the Nafico Large Coffee Bar Sign is an excellent choice. It has bright colors and bold font that combine to give it a vintage appeal.

Additionally, since it’s made from tin, you won’t need to worry about it breaking or ripping over time. This is one you can have hanging up over your office’s coffee corner for years.


  • The sign is made from durable tin.
  • Comes with four holes pre-drilled in the corners for easy hanging.
  • The bright colors and font look pleasantly vintage.


  • A few owners have noted that it was smaller than they expected.

HANTAJANSS Java Time Coffee Break Plate Metal Sign 2 Pack, Retro Vintage Tin Signs for Car Plate Cover, Coffee House, Garage, Rest Area, Restaurant, Bar, Store Decoration

The HantaJanns Java Time Coffee Break Sign combo is perfect for giving the office coffee pot a bit more of a personal touch. Like the previous sign, they have a big retro appeal in a small package.

You’re also getting two signs for the price of one. Spread them out or place them close together – the choice is yours.


  • Fun retro design will give your office a more personal feel.
  • The Coffee Break sign is especially fitting for offices – and your coffee breaks.
  • These signs are lightweight and easy to install.
  • The high-definition text won’t get chipped or faded with age.


  • None reported yet.

Electric Office Coffee Signs

Getting an electric sign is a great way to brighten up your office in more ways than one. Keep reading to see some of the best electric office coffee signs we could find.

LED Neon Coffee Open Sign

Neon Sign OPEN, advertisement board Electric Display Sign, Two Modes Flashing & Steady light, for business, walls, window, shop, bar, hotel (N52)

This bright LED Neon Coffee Open Sign looks like something you’d see during a night out on the town. We have no doubt it will give the office coffee maker a much jollier look.

Best of all, the sign is energy-efficient. Thanks to its energy efficiency, you won’t need to worry about it being expensive to turn on.


  • The bright lights are eye-catching and fun.
  • It’s energy-efficient, so it’s not expensive to run.
  • It has two different fun light modes – flashing or steady.


  • The flashing mode could be distracting for some people.

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Amped & Co - Coffee Cup Neon Table Light, 14' x 8' - Coffee Bar Accessories, Coffee Bar Sign as Neon Signs or LED Signs - LED Coffee Table, Coffee Bar Signs Decor

You don’t always need huge words to convey a message. You’ve heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, and this neon coffee cup sign proves it.

Just by looking at it, you get the message: fresh, hot coffee is available here. We also like that it’s designed to stand up on its own, so you can just set it next to your coffee maker. No need to fuss with hanging it up.


  • The sign has a built-in base so you can just set it up next to the communal coffee pot.
  • No need to worry about it sliding around, as the base is anti-slip.
  • Made from beautiful handblown glass.
  • Looks classy in any type of environment.


  • No reported issues at this point in time.

AOOS CUSTOM Custom Neon Signs for Bedroom, Neon Lights for Room Decor, Home Decor, Aesthetic Room Decor, Wedding Decor, Party Lights, Bathroom decor, Kitchen Décor, Wall Décor

Your office is a unique space filled with unique people. Shouldn’t your decorations reflect that fact?

With this AOOS Custom sign, you can get an office coffee sign that perfectly reflects your business. You could have it customized to say your or your company’s name for a look that’s tailor-made for your needs.

Beyond the words, however, you can also customize the colors. You could even choose colors that match your company’s logo.


  • The words and the colors on the sign are completely customizable, which allows you to make a design personalized for your office.
  • Does not make noise like some other neon signs can.
  • You can dim the lights if they’re too bright.
  • The lights are made from silicone tubes that won’t shatter.


  • Some owners have said that it can take a long time to ship.
  • It can be more expensive than some alternatives.

LED Coffee Cup Neon Sign Coffee | Espresso for Kitchen Bar Restaurant Wall Decor | Dimmerable with Romote Control (White) 9.9' X 8.7' (25cmX22cm) powered by 12V adpotor with romote control

If you liked the look of the coffee cup sign but want something that can go on your wall, we’d recommend this Neon Signs Coffee Cup. It’s designed to hang on your wall instead of sitting on a table.

You’ll also appreciate how simple installation is. All you need to do is set up the lighting chain, hang up the sign, and plug it in, then it’s ready to turn on.


  • Installation is easy.
  • Uses steady LED lighting that doesn’t flicker.
  • It has a long cable to give you room to hang it up.


  • The sign is a little bulky.

Choosing the Best Coffee Sign for Your Office


One of your first considerations for your office coffee sign should be what it says – if anything. Do you want it to say something about coffee? Are you looking for something professional or inspiring?

Ask yourself those types of questions as you look at potential signs. The sign you have up on your wall will communicate you or your business’s values, so it should be appropriate for the setting.


The text or picture on your sign is only part of the look. You should factor in the colors, shape, and style of the words and pictures on it, too.

If you want something vintage, look for distressed signs made from wood or tin. On the other hand, if you want something modern and simple, look for solid colors and basic fonts.

Not sure how to choose the right aesthetic for a sign? Try looking around your office and noting the colors and mood of the room. You should also think about the company itself and what its values are.

These considerations will help you choose a sign that truly embodies the atmosphere you want to promote.

Freestanding or Hanging

There are various ways to display the sign once you receive it. It’s not a bad idea to think ahead of time where you want to put the sign so you can find one that fits into the space.

For instance, if you want a wall sign, try to find one with hanging hardware or holes in it. This will make putting it up on the wall easier.

Don’t feel like hanging up a sign? Then you can always look for freestanding ones with bases or wide sides that allow them to stand up independently.


The size you need in a sign is important, too. Before you purchase a sign, we strongly recommend planning where you’re going to put it and measuring the space.

Then, as you look at potential signs to purchase, check the dimensions in the description. This will allow you to choose one that you can be sure will not only stylistically but physically fit into the space you’ve designated for it.

Wrap Up

For some, offices can be a dreary place. Coffee certainly helps, and we think the right décor will, too. With the signs on this list, you can brighten up your office and make it more personable.

When it comes it personalization, we think the AOOS Custom Dimmable LED Neon Sign is best. You can totally customize the color and text on the sign to get something that’s tailor-made for your office.

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If you have any questions about them, you can contact us at 888-978-5224. Our team is there to help you pick the perfect espresso machine for your specific office.

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