Recommended Equipment

This is our page of recommended espresso and coffee equipment. Learn about any of the following machines below by clicking or tapping them.

Espresso Machines

Commercial Volumetric Machines (Automatic)

These are the most popular type of commercial espresso machine. They allow users to pre-program the exact water volume per shot into the machine to create consistent shots day in and day out.

Commercial Super Automatic Machines

The following machines are fantastic for any commercial operation, but especially an office where people can make a wide variety of delicious and fresh beverages without any expertise. These super automatic machines allow you to go from bean to cup with the push of a button.

Commercial-Grade Home & Prosumer Machines

These machines can be used in smaller commercial settings as well as the home. Great for small operations or home baristas.

Commercial Manual Machines

If you prefer the classic espresso machine look, but still need a high output, then the following commercial machines are great options.


Commercial Espresso Grinders

The following grinders provide fantastic and consistent results when grinding directly into an espresso portafilter. Great for busy coffee shops or restaurants.

Home Espresso Grinders

These grinders are ideal for the home user who want to perfect their espresso shots.

Retail Coffee Grinders

The grinders below are designed for the retail environment. They're ideal for grinding into bags or for large batch filter brewing.

Basic Home Coffee Makers*

*At Majesty Coffee, our primary focus on serving commercial customers along with coffee and espresso prosumers and enthusiasts.

But if you're looking for a very basic home coffee maker, we have a few staff favorites we can recommend that we do not sell directly.

Disclosure: even though we don't sell these machines - we may earn a small commission on them through the Amazon Associates program.

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