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Top 5 Best Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Signs

Best Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Signs

The smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning is one of life’s many blessings. It can motivate you to get your day started and whet your appetite.

If nothing else, the smell of coffee is at least pleasant. Many people enjoy inhaling the aromatic steam coming off a mug of coffee even if they don’t drink it.

With these wake up and smell the coffee signs we’ve found, you can distill that moment you draw in coffee’s invigorating aroma with your décor. Keep reading to see our favorite signs…

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Signs

Lone Star Art Metal Sign

Metal Sign - Wake Up and Smell The Coffee - Durable Metal Sign - Use Indoor/Outdoor - Great Gift and Decor for Restaurant, Cafe, Coffee Shop, Kitchen and Dining Room Under $20 (8' x 12')?

If you admire the look of hand-drawn chalkboard signs like the ones you’ll see on sidewalks outside of coffee shops, the Lone Star Art Metal Sign will likely appeal to you. While it doesn’t perfectly resemble a chalkboard, it does have a style that mimics the look of chalk.

Many signs aren’t suitable for outdoor use. However, because this one uses epoxy ink, it’s durable enough to withstand rigorous weather conditions, opening up even more possible places you can display it.

Where you get to hang it isn’t the only aspect you have options in, though. Because the sign is light and has pre-drilled holes, you have a few different effortless ways of hanging it. You can put screws through the holes or use double-sided tape.


  • It has pre-drilled holes in it for hanging.
  • Light enough to be hung with double-sided tape.
  • It’s made in the United States.
  • Has the handmade look of a chalkboard sign.


  • None reported yet.

KU-DaYi Wake Up and Smell The Coffee Framed Block Sign Rustic Farmhouse Coffee Wood Sign Art Standing On Shelf Table Friend Idea. (Black)

The Ku-Dayi Framed Block Sign is a perfect match for anyone who’s a fan of rustic aesthetics. Its wooden frame gives it warmth and earthiness that it would otherwise lack.

We also love that you can get the sign in two different colors. If you think the black background is too dark, it’s also available with a white center instead.


  • The wood frame makes the sign look pleasantly rustic.
  • Its frame is wide enough to double as a stand so you can set it on a table or desk.
  • Available in two different attractive color combinations.


  • No reported issues yet.

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UNIQUELOVER Coffee Signs, Premium Coffee Time Vintage Retro Metal Tin Signs Kitchen Home Bar Decor 8 X 12 Inches, Small  

This sign might not be a completely perfect fit for this list, as it doesn’t only say, “Wake up and smell the coffee.” However, we feel it still gets a pass because of the portion on the bottom with steps for making your day better.

Another great thing about the UniqueLover Vintage Tin Sign is that it’s a grab bag of aesthetics and styles. With five different patterns in one sign, you get a vast array of colors and text to enjoy.

It also doesn’t have that trademark of metal signs: thin, sharp edges. Because the edges are rolled, you can handle the sign safely without cutting your fingers.


  • Has a variety of colors and patterns.
  • There are holes in the corners that you can put nails or screws through.
  • The edges aren’t sharp, so handling the sign won’t cut your fingers.


  • There are a few reports of the sign getting bent in shipping.
  • Some customers felt it was too small.

Sawyer's Mill - Wake Up and Smell The Coffee.

What this Sawyer’s Mill sign has that sets it apart from the rest is its unique way of printing. Much of the time, when designs are printed on wood, you lose the natural features of the wood, like grains and knots that add character.

That’s not the case here. The printing on this sign preserves the wood grain, giving the sign a much more natural feel.

You’ll also get options on how you hang the sign as soon as you receive it. It’s thick enough to stand up by itself, so you don’t have to hang it up if you don’t want to. However, should you choose to hang it, it comes with a leather strap attached to the back that you can use as a hook.


  • You can hang the sign up or stand it on its own.
  • The printing of the sign preserves the appearance of the wood grain.
  • Its look is perfect for lovers of barnwood décor.


  • It only measures at 3.5 x 4.5 inches, so expect a pretty small sign.

Yuzi-n Wake Up And Smell The Coffee Canvas Wall Art For Dining Home Decoration, Coffee Wall Art Kitchen Home Decor Canvas, Coffee Shop Dining Room Decor

A piece printed on canvas can sometimes feel more artistic than traditional signs. This Yuzi-N Canvas Wall Art resembles some other Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Signs you’ll see out there, but it has the added benefit of being printed onto a canvas.

If you’re worried that canvas pieces are more fragile, there’s no need to be. This canvas is designed to be resistant to both water damage and UV light, so the printing will remain crisp for years to come.


  • Because it’s printed on canvas, it’s lightweight and easy to hang.
  • Resistant to UV light and water.
  • The print is clear and high-quality.


  • No reported issues yet.

How to Choose the Best Wake Up and Smell the Coffee Sign


Signs can all say the same thing, and yet still have their own unique appearance. You need only look at our list of the best but first coffee signs to see that concept in action.

Aside from the text, there are many stylistic options a sign can choose to set itself apart. For instance, the font used in the “Wake up and smell the coffee” quote can make a world of difference. Cursive looks more homey than basic fonts.

The colors and artwork on the sign can also make a difference. Light colors on the sign will brighten up your settings, while darker ones can convey earthier atmospheres.

In other words, don’t assume all signs that say, “Wake up and smell the coffee” are exactly the same. Take time looking at your favorites so you can pick one that you feel is truly a cut above the rest.


The average sign can be made from a range of materials. Two of the most common, however, are wood and metal.

Metal signs have the benefit of increased longevity. There are a couple drawbacks with them, though: their thin edges can sometimes cut your hands, and you’re usually limited in how you can display them. Most need to be hung up as opposed to standing on their own.

Wood signs are great for anyone on the lookout for rustic and farmhouse décor. They can be durable, too, and you get more display options for them. You can get wood block signs that you can set on any flat surface or wall hanging signs.

Occasionally, you’ll find canvas signs. The benefit to a sign printed on canvas is that they’re easy to handle due to being lightweight, and they can be much more affordable than a wood or metal sign of the same size.

Hanging Method

As we mentioned above, there are a couple different ways you can display your signs. Most can be either hung on a wall or stood up on their own.

Before you purchase a sign, consider how and where you want to display it. If you’re looking for a wall hanging sign, you can save some time and effort on your part by choosing one with hanging hardware attached to the back already.

There are also plenty of wood block signs out there for people who don’t want to hang their signs at all. This type of sign is ideal for those who want to have their signs on a table or counter.


One of the most important considerations for any piece of décor is its size. It would be frustrating to eagerly anticipate the arrival of a sign, only to discover that it was too large for the spot you picked out for it.

Fortunately, the dimensions of a sign are almost always listed front and center in the product description or name. You can use a ruler or measuring tape to then gauge how a sign of that sign would fit into the space you have designated for it.

Wrap Up

Are you still unsure which sign you think best encapsulates the feeling of smelling coffee first thing in the morning? Our recommendation is the Lone Star Art Metal Sign.

You’re supporting a US-based business by purchasing the sign, and it has an undeniably cheery look. Its fun artwork is sure to splash character into any environment you choose to display it in.

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