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Top 9 Best Antique Coffee Signs

Best Antique Coffee Signs

There are so many ways to decorate a home or a business. Choosing quality decorations can completely transform any interior. Some can even make you feel as if you’ve been transported back in time.

Signs can be used to achieve that effect. We’ll show you how in this guide to the best antique coffee signs.

Antique Coffee Advertising Signs

There’s something about classic advertising that was charming. You don’t often see such charm and art in advertisements today, which is why we’ve looked for the following antique coffee advertising signs.

GSS Designs Get More Coffee Sign

GSS Designs Get More Coffee Cup Metal Tin sign (12x8 Inch) - Retro Tin Sign for Kitchen Wall Home Decor (MTS-001)

Do you remember when things were cheaper and built to last? Even if ultra-cheap cups of coffee were a bit before your time, we’d be willing to bet you’ve heard about the “good old days” from a relative or friend.

The GSS Designs Get More Coffee Sign is a fantastic representation of those times. You certainly don’t need to sell cups of coffee at home for five cents per cup, but you can inspire a pleasant retro aesthetic with this sign, anyway.


  • The sign is made from long-lasting metal.
  • Includes a poly bag for storage or transport.
  • There are four small holes in the sign so you can hang it up right away.
  • Suitable for homes, restaurants, coffee shops, or bars.


  • Some have said the sign can get bent during shipping.

If you want to accrue a more rustic style in your space, check out these rustic coffee signs we found. 

NEW DECO Metal Tin Signs (2-16.9x6in, J-Arrow)

If you’ve ever felt like you or your guests have needed a little guidance, consider throwing this New Deco Coffee Metal Sign up on your wall. No more needing to tell people where they can grab a cup of coffee, as this sign can just point the way for you.

Another thing that makes this sign desirable is how tough it is. The metal material used to make it is durable enough to be used both indoors and outdoors, which means you could even use it to decorate a mobile coffee cart.


  • The sign can withstand indoor and outdoor conditions.
  • Its shape is great for pointing the way to your coffee maker.
  • Measuring at 16.9 by 6 inches, it’s a generously sized decoration.
  • It’s shipped with a plastic layer across the top to protect its design.


  • It can get dented and bent.

Desperate Enterprises Rooster Brand Coffee Tin Sign - Nostalgic Vintage Metal Wall Decor - Made in USA - 12.5' W x 16' H

Those who are looking for a coffee sign with a significantly greater amount of sassiness will adore this one. The text on it is sharp-witted and great for spicing up any setting.

On top of its smart-mouthed words, this sign is sold in a few different colors and designs. If the rooster doesn’t appeal to you, there’s sure to be another version of the sign that does.


  • The sign is lightweight, which makes it easier to lift and hang up.
  • It has a sassy personality that’s sure to make you and your guests smile.
  • Sold in a few different colors and designs.
  • Made in the United States.
  • The edges are rolled so they won’t cut your hands.


  • There are some reports of the sign arriving bent or damaged.

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Antique Tin Coffee Signs

Many people who’ve been around long enough will tell you that things aren’t made the way they used to be. Well, with the below antique tin coffee signs, you can at least say your décor is long-lived and attractive.

Erlood Coffee Menu Tin Sign

ERLOOD Coffee Menu Know Your Coffee Tin Sign Wall Retro Metal Bar Pub Poster Metal 12 X 8

The Erlood Coffee Menu Tin Sign is a wonderful fit for you if you mean business about your coffee. It shows you nine different coffee shop classics, as well as how to properly make them.

Because of the proportions on the sign, it could work nicely in a coffee shop. You could put it up front for customers to see so they know what to order.

At home, it’s one way you can show off your dedication to espresso. Friends and family alike will be able to learn from the sign.


  • The sign shows nine espresso drinks and how to make them.
  • It resembles a chalkboard and handwriting for an extra personal touch.
  • There are holes in the corners for effortless hanging.
  • Would match with just about any décor.


  • It’s only 11.8 by 8 inches, which means it’s on the small side.

Original Vintage Design Coffee Tin Metal Wall Art Sign, Tinplate Wall Decoration for Coffee Corner / Kitchen / Cafe

Grab the Original Vintage Design Coffee Tin Sign if you want to add a highly stylized vintage touch to your settings. You can almost perfectly picture a gleaming metal French press when you look at this beautiful sign.

Better yet, you can be sure the gorgeous picture on the sign will last for years to come. Thanks to its electroplating process, the artwork is fade-resistant wherever you choose to put it.


  • With electroplating and spraying to increase longevity, the design can withstand the test of time.
  • Its metal is harder and resistant to bending than many other signs.
  • The neutral colors will blend in anywhere.


  • There are some reports of it not laying flat on the wall.

Nafico Large Coffee Bar Signs Decor Vintage Coffee Tin Sign Metal Wall Decoration Art Home Room Outdoor Decor 12'x12'

Are you the type of person who visits local coffee shops so regularly, they have your usual order memorized? You might want a sign that makes you feel like you’re visiting a coffee shop at home, then, and we think this Nafico one is ideal.

The text across the top will make you think of your favorite specialty café while you pour yourself a cup at home. In addition, the tin material will call to mind those classic, old-fashioned signs from days gone by.


  • Fun café-inspired design will make you feel like you’re at a coffee shop.
  • It’s 12 x 12 inches, which is a decent size.
  • There are holes drilled into every corner, allowing you to hang it up right away.


  • Some people still felt the sign was a little small.

Vintage Coffee Signs

Are you looking for some of the best overall vintage coffee signs out there? Take a look at some of our favorites below.

Nothing will be quite as eye-catching as the Acecar Coffee Wall Decoration. Not only is the sign handmade, but it’s embedded with LED lights that make it shine in more ways than one.

Just pop in 2 AA batteries. You’ll get to enjoy the bright and retro appeal of this café-style signage.


  • Has LED lights built in that make the sign light up.
  • The sign is charmingly old-fashioned.
  • You don’t need to plug in the sign, because it’s battery-powered.


  • Does not include batteries.
  • Some owners reported that the sign can short out, causing the lights to fail to light up.

Any Name's Any Text Coffee Cafe Custom Personalized Chic Tin Sign Rustic Shabby Vintage Style Retro Kitchen Bar Pub Coffee Shop Man cave Decor Mother's Day Father's Day Housewarming Gift Ideas

We feel that we’ve included several very attractive options on this list, but none are quite as unique as the Personalized Any Text Coffee Sign. As the name implies, you can have your own name printed right on the sign.

You’re also supporting USA businesses when you purchase it. All of these signs are made in the United States.

What’s more, the signs are made to last. Because of the aluminum material, they’ll never rust and the high-gloss coating will keep it looking brilliant.


  • You can have your own name or a business’s name printed on the sign.
  • Thanks to the aluminum, it won’t ever rust.
  • Made in the USA.
  • A glossy coating gives it a polished finish.


  • The printing can get a bit blurry.

Coffee, 5.75 x 15.5 Inch Aluminum Farmhouse Sign, Rustic Wall Decor for Home, Restaurant, Cafe, Diner, Coffee Shop, Gifts for Baristas, Coffee Growers, Roasters & Espresso Drinkers AL-0616-RK3011

Antique and vintage signs don’t have to be needlessly ornate. With this particular Alamazookie sign, all you need is a single word: coffee.

The bold black font with the stylish swirls embellishing the sides are chic. Without all the visual clutter, the sign is also incredibly easy to read.

Beyond the visual aspects, you can also look forward to owning this sign for years. Instead of being made from tin, which is sometimes susceptible to dents and folds, this sign is made from hard steel.


  • The sign is made in the United States.
  • It’s extra-tough due to its steel construction.
  • The white background and black text are clear and easy to read.
  • There are four pre-drilled holes in it to put a nail through.


  • The company’s name, Alamazookie, is printed on the bottom of the sign in tiny letters, which can be disruptive to the overall look.

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Deciding on the Right Antique Coffee Sign


Choosing the material of your coffee sign will be one of the foremost decisions. What your sign is made from has a huge impact on how it looks and how long it lasts.

If what you’re looking for is antique, you’ll generally find tin signs. Every once in awhile, however, you might find an old-fashioned wooden sign or an extra-durable steel one.

All of these materials are excellent for capturing the feel of an antique.


The size of the sign is also critical. Depending on where you’re going to put it, it could be equally disastrous if the sign turned out to be too large or too small.

To avoid that scenario, we recommend checking where you’re going to place it and measuring that space. With those measurements in mind, be sure to pay attention to the dimensions of each sign on the listing so you have the certainty that it will fit in place neatly.


Finally, what the sign says should be at the top of your list. You want it to convey a message that fits with the mood of your settings.

Avoid casual signs with potentially offensive humor in office breakrooms. If you’re going to put the sign up in your house, though, and want something to cheer you up, we can’t recommend a humorous sign enough.

Wrap Up

There are tons of vintage or antique-style coffee signs out there. Coffee has been around for a long time, and so have advertisements or signs about it.

If we were going to pick one vintage sign to put up in our space, however, we’d love the . Those warm-toned LED lights give the sign an extra considerate touch that you don’t see very often.

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