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Top 6 Best Modern Coffee Signs

Best Modern Coffee Signs

Have you ever walked into a room and felt it was decorated in a way that was too cluttered and complicated? In that case, you’d probably appreciate modern décor, which is usually minimalist, clean, and simple color-wise.

You can even combine your love of coffee with modern decorations. We’ll show you how this is possible with the best modern coffee signs that we’ve found.

Modern Coffee Bar Signs

If you’re looking for a coffee sign that epitomizes the modern decorating style, take a look at the modern coffee bar signs we found below…

Way of Hearts Coffee Letter Sign

Polished Metal Coffee Sign, Silver, 9.45 x 6.9' Stainless Steel Coffee Bar Decor with gift box, Coffee Bar Sign, Coffee Decor, Coffee Signs for Coffee Bar, Coffee Station Decor, Metal Wall Decor

Gleaming metal is often a huge part of modernistic decorations. The Way of Hearts Coffee Letter Sign is modern for that reason – it’s made from hand-polished stainless steel.

Its stainless steel version will blend in beautifully with most steel kitchen appliances. However, if you don’t find the color to your liking, it’s also available in a shining black color that is equally versatile.

Along with either version of the sign, you’ll receive two screws. That means you can mount the sign without needing to invest in additional hanging hardware.


  • Includes two screws so you can hang the sign up right away.
  • The sign is available in two visually versatile colors that match with anything.
  • Because it’s made from stainless steel, it’s resistant to rusting.
  • It’s easy to hang up.


  • Some owners felt the sign was a bit small for the price.

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MarthaFox 20x56cm, Wood Plaque Coffee and Tea Bar Sign Coffee and Tea Sign Coffee and Tea Bar Farmhouse Decor Coffee Sign Coffee Lovers Gift Tea Lover Gift 8x22 CB 636816

What we like most about the MarthaFox Coffee and Tea Bar Sign is how suave it looks. We could imagine it up on the wall in a high-end restaurant or hotel.

As the sign is professionally printed, it is also possible to get it personalized. Whether you want to add a name to it or remove the word “tea,” you can contact the seller to make adjustments to the wording at no additional charge.


  • The wording on the sign can be customized.
  • It has a sleek and professional look worthy of five-star establishments.
  • The bold font and dark background are easy to read.


  • There are a few reports of the sign taking a long time to ship.
  • Some owners stated that the materials feel cheap.

Badger Steel USA - Coffee Bar - Metal Wall Art - 19'X10' - Black

What if you liked the look of a metal sign, but want it to specifically say, “coffee bar” on it? The good news is that you have options like this Coffee Bar Metal Wall Art.

Truthfully, there isn’t a lot of information about this sign out there. However, customers have reported that it’s sturdy and attractive in person, despite being light enough to easily lift.


  • The black color allows the sign to match with anything.
  • It’s lightweight, which makes it easy to hold up while you hang it.
  • Customers report the sign is very durable.


  • It doesn’t appear to include any kind of hanging hardware.

Want to see more signs that say, “coffee bar?” We’ve got a whole list of them here.

Modern Farmhouse Coffee Signs

Modern and farmhouse might sound like two words that shouldn’t go together, but they do. These modern farmhouse coffee signs bring together the sleekness of modern-style décor and the earthiness of farmhouse-style décor.

Mainevent Coffee Bar Sign

Coffee Bar Sign Decor 8x17 Inch, Coffee Sign, Coffee Decor for Coffee Bar Accessories, Coffee Table Decor, Coffee Wall Sign, Coffee Bar Sign White, Coffee Bar Decor Farmhouse Sign Bar Decor

Initially, we thought about including this in our Modern Coffee Bar Signs section above, but we decided it was a better fit here. The Mainevent Coffee Bar Sign’s rustic wooden frame is what hails its farmhouse roots, while the simple font and color in the middle is more modern.

It’s also convenient to put the sign up. Due to keyhole slots in the back, all you need to do is set the sign down on screws or nails, and it will lay flat against the wall.

Once mounted, you can anticipate a long lifespan from the sign. The frame is made from tough fir wood that won’t rot or break.


  • The wood frame adds a touch of warmth to the sign.
  • Its frame will not deteriorate with age.
  • Keyhole slots on the back will save you the hassle of having to find hanging hardware.


  • There have been reports of defects in the frame or art.

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SANY DAYO HOME First I Drink The Coffee Then I Do The Things Rustic Wood Framed Coffee Signs 12 X 12 inch Hanging Farmhouse Wall Art Decor for Home, Kitchen, Coffee Bar

A little bit of humor in your décor certainly wouldn’t hurt, and this cute Sany Dayo Home Wood Framed Coffee Sign could be just what you need. Its wood frame has a rustic farmhouse feel and, like the previous sign, its simple font on a white background is modern.

However, you get the added bonus of amusing personality with this sign. Most people know what it’s like to need coffee in order to go about your day, and the quote on this piece conveys that need with a charming flash of humor.


  • There is a sawtooth hanger already built into the back.
  • Combines farmhouse and modern elements in one package.
  • The quotation is cute and funny.


  • It’s a bit on the small side.

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Barnyard Designs ‘Ok, But First Coffee’ Hanging Mug Holder, Wall Mounted Coffee Cup Organizer Rack, Rustic Farmhouse Wood Wall Decor Sign, for Kitchen, Coffee Bar or Cafe, Gray and White, 24” x 8.5”

One of the cornerstone philosophies of farmhouse design is practicality. Things shouldn’t just be beautiful for the purpose of being beautiful – they should also be sturdy and useful.

The Barnyard Designs Hanging Mug Holder checks both those boxes. Not only does the cool gray wood of the sign look stunning, but five tough hooks attached to the surface allow you to display a handful of your mugs.

This sign would work wonderfully in a home or in a coffee shop. Use it to free up some much-needed room in your cupboards or to put some of your favorite coffee mugs on display.


  • The sign will enhance a cozy atmosphere in your home or business.
  • Because you can keep mugs on the sign, it frees up some space in your cupboards.
  • There are pre-installed hanging hooks on the back of the sign.


  • The hooks are a bit close together, so you may not be able to completely fill the sign if you’re trying to hang only large cups.

Picking the Right Modern Coffee Sign for Your Home or Business


Modern décor tends to focus on only a couple materials: glass and metal. You won’t find as many signs made out of glass, but there are plenty made from metal.

Metal signs are usually long-lasting. If they’re thin, they can sometimes be prone to bending, but you can usually just bend them back into shape. Because any design can be printed on them, there are also countless options when it comes to metal signs.

However, when you’re looking to combine modern and farmhouse together, we suggest considering wood signs, as well. Wood signs will add a touch of earthiness and warmth to your sign. Plus, with wood signs, you get more hanging options, such as freestanding box signs or wall hanging signs.


Size matters when it comes to signs. You’ve likely already determined where you want to put your sign, and so you’re restricted on how large the sign can be.

You can always confirm what the dimensions of each sign are in the product description. We also suggest looking at any pictures customers may have posted so you can get a feel for how it actually looks once it’s on display.


Most people choose a sign because they like what it says. This should be one of your considerations, too – you don’t want to get a sign that doesn’t promote a message you enjoy.

The good news is that there are so many signs out there, you can find one that says just about anything regarding coffee you want it to. Whether you want a funny coffee sign, religious coffee sign, or simply a sign that expresses your love for coffee, there are countless options available to you.

We always recommend thinking about who’s going to see the sign and what kind of location it will be in. You may want to avoid signs with adult humor in offices, for example, although they’re perfectly fine at home. Humorous signs may work great in a coffee shop, though, especially if they put your customers in a good mood.

Wrap Up

Out of all the signs in this guide, we feel that the best representation of modern décor is the Way of Hearts Coffee Letter Sign. Metal is a large part of modern interior design because of how durable and polished it can be. This sign demonstrates those qualities in spades, with many customers praising how tough it feels.

Another benefit to the sign is that it comes with screws. You won’t need to buy hanging hardware separately, because you’ll have everything you need to put the sign up right out of the box.

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