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Top 8 Best Shabby Chic Coffee Signs

Best Shabby Chic Coffee Signs

Decorations don’t have to look completely flawless in order to be attractive. In fact, there’s something inarguably appealing about decorations that look well-used – it implies that they’ve been well-loved.

That’s what the shabby chic style is all about. Shabby chic decorations have that down-to-earth and humble appearance that comes from wear and tear while still maintaining their overall attractiveness.

If this style sounds interesting to you, keep reading to see our picks for the best shabby chic coffee signs. We’ve found several beautiful options.

Shabby Chic Coffee Signs

Primitives by Kathy Wood Box Sign

Primitives By Kathy Wood Box Sign, I Take My Coffee Very Seriously, 6' x 2.5'

Sprinkling a little humor into your décor is a great way to breathe life into your surroundings. And you can easily do that in the shabby chic style, thanks to signs like this Primitives by Kathy one.

This is an excellent option for anyone who’s a serious coffee lover. The wording is right there: you take your coffee very seriously.

Another benefit to the sign is that it’s a box sign. That means it can stand up without being hung on a wall, saving you some time and effort.


  • You have the option of hanging the sign or setting it on a counter, table, or desk.
  • The artificially distressed appearance adds to its shabby chic style
  • Its quote is bound to make you smile every time you see it.
  • Perfect for the most dedicated coffee fans.


  • Many owners felt the sign was too small. 

Freshly Brewed Coffee Bar Rustic Wood Wall Sign 12x12

If you’ve turned a small corner of your home into a coffee bar, the MRC Wood Products Freshly Brewed Coffee Wall Sign is the perfect addition. It’s especially fitting because it says, “coffee bar” right on it, after all.

It’s also an excellent option in terms of longevity. The design is printed right onto the wood, so it won’t get chipped by daily wear and tear.


  • The sign is made in the United States.
  • Long-lasting design due to the permanent printing.
  • There are keyholes slots on the back for easy hanging.
  • It’s made from real wood.


  • The white background is part of the sign, not just the black center.

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Parisloft Coffe Time Rustic Barn Wood Small Coffee Box Sign Decor for Kitchen, Rustic Wooden Coffee Sign for Coffee Bar Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Wood Home Decor 5.8''x4.8''

Fans of the farmhouse style of décor will love this Parisloft Coffee Time sign. The entire sign is made from wood that has been distressed to give the appearance of the traditional farmhouse aesthetic.

If you don’t feel like struggling to hang a sign up on a wall, it could also be the sign for you. Due to its extra-thick frame, it can stand up straight wherever you choose to set it.

Don’t like the cute Coffee Time motif in the middle? It comes in two other designs that might be much more to your liking.


  • You have the option of hanging the sign up or setting it on any flat surface.
  • Deliberately distressed wood gives it a perfect shabby chic feel.
  • There are three total patterns to choose from, giving you more stylistic options.


  • Some owners felt it was too small and fragile for the price.

NEW DECO Metal Tin Signs (2-16.9x6in, J-Arrow)

Thus far, you’d think shabby chic can only mean wooden decorations based on the signs we’ve included. That doesn’t have to be the case, though, with adorable vintage signs like this New Deco sign.

Metal signs can hold a wide range of prints. Some can even look as if they’ve been authentically shaped by the passage of time, like this sign.


  • Sold in two different patterns.
  • You can use the fun arrow shape to point towards your coffee.
  • It comes shipped with a plastic layer that protects the printing from harm during shipping.


  • Because the sign is thin, it can be bent out of shape easily.

Any Name's Coffee House Custom Personalized Chic Tin Sign Rustic Shabby Vintage Style Retro Kitchen Bar Pub Coffee Shop Man cave Decor Gift Ideas

Want a sign that looks completely unique? You can’t get much more unique than custom-made, which is why we’re including the Custom Personalized Sign on this list.

Before you buy the sign, you’ll have the ability to add your name or your business’s name to the top. It’s an extra touch that makes the sign truly feel like yours, as opposed to something that countless other people could have.

Additionally, the sign is totally rust-proof. Although it’s made from metal, you won’t need to worry about it becoming flecked with real rust in time.


  • You can put any name on top of the sign for a personal touch.
  • Because the sign is made from aluminum, it is rust-proof.
  • Each sign is made in the United States.


  • It’s a little thin, which means it can be bent.

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Kas Home Inspirational Quotes Motto Canvas Wall Art,Coffee Prints Signs Framed,Retro Artwork Decoration for Bedroom,Living Room,Office & Home Wall Decor (6 x 16 inch, Coffee)

The Kas Home Inspirational Canvas Wall Art is a bit deceptive. The grains on the surface convincingly portray well-worn wood, but it is, in fact, artwork printed beautifully on a canvas.

This gives the sign a lightweight feel that’s perfect for mounting on your wall. It’s not heavy and cumbersome.


  • Convincingly resembles real wood despite being printed on a canvas.
  • Lightweight for easy hanging.
  • The material used to stretch the canvas is real and durable wood.


  • Some owners felt the sign is too small.

Desperate Enterprises Rooster Brand Coffee Tin Sign - Nostalgic Vintage Metal Wall Decor - Made in USA - 12.5' W x 16' H

This Desperate Enterprises Rooster Brand Coffee Sign is another fantastic option for you if you want something with a sharp sense of humor. Of course, the humor is a bit on the adult side, so you might not want to hang it up around children or in an office, but other than that, you could put it anywhere.

If you don’t like the rooster design, it’s also sold in three other designs. There’s bound to be a pattern with artwork that appeals to you.

Additionally, the edges of the sign have been rolled to protect you from cuts while handling it. This can be a problem with other tin signs, which often have sharp and thin edges.


  • Sold in four patterns that are visually striking.
  • There are pre-drilled holes in each corner that you can easily put a nail or screw through.
  • Each sign is made in the United States.
  • Has rolled edges so you won’t get cut while handling it.


  • There are some reports of the sign getting bent during shipping.
  • Not suitable for outdoor use.

HBCY Creations Coffee Mug Holder with Printed Solid Wood Coffee Sign, 6 Coffee Cup Hooks with Wooden Coffee Mug Display and Organizer - Distressed Coffee Rack Sign, 31.5' Wide

We here at Majesty Coffee love when we get something that’s useful for more than one purpose. You get the most out of your money that way.

That’s why we had to mention this HBCY Creations Rustic Coffee Mug Rack. As you can see, the sign has six hooks on it, which you can use to hang mugs, kitchen towels, or keys.

This sign allows you to achieve a couple different goals: you can use your mugs as decoration, and you can clear up some vital space in your cupboards. Plus, you get to keep your mugs out within easy reach while you brew yourself coffee.


  • The hooks are spaced five inches apart so you can fit mugs of any size on them.
  • You can store up to six mugs on the sign, freeing space up in your cupboards.
  • Made from distressed wood for an additional shabby chic feel.
  • The wood used to make the sign is hand-selected for quality.


  • Can be expensive.
  • There are some reports of difficulties with the installation.

Choosing the Best Shabby Chic Coffee Signs


When you finally decide on a sign, we’d be willing to bet the wording on it will have been one of the most important qualities. You’ll want a sign that has text you connect to, not just random words.

The wording of your sign can completely change the way it looks and feels. Try thinking about what kind of atmosphere you want to create, whether it’s funny, homey, or even religious. That way, you can choose a sign with a quote on it that accentuates those feelings.

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Another highly imperative aspect of your sign is how big it is. You don’t want a sign that’s either too large or too small.

Start by measuring the area you want to put the sign in. With those measurements in mind, decide how much of the space you want the sign to fill up. You can find each sign’s dimensions in the listing for it, which allows you to accurately visualize how the sign will fit in your space.


A sign doesn’t have to be only words. Many of them have symbols and pictures on them that add to their charm. In fact, some signs are only symbols or artwork.

We recommend taking a moment to think about whether that matters to you. Do you want an illustrative picture on your sign or just text?

Some might like the additional visual intrigue a little artwork can add to a sign. Others, however, might feel that such illustrations are distracting. No matter what your preference is, you can find a sign that fits your requirements.

Hanging Method

You should also consider exactly how you imagine your sign being displayed. Do you envision it hanging up on a wall?

In that case, what you’re looking for is a wall hanging sign. You’ll make things a lot easier for yourself if you select one that already has hanging hardware attached, such as sawtooth hangers, keyhole slots, or hooks.

But if you picture your sign resting next to your coffee maker or on the counter by your register, then you’ll need a freestanding sign…unless you want to have to lean it against something. Freestanding signs are usually made from wood or have thick wood frames that make it possible for them to balance on their own.

Wrap Up

Shabby chic is a decorating style all about character. These pieces convey a feeling of use without compromising their sturdiness, and we feel as if the HBCY Creations Rustic Coffee Mug Rack best conveys that virtue.

It has a warm and well-worn appearance that makes it lovable. However, the added benefit of tough hooks gives the sign another use as a mug rack that can put your most beloved coffee mugs on display.

Want something with a more modern twist? You can check out our list of the best modern coffee signs next.

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