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Top 9 Best But First Coffee Signs

Best But First Coffee Signs

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, you’ve most likely seen this phrase before: “but first, coffee.” There’s some debate on where the phrase originally came from, but what we can definitively say is that it’s everywhere now.

You’ll find the phrase on tons of merchandise, including shirts, posters, mugs…and signs. Getting the right But First Coffee sign could be an artistic way of demonstrating your devotion to the drink.

We’ve gathered several of the best but first coffee signs here in this post. Keep reading to see some of the best-looking options we could find.

But First Coffee Signs with Hooks

A sign can be so much more than visually attractive – they can be practical, too. As proof, here are some But First Coffee signs with hooks to hang your mugs on.

MyGift 8-Hook Rustic But First Coffee Sign

MyGift Wall Mounted Solid Burnt Wood Coffee Mug Holder Rack, Decorative Coffee Bar Sign with 'But First Coffee' and 8 Dual Hooks

It’s not everyday you see a sign that gives you choices like the MyGift one. If you like the rustic brown wood, then that’s wonderful – this sign is a match for you.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something a bit brighter, you’re in luck. This sign is also sold in a refreshing white that will be sure to brighten up any space you put it in.


  • Sold in two different beautiful colors.
  • The dual-prong hooks can hold mugs, teacups, and even towels.
  • Its cursive font and stylized coffee mug design create a homey feel.


  • Does not include any hanging hardware.

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Barnyard Designs ‘Ok, But First Coffee’ Hanging Mug Holder, Wall Mounted Coffee Cup Organizer Rack, Rustic Farmhouse Wood Wall Decor Sign, for Kitchen, Coffee Bar or Cafe, Gray and White, 24” x 8.5”

There’s something about gray wood that lends a cool, chic look to any space. That’s why we couldn’t help but recommend this stunning Barnyard Designs Hanging Mug Holder.

Rather than plain brown wood, the sign uses wood painted a distressed gray. Against that gray backdrop, the phrase, “Ok, but first coffee” is displayed in clear lettering.

Best of all, the sign comes with hanging hardware built onto the back. No need to worry about buying any yourself, so you can hang up the sign right away.


  • Can hold up to five coffee mugs.
  • Has pre-installed hanging hardware on the back.
  • The gray paint looks cool and chic.


  • Some owners have said the hooks are too close together to fit five large mugs on the sign.

HOMEISJOY Premium Coffee Cup Holder Wall Mounted, Rustic Coffee Mug Holder Wall Mounted, Wall Mug Rack for Coffee Bar Decor, Coffee Cup Rack with 6 Coffee Cup Hooks (Rustic Red)

We believe this HomeisJoy sign might just be one of the most unique ones we’ve seen. Unlike many other But First Coffee signs, it isn’t shaped like a single slat of wood – it has multiple panels that each have hooks on them for your mugs.

With six different hooks, you’ll be able to have several of your favorite coffee mugs on display. The hooks are also spaced apart and on separate levels so you can fit even your biggest mugs.

Additionally, you get some aesthetic choices with this sign. It’s sold in three different colors, which means you can be sure there’s one that will look great in your kitchen.


  • Available in three different beautiful colors.
  • Since the hooks are on different levels, you can fit mugs of various sizes on the hooks.
  • Can hold up to six mugs.
  • The hand-braided rope on top allows you to hang the sign right away.


  • The bottom three hooks are fairly close together, so you might not be able to fit six large cups on the sign.

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Small But First Coffee Signs

While many people want large and elaborate signs, the fact is that not everyone has the space for such décor. If your walls or tables are cramped, we’ve got some small But First Coffee signs below.

Primitives by Kathy But First Coffee Box Sign

Primitives by Kathy 29002 But First Coffee Box Sign

The Primitives by Kathy brand makes exceptional box signs. As the name implies, their wide borders mean they’re shaped like a box and completely capable of standing on their own.

You won’t need to struggle to mount this sign on a wall if you don’t want to. Instead, you can just prop it up by your coffee maker or on your table.


  • As a freestanding sign, you can set it on any flat surface or hang it on a wall.
  • The rounded edges give it a homey and almost vintage aesthetic.
  • Curling cursive font makes the sign easy and fun to read.


  • There’s a gold stripe around the exterior of the box sign that can alter the look slightly.

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Elegant Signs But First Coffee Wall Decor Decoration Sign for Kitchen Art or Office Art by Size 6' x 12'

The Elegant Signs But First Coffee Wall Décor lives up to its name. Without excessive visual clutter, it manages to convey a simple and elegant air.

It’s made from solid and entirely natural wood. In addition to its elegance, the wood gives it a warm and homey feel that will make you and your guests feel comfortable.


  • Made entirely from natural wood.
  • The sign is handmade in the United States.
  • Since the letters are actually inked onto the sign, they’re long-lasting.
  • There is hanging hardware attached to the back to save you time.


  • Some owners have said they needed to add a nail to hang up the sign properly.

6'x 12' Rustic Solid Wood Wall Decor Decoration Sign for Kitchen Art or Office Art -But First Coffee.

Signs that can be hung up with rope have an appealing and humble aesthetic that’s ideal for warming up a space. That’s precisely why we like the Agantree Art Rustic Solid Wall Décor sign.

On top of being made from solid wood, it comes with a jute rope that’s firmly attached to the sign. Once you’ve got a nail or screw in your wall, hanging it up is as easy as slipping the rope over it.


  • Easy to hang up.
  • The overall appearance of the sign is homey and rustic.
  • Made from solid wood.


  • None reported yet.

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Metal But First Coffee Signs

If there’s one thing you’ve noticed about the signs on this list so far, it’s that they’re pretty much all made of wood. What if you want something made from metal? In that case, check out the following metal but first coffee signs.

Gerson But First Metal Coffee Sign

15' But First Coffee Metal Coffee Tea Cups Sign Wall Art Decor Interior Decoration (Silver Metal)

Who said metal couldn’t look rustic? We certainly wouldn’t say it, because this Gerson sign would instantly prove us wrong.

The beautifully curving font in addition to the familiar coffee mug mean this sign has a pleasant and welcoming look. Putting it on a wall in a kitchen, office, or business will make anyone feel right at home.

Additionally, the entire sign is made from metal. Because of its metal construction, you can be sure it’s durable.


  • The sign is crafted from sturdy metal.
  • At 15 x 13 inches, it’s not too small.
  • Curving text and a delicately steaming coffee mug give the sign a welcoming look.


  • There are a few reports of the metal bending.

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Barnyard Designs But First Coffee Retro Vintage Tin Bar Sign Rustic Country Home Decor 15.75” x 4”

You can get some truly high-quality signs from Barnyard Designs, so we’re not surprised we found a second one worthy of this list. This But First Coffee sign is very clearly no-nonsense.

The stark black background and bold white letters are striking. It has a professional feel to it that would make it wonderful for a business setting, like a café or an office.


  • Black and white coloration gives the sign a professional feel suitable for commercial settings.
  • The sign is clear and legible.
  • Has built-in hanging brackets to save you time and effort on hanging.


  • None reported yet.

But First Coffee - Handmade Metal Wood Coffee Sign – Cute Rustic Wall Decor Art - Farmhouse Decorations – Coffee Signs For Home Decor

If you like the look of the last sign but want something more playful, we’d recommend the Anvevo But First Coffee Sign. It has a similar square shape, with the edition of some artistic leaves and whimsical font on the front.

Truthfully, this sign isn’t 100% metal – it’s a metal plate on a wood block. However, we like that the sign combines both metal and wood because it brings together modern and old-fashioned.

This sign is amazingly durable, as well. No matter where you put it, you can expect it to last for years.


  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • All these signs are made in the United States.
  • Each sign is made by hand, which sets them apart.
  • The sign has a fun and playful look.


  • There are no reported issues at this point in time.

Picking the Perfect But First Coffee Sign


You can have a group of coffee signs that all say the same thing, and yet still convey a different mood. How? It all comes down aesthetic.

Pay attention to the atmosphere the sign inspires. Consider its font, colors, size, and shape – all these things can combine to give one particular sign a personality.

Looking for a modern sign, for instance? You’ll want simple font and patterns with minimalist designs. Rustic signs, on the flipside, will be made from distressed materials with warm and personal-looking fonts.


You’ve probably already decided where you’re going to put your sign. If you’ve got the perfect place picked out, get your measuring tape and determine exactly how much room you have.

The size of your sign will be one of the most important aspects. You don’t want one that’s too big to fit in the place you’ve picked, and you also don’t want one that’s too small or the spot will look empty.

You can almost always find the exact dimensions of any sign in its description. If you can’t, many customers will include pictures in their reviews that will help you gauge how large a sign is.


Another characteristic worth considering is what the sign is made out of. The material can impact how the sign looks, how long it will last, and sometimes even where you can put it.

Wood signs are great when it comes to country-style settings. They tend to look naturally warmer than alternatives. However, they’re usually not the best for outdoor use unless they’ve been treated to resist the elements.

Metal signs can fit virtually any style. They are also typically longer lasting than wooden signs.

Freestanding or Wall Hanging

Think about how you want to display your sign, too. You can usually either hang a sign up on a wall or set it on a flat surface depending on the type it is.

Freestanding or box signs are signs that can stand up on their own. This is due to them having thick edges for support. However, with the right equipment, you can still hang them on a wall.

Wall hanging signs must generally be put up on a wall, as they cannot stand on their own. If you’re getting a wall hanging sign, check the product description to see if it already comes with hanging hardware.

Wrap Up

As you can see, the text isn’t the only important thing about a sign. You can have a whole bunch of signs with the exact same words on them, and yet they still all look different.

There are tons of But First, Coffee signs on the market today. We picked a few of our favorites for this list, but our personal overall favorite is the Barnyard Designs Hanging Mug Holder because we feel like it looks the classiest. It doesn’t hurt that you can hang up five coffee mugs on it, either.

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