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Top 12 Best Black Coffee Signs

Best Black Coffee Signs

When you’re decorating a home or business, your starting point is usually choosing a color scheme. Black is one of the most popular colors to use in any color scheme, simply because it can match with anything.

So if you’re searching for a way to remind your guests of your love for coffee or to decorate a coffee-centric business, going with a black coffee sign isn’t a bad idea. Not only will they fit in with any of your other decorations, but black signs are bold, refined, and sophisticated.

Keep reading to see some of the best black coffee signs we could find. We’ll also go over what sort of considerations you should make before choosing a sign for your environment.

Black Metal Coffee Signs

Metal is one of the sturdiest materials you can pick when it comes to decorations. This is true for signs, too, as metal ones often withstand the rigors of wear and tear. That’s why we’ve pulled together a few excellent black metal coffee signs below…

Gerson Large Black Metal Coffee Cup

14' Large Black Metal Coffee Cup Mug Scrolled Silhouette Metal Wall Art Decor Interior Decoration

If you’re on the lookout for a sign with artistic flair, the Gerson Large Black Metal Coffee Cup is a great pick. It has elaborate swirl patterns in the cup, and the curls rising from the cup double as both stylized steam and letters.

This is a fanciful peace that will undoubtedly add some personality to your wall. You also get to enjoy the peace of mind of investing in solid metal when you purchase this sign.


  • Elaborate patterns in the cup and steam make the sign catch the eye.
  • You won’t be unpleasantly surprised by the size, which is 14 by 12 inches.
  • Made from long-lived metal.


  • Doesn’t include any sort of hanging hardware.

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Super Z Outlet Black Coffee Cup Silhouette Metal Wall Art for Home Decoration, Java Shops, Restaurants, Gifts

Everyone has heard the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” That’s why the Super Z Outlet Black Coffee Cup sign doesn’t need any words to speak to you.

All you need is the beautiful and simple picture of stacked coffee mugs. Right away, you think of large mugs full of fresh and steaming coffee.


  • Because it’s a simple piece, it can blend in with a range of decorating styles.
  • Measuring at 15 inches tall by 8 inches wide, it’s a nicely sized sign.
  • The metal is lightweight, which means it’s easy to lift for hanging.


  • There are some reports of the sign feeling flimsy.

Way Of Hearts - Metal Coffee Signs For Coffee Bar Sign - Black, 9.45 X 6.9 inches Coffee Bar Decor for Kitchen Wall Decor - Coffee Decor for Coffee Bar Art - Coffee Wall Decoration

We all know that a single picture can convey a number of messages. But is it possible for a single word to do the same thing?

We think so, which is why we had to include this Way of Hearts Dark Chrome Metal Coffee Sign. Sometimes, you don’t need whole sentences and paragraphs to get your point across – you just need a single word.

Beyond its looks, you can rest assured the sign will last. Made from premium aluminum, it is resistant to rust and wear and tear.


  • Made from aluminum for increased durability.
  • Comes with two screws for hanging.
  • Simple and easy to match with existing décor.


  • There are a few reports of the sign being too small.

Black Coffee Bar Signs

Whether your coffee bar is a home spread of drinks and mugs or whether you’re running a coffee bar in a business, you might want to decorate it beautifully. With the following black coffee bar signs, you can do exactly that.

Freshly Brewed Coffee Bar Wall Sign

Freshly Brewed Coffee Bar Rustic Wood Wall Sign 12x12

We’re kind of cheating by including the Freshly Brewed Coffee Bar Wall sign on this list. It isn’t actually entirely black – the square of white space around it is part of the sign.

However, the main part of the sign is black, and so we couldn’t help but mention it. It’s the perfect sign for any coffee bar aiming for a rustic aesthetic.


  • It’s made from real Baltic birch wood.
  • Since the design is printed directly on the wood, it won’t ever fade.
  • Made in the United States.
  • There’s a keyhole on the back for easy hanging.


  • Keep in mind that the white square around the sign is part of it, which does alter the way it looks.

Signs ByLITA Coffee Bar, Table Sign, 6' x 8'

If you don’t feel like trying to find room for the sign on your wall, this coffee bar sign is ideal. Because it comes with a stand, you don’t need to bother figuring out how to fasten it to a wall. Just make room on your coffee bar and set the sign down.

On top of that, the sign is sold in a few different colors. If you decide you don’t like the black version, there are other brightly colored options to choose from.


  • Sold in four different color combinations.
  • Includes an easel you can use to stand the sign up.
  • The sign has a professional look that could work in a business or home.


  • Some owners reported the material feels cheap.

MarthaFox 20x56cm, Wood Plaque Coffee and Tea Bar Sign Coffee and Tea Sign Coffee and Tea Bar Farmhouse Decor Coffee Sign Coffee Lovers Gift Tea Lover Gift 8x22 CB 636816

Do you want something much more elegant for your coffee bar? Check out this MarthaFox sign. If you’re serving both coffee and tea at your bar, this sign would be an excellent fit.

The font is beautiful and simple. It has an air of refinement that makes it suitable for formal and informal settings alike.

You even have the option of customizing the words on the sign if you’d rather it say something else. All you need to do is contact the seller once you’ve ordered it to alter the text.


  • Its text can be personalized to your specifications.
  • The overall aesthetic of the sign is elegant and refined.
  • Made from beautiful wood and high-quality printing.


  • Some owners reported difficulties with the shipping.

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Black Cat Coffee Signs

When you think of the letter C, are the first two words that come to your mind “coffee” and “cats?” In that case, you might love some of these black cat coffee signs we’ve found.

Cat Coffee Wall Art Print

Cat Coffee no City Canvas Wall Art Print, Cat Artwork

This Cat Coffee Wall Art Print isn’t a sign in a traditional sense of the word. It’s actually a canvas print that you can hang on your wall.

For the purposes of this list, however, we’re counting it, anyway. It was too cute to pass up. We know we wouldn’t mind having this chubby coffee-drinking cat on our wall, and you might not mind it, either.


  • The canvas is made and printed in the United States.
  • Printed in high-quality inks that are resistant to fading.
  • Comes with hanging hardware already installed on the back for you.


  • None reported yet.

SJT ENTERPRISES, INC. I just Want to sip Coffee and pet My cat 5' x 10' Primitive Wood Plaque (SJT94507)

This sign may not have a black cat on it, but it is black and does mention cats on it. For that reason, we’re including it on this list.

We think this is the perfect sign for cat owners who also happen to be coffee lovers. Put this sign up by your coffeemaker to let your friends and family know that your coffee and your cat are two important things in your life.

You also won’t need to bother with getting nails or screws to hang the sign up. Thanks to the twine stapled to the back, you can hang it up as soon as you get it.


  • The humor in the sign will make anyone who sees it laugh.
  • Has twine stapled to the back that you can use to hang it up.
  • Made in the USA.


  • None reported yet.

Gango Home Décor Lovely Le Chat and El Gato Cat Corfee Espresso Signs by Veronique Charron; Two 11x14in Poster Prints

What if you want a sign that references both cats and coffee without sacrificing refinement? We think what you’re looking for in that case is something like this pair of Le Chat and El Gato Coffee signs.

The dark silhouettes of cats on either sign are classy, accented with graceful swirls and embellishments. French and Italian wording on both the signs adds a level of European mystique to them, as well.

We’re confident that if you were to put these signs up, you’d feel proud of them.


  • Highly artistic style gives the signs a classy look.
  • Includes two signs – not just one.
  • Made in the USA.
  • You have the option of getting them framed for you.


  • These are printed on paper or canvas, and not on wood or metal like most other signs.

Black and White Coffee Signs

Black and white are two colors that go together in classic decorating styles. There’s no reason why you couldn’t have a coffee sign that makes use of these beautifully contrasting colors. We’ve found a few excellent black and white coffee signs below.

Mainevent Coffee Bar Sign

Coffee Bar Sign Decor 8x17 Inch, Coffee Sign, Coffee Decor for Coffee Bar Accessories, Coffee Table Decor, Coffee Wall Sign, Coffee Bar Sign White, Coffee Bar Decor Farmhouse Sign Bar Decor

To say the Mainevent Coffee Bar sign is only black and white would be misleading. It does have a wooden frame around the edge that adds honeyed gold and warm brown notes.

Most importantly, though, the middle part of the sign is all in black and white. The simplicity of this part is what makes the sign feel sophisticated. Its delicate font gives the overall sign a graceful effect that would fit in anywhere.


  • Has an attractive wooden frame around the edges for protection.
  • There’s a keyhole slot on the back that allows you to mount the sign flush to a wall.
  • Designed in the United States.
  • Crafted from wood to give it a countryside farmhouse air without sacrificing its elegance.


  • Some owners felt the sign was too small.

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'Gangster Rap' Box Sign - Funny Desk Accessories for Work - Desk Decorations for Women Office or Mens Office - Perfect Home Decor Gifts, 8' x 8' by Barnyard Designs

This well-loved Barnyard Designs sign has made many owners smile and laugh. We think it could do the same for you, as well as serve as daily motivation.

Another thing we like about the sign aside from the humorous nature is how you get display options with it. You certainly don’t have to hang it on a wall if you don’t want to, since it’s a free-standing sign. If you prefer, you can just stand it up on any table or counter.


  • The funny quote on the sign will motivate you and cheer you up.
  • You have the option of hanging the sign on a wall or standing it up.
  • Will match with any kind of décor.


  • You’ll need to get hanging hardware separately to put it on a wall.

Read our list of the best funny coffee signs to find more coffee signs that are bound to bring a smile to your face.

Sincere Surroundings Perfect Pallet Petites 6' x 6' Wood Sign, But First, Coffee

As you can see, the Sincere Surroundings But First Coffee Sign isn’t purely black and white, either. The brown of the wood shows through the distressed white paint and the coffee cup is accented in brown lines.

Nonetheless, we think it’s a good fit for this list. It’s mostly black and white, and it’s completely adorable. This is the type of sign that could make any space feel cozier.


  • Cute design is perfect for making a space feel more welcoming.
  • The artificially distressed paint adds a rustic touch to the sign.
  • It’s made from beautiful wood.


  • Measuring at 6 x 6 inches, the sign may be smaller than you imagine it would be.

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How to Pick the Best Black Coffee Sign


You want a sign that physically fits into the space you have. If you purchase one that’s too large, it’s just going to sit off to the side or end up somewhere you didn’t want to put it. A sign that’s too small won’t properly fill the space you picked out.

Those are just a few of the reasons why the size of a sign is important. We strongly recommend measuring the spot you chose for the sign, then comparing it with the dimensions for each sign in the listing. By doing so, you’ll ensure you purchase a sign that’s a perfect physical and visual fit for your space.


When we say, “style,” we mean the total aesthetic of the sign. This factors in all parts of it, from the font to the color to even the shape.

All of these pieces can add up to a unique whole. This is why another thing we recommend is taking in the effect and mood of a sign so you choose one that promotes the atmosphere you’re looking for.

If you’re not sure what kind of style you want, consider how you want the sign to make you feel. Look for bright colors and funny quotes if you want a sign that cheers you up. Pick out a sign with artistic swirls and illustrations if you want something boho.

Would you prefer something professional-looking? Then choose a sign with simple fonts and patterns, as well as neutral text that doesn’t risk being inappropriate.


Ideally, the message on the sign should resonate with you. If you choose a sign that has words on it, consider picking one that has words you agree with or something that promotes the atmosphere you want.

You also don’t have to choose a sign with text on it at all if you don’t want to. Many signs have only artwork or symbols on them, but still manage to get the point across.

Wrap Up

As you can see from this list, there are tons of black coffee signs out there for you to choose from. If you asked us to recommend only one to you, though, we’d suggest the Barnyard Designs Drink Some Coffee Sign, especially if you want something more on the humorous side.

For one thing, the sign is hilarious and will help motivate you. For another thing, you can either hang it on a wall or stand it up by itself. It’s always nice to have options like that, so you can display the sign in a way that fits best with your settings.

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