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Top 9 Best Coffee Nook Signs

Best Coffee Nook Signs

Even if coffee is your life, you can’t let it spread all over your home. You need to have room to go about your day, which is why many people have dedicated coffee nooks in their houses.

Dedicating a small portion of your kitchen to coffee doesn’t mean it needs to be hard to decorate it, though. With the right signs, you can turn your tiny coffee nook into something magazine-worthy.

If you need some inspiration, keep reading to see what we think are some of the best coffee nook signs.

Funny Coffee Nook Signs

Want to make your coffee nook into a place that inspires smiles and laughter? Then you can’t go wrong with these funny coffee nook signs we found.

Barnyard Designs Drink Some Coffee Sign

'Gangster Rap' Box Sign - Funny Desk Accessories for Work - Desk Decorations for Women Office or Mens Office - Perfect Home Decor Gifts, 8' x 8' by Barnyard Designs

This Barnyard Designs sign has graced many a coffee nook, and we think it would look great in yours. The message is sure to make you smile and simultaneously encourage you.

Because of the thick border around the edges, it’s capable of standing on its own. You can easily set it up next to a coffee maker or on a shelf if you don’t have much space. Otherwise, it’s entirely possible to hang it up on a wall, too.


  • The neutral colors on the sign allow it to blend in anywhere.
  • You’ll be sure to laugh or smile at the saying on the sign every time you pour yourself some coffee.
  • You have the option of letting the sign stand on its own or hanging it up.


  • Some owners feel that it’s a bit on the small side.

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Primitives By Kathy Wood Box Sign, I Take My Coffee Very Seriously, 6' x 2.5'

Is coffee more than just a drink for you? Is your daily coffee a traditional ritual that you can’t go without, or something you consider yourself an expert in?

Then we suggest you consider getting this sign and put it in your coffee nook. All your guests and family members will know that you’re a serious coffee fan – and it will make anyone smile.


  • Because it’s a box sign, you can stand it up on its own or hang it on a wall.
  • The neutral black and white coloration allows it to fit in with any settings.
  • It’s small enough to fit into places where there isn’t a lot of room.


  • Many owners feel the sign is a bit too small.

Simply Said, INC Small Talk Sign - Day Without Coffee

If coffee is simply something you can’t go without, you can get this sign to show how important it is to you. It’s short, funny, and tells everyone what they need to know: that you think coffee is a must-have to get through any day.

Beyond the saying on the sign, the font is fun to look at. The word coffee is whimsical and accentuated by its cursive style, so it stands out – just the way it should, if coffee really is that important to you.


  • Since it’s made from wood, the sign has a rustic appeal.
  • The text is clear and easy to read.
  • It’s made in the USA.


  • The sign is small and measures at 3.5 x 5.25 x 1.25 inches.
  • It doesn’t have any hanging hardware built onto the back.

Wood Coffee Nook Signs

Wood signs are uniquely attractive. They have a natural look and feel that just seems to make a space feel a little bit more like home.

We’ve gathered a few of the best wood coffee nook signs below. Take a look at what we found.

Lacoffio But First Coffee Sign

LACOFFIO But First Coffee Rustic Home Wall Art Decor Plaque Sign - 16 x 3.5 - Coffee Quotes Hanging Signs Housewarming Gift Idea

Many people make coffee the first thing they get in the morning. Before they do anything else, settling down to sip on a hot, fresh cup of coffee might be the motivation they need to get going.

Getting this sign can represent that moment where you take your first sip. Furthermore, because it’s engraved by hand, you can trust that it’s truly one of the most unique signs out there.

Best of all, it comes with keyholes built onto the back already. That means as soon as you get the sign, it’s ready to hang up on your wall.


  • Handmade in the United States.
  • The letters are engraved in the sign, so they won’t chip or become illegible.
  • Has keyholes in the back so you can hang it up right away.
  • The sign is made from real pine wood.


  • There are some reports that the sign is smaller than it looks.

Coffee Bar Sign Decor 8x17 Inch, Coffee Sign, Coffee Decor for Coffee Bar Accessories, Coffee Table Decor, Coffee Wall Sign, Coffee Bar Sign White, Coffee Bar Decor Farmhouse Sign Bar Decor

Simplicity can sometimes be more elegant than complicated designs. Nowhere is that better displayed than in this Mainevent Coffee Bar Sign, which is simple cursive text on a white background in a wooden frame.

It’s not covered in sophisticated patterns or pictures. However, it is that same understated look that we think gives the sign a mature and refined appearance. You can put it anywhere to give its space an elegant touch.


  • The simple design is both rustic and refined at the same time.
  • Its frame is made from solid fir wood that doesn’t crack or rot.
  • Has a keyhole slot on the back to make hanging it up easier.


  • At 8 x 17 x 1 inches, the sign may be a bit on the small side.

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Freshly Brewed Coffee Bar Rustic Wood Wall Sign 12x12

Are you looking for something retro in style? Then we’d recommend this Freshly Brewed Coffee Bar Rustic Wall Sign.

The whole sign is made from Baltic birch wood with an artificially distressed look. It looks like the kind of sign you’d see in a hotel or specialty coffee shop.

It’s also durable. Because the design is printed on the wood, it won’t chip or flake off as the years go on.


  • The sign is made in the USA.
  • Its design won’t chip off, because it’s printed permanently on the wood.
  • It has a keyhole on the back, making it simpler to put on your wall.
  • The sign is made entirely from Baltic birch wood.


  • You can’t tell from the picture, but there is a white square around the circular design that affects how it looks slightly.

Small Coffee Nook Signs

What if you don’t have the wall or counterspace for a large sign? That doesn’t mean that your coffee nook can’t be decorated. Take a look at the following small coffee nook signs we’ve found.

Parisloft Coffee Time Box Sign

Parisloft Coffe Time Rustic Barn Wood Small Coffee Box Sign Decor for Kitchen, Rustic Wooden Coffee Sign for Coffee Bar Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Wood Home Decor 5.8''x4.8''

This petite Parisloft Coffee Time Box Sign could be the perfect addition to your coffee nook. It’s adorable and has a faux distressed look that makes it homey and warm.

If you don’t like the sign in the picture, then there are also two other versions you can choose. All of them contain cute references to coffee and all of them look vintage.


  • Made out of real wood.
  • It’s a freestanding box that can stand up by itself or be hung on a wall.
  • The sign has a distressed look to make it appear homemade and vintage.


  • A few buyers reported that it feels a little cheap and lightweight.

Primitives by Kathy All You Need is Love and Coffee Inset Box Sign

The message on this sign – all you need is love and coffee – is an excellent reminder of the important things in life. Made in a delicate and neutral palette, you can easily match this sign with any of your other decorations.

We also love the all-wood frame. It gives the sign a natural aesthetic and allows the whole sign to stand up on its own.


  • Has a frame made from real wood.
  • The sign can stand up by itself without being hung on a wall.
  • The text on the sign is cute and heartwarming.


  • None reported yet.

Wood Coffee Sign Coffee Bar Decor Kitchen Coffee Signs Wood Hanging Plaque Coffee Signs

For those who have a little space on their wall, this small Wood Coffee Kitchen Wall Hanging Sign could be that one final touch. It has a jute rope built into it that allows you to hang it up on a nail right away.

Because of the HD printing on the sign, it’s also long-lasting. The text and coffee cup can withstand UV light and they’re waterproof, so they won’t fade with time.


  • The design is built to last.
  • You don’t need to get any separate hanging hardware to put it up, thanks to the jute rope.
  • The distressed look of the wood gives the sign an attractive vintage style.


  • Some owners felt that the quality of the sign could be better.

Picking the Best Coffee Nook Sign for You


It’s important that any sign you choose actually fits into the space you have. You don’t want to buy a sign, wait to receive it, and then discover that it’s too big for your coffee nook!

For that reason, we always suggest measuring the space you’d like to put the sign in first. Once that’s done, make a note of those measurements and compare them to the dimensions of each sign you like. You can usually find the dimensions in the product description.

Freestanding or Wall Hanging

You should also consider exactly how you want to display the sign. In other words, do you want it hanging on a wall or standing on a counter?

If you’d prefer the sign to be on a wall, then you can rest assured most of them can be hung up. However, it is oftentimes more helpful to get a sign that already has the appropriate hardware, such as hooks, keyhole slots, or an attached rope.

On the other hand, freestanding signs are perfect for when you have a little extra counter or table room. If that’s what you’d prefer, be sure to check that the borders of the sign are thick enough to allow it to stand on its own.


Finally, what the sign actually says is important, too. You don’t want to get a sign that feels inappropriate for the surroundings.

Before you buy a sign, think about where it’s going and who will see it regularly. These considerations will ensure you don’t end up buying a sign that would offend your guests or family.

Are you looking for funny signs? We’ve got an in-depth list of the best funny coffee signs.

Wrap Up

No matter how small your coffee nook is, you can still find the means to decorate it with a good-looking sign. If we had to recommend one specific sign for your coffee nook, however, we’d suggest the Barnyard Designs Drink Some Coffee Sign.

Not only is it well-loved by the people who have bought it in the past, but it’s easy to match with any settings. Plus, the text on it is sure to cheer you up a bit every time you see it.

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