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Coffee Signs for Church: 9 Religious Coffee Signs

Coffee Signs for Church

A church doesn’t have to be a stuffy place that leaves you feeling bored or uncomfortable. By decorating your church, you can create a cozy, welcoming space that will make everyone feel right at home.

If you happen to have study groups or meetings where you serve coffee, a religious coffee sign could be exactly what you need to give the gathering a homey touch. We’ve pulled together several faith-based coffee signs that would look great in any church below.

Primitives By Kathy A Little Coffee and a Whole Lotta Jesus Shadow Reverse Home Décor Sign, Black, Brown, 5x5 Inch (Pack of 1)

If you’re searching for something that’s unique with a rustic twist, you really can’t go wrong with the Primitives by Kathy sign. As a shadow box sign, it’s capable of standing on its own, so you don’t have to fuss with hanging hardware.

The silhouette on the inside is also visually intriguing. It has some extra dimension to it, especially since it isn’t just one flat surface.

Let’s not forget the quote on it, either. Your faith can certainly help you power through a tough day, but a little coffee doesn’t hurt, either.


  • Cute saying on the sign will make everyone at church smile.
  • It’s visually intriguing because it’s not just a flat sign.
  • You can hang it up on a wall or stand it on its own.


  • Some owners thought the sign was a little too small.

Morning Give Me Jesus & Coffee Natural 6 x 3.5 Wood Mini Wall Hanging Plaque Sign

This P. Graham Dunn sign is another perfect option for anyone who doesn’t want to have to deal with attaching hanging hardware to a sign. It has a jute rope attached to the back for you, which means all you need to do is put it over a hook or nail.

You’re also supporting an American business when you purchase it. Each P. Graham Dunn sign is made by hand in the United States, ensuring quality and a warm personal feel.


  • Because of the jute rope, it’s easy to hang the sign.
  • The sign is made in the United States.
  • It’s carefully wrapped to protect it during shipping.


  • It’s about as long as a pencil, so it’s quite small.

SJT ENTERPRISES, INC. Lord, Give Me Coffee to Change The Things I Can, and Wine to Accept The Things I Cannot Primitive Wood Sign - Funny Indoor Kitchen Plaque Decoration for Wall - 5' x 10' (SJT94136)

Decorating a church doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice fun and personality. With the SJT Enterprises Inc sign above, you can decorate your church with a sense of humor.

Bible studies and church meetings will be filled with laughter when the guests read this sign. It’s a twist based on an old prayer – instead of asking for serenity and courage, however, the sign asks for wine and coffee.

This is another sign that’s easy to hang, too. With the twine on the back, you can just put it over a nail, screw, hook, or handle.


  • Easy to hang, thanks to the twine stapled to the sign.
  • The text is adorable and hilarious.
  • Made in the USA.


  • A few owners felt the sign was too small.

P. Graham Dunn All I Need is Coffee and Jesus Dark 14 x 10 Wood Wall Art Cross Plaque

We couldn’t help including another P. Graham Dunn sign on this list, especially after we saw this one. For the most part, we tried to avoid including signs that all say the same thing. This one does have text that’s fairly popular for religious coffee signs, but we felt the overall design is what set it apart.

Not only is the message faith-based, but the shape of the design is, as well. You’ll have a message that uplifts you with laughter and the shape of the cross to admire on your wall.

Furthermore, the sign has hanging hardware on the back already. You won’t need to deal with the hassle of trying to screw in sawtooth hangers or hooks.


  • You can’t help but be reminded of your faith with this sign, thanks to the saying and the cross shape.
  • It’s made in the United States.
  • Has hanging hardware on the back to save you some time.


  • There are a few reports of the materials feeling cheap.

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P. Graham Dunn Good Morning This is God Watercolor Coffee Cup Distressed 5 x 8 Wood Plank Design Wall Box Sign

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all of life’s stresses at once? We’ve chosen another P. Graham Dunn sign because we feel as if it has the perfect message for any attendees in your church who are feeling stressed out.

It’s wonderful to feel taken care of. This sign will remind you of your faith, and that nothing can’t be overcome when you have that to fall back on.


  • As a wood block style sign, you can stand it up on a counter or table instead of hanging it up on a wall.
  • Made in the USA.
  • It’s carefully packed to protect it during shipping.


  • Some customers felt the sign’s material could have been better.

Saved by Jesus, Fueled by Coffee Rustic Looking Faith Wood Sign Wall Décor Gift 8 x 8 Wood Sign B3-08080062031

If you want a sign that encourages laughter, this Chico Creek Signs Saved by Jesus Sign is a hilarious option. It says that, even if you’ve been saved, you might still need some coffee to get you through the day.

Another thing you’ll love about this sign is that it’s not made from cheap materials. The design is printed on Baltic birch wood, giving it a more robust and durable feel.

Additionally, the design is printed permanently onto the wood. You won’t need to worry about it peeling or chipping over time.


  • The design will last for a long time, as it is printed directly onto the wood.
  • Not made from cheap particle board or MDF.
  • It’s made in the United States.
  • You can get the sign in two different sizes to ensure you have one that fits in your church.


  • None reported yet.

C.O.F.F.E.E.-Cup: Christ Offers Forgiveness for Everyone Everywhere: sign Wall Decor

With this sign, you’re getting a fun and gorgeously rendered acronym. You have the word coffee in gleaming letters below a stylized coffee cup, and then the words, “Christ offers forgiveness for everyone.”

It’s an amusing reminder that, as we sip on our coffee, we should forgive those around us, even when they’re getting on our nerves. Plus, the gorgeous steel material of the design gives it a polished air that will give any church coffee nook a touch of elegance.


  • The sign is made from high-quality steel for increased durability.
  • It’s made in the United States.
  • You have the option of customizing the color from three different options, so you can be sure it matches with your church’s décor.


  • Can be expensive.

Are you a lover of both puns and coffee? Then the Christian Coffeeology Sign is a match made in heaven for you and your church.

This sign is filled to the brim with amusing faith-based puns. We guarantee that anyone who reads it is going to smile at least once, making them comfortable in your church.

Furthermore, the sign is made from thickened 24-gauge steel. This means it’s long-lasting in addition to being attractive and amusing.


  • Filled with Christian coffee puns that will make churchgoers smile.
  • Has pre-drilled holes so you can hang it right away.
  • You have the option of purchasing it framed if that’s your preference.
  • The 24-gauge steel it’s made from is durable.


  • Can be a little expensive.

Sincere Surroundings TLK1015 Coffee God, Gray

At the end of the day, Christians are human just like anyone else. That means that they need fuel to get through the day, and why not have a cup of coffee for energy?

This Sincere Surroundings Coffee Sign has a humorous take on the need for energy. It says that, although coffee gives you the push you need to get going, it’s your faith that keeps you going. That cute sentiment is great for cheering you up as you sip on a cup of coffee.


  • It’s a durable sign.
  • The text on it is cute and heartwarming.
  • Because it’s a block sign, it can stand up on its own.


  • Some customers felt it was smaller than they expected.

Picking the Best Religious Coffee Sign


To pick the sign that’s best for your church, it’s important to consider what it says. If you’re looking for a religious coffee sign, you probably want one that mentions both God and coffee.

However, this can be done in a number of ways. It can be funny, serious, heartwarming, or encouraging – that’s up to you. Think about how your church wants to make its guests feel and pick a sign whose text reflects that desire best.


You should also factor in how big or small a sign is. You wouldn’t want to purchase a sign and wait for it to ship, only to receive something too large for your wall or table.

Our personal recommendation is to determine where you want to put the sign first. Once you have a place in mind, measure it so you can compare its dimension with the dimensions of any sign you’re interested in. You’ll almost always find the measurements for a sign in its product description.


The overall style of your sign is important, as well. This doesn’t just mean what it says – instead, style means the combined effect of its colors, quotations, artwork, and shape.

A sign with basic font on a black background, for instance, can look professional or even austere. Signs with curling cursive font on warm-colored wood, on the other hand, convey homey feelings.

Be sure to take the sign as a whole and consider what impression it has on you. You can use that to gauge how other people are likely to feel when they look at it, too.

Displaying Method

You can either hang the sign up on a wall or put it on a flat surface, such as a counter or table. Your preferred hanging method is something you should consider before purchasing a sign.

For this aspect, start by thinking about where you’re going to put the sign. Do you imagine it hanging on a wall above the church coffeemaker? Would you prefer to have it on a table or counter where you keep cups and napkins?

In the former situation, you’d want a sign with hanging hardware on the back so you can easily put it up. Alternatively, box signs are excellent for when you want a sign that can stand up on its own.

Wrap Up

A church should be a place where people feel welcome. Not only do you want current members of the church to love being there, but you want newcomers to be comfortable enough to return. This is why your decorations matter; if your church is well-decorated, guests of all walks of life will feel right at home.

If it were up to us, the sign we’d decorate a church with is the Primitives by Kathy A Little Coffee Sign. We think it’s one of the most unique signs on the list, and the silhouette of the coffee cup in the middle is adorable. It’s true that it’s a little on the small side, but that makes it perfect for nestling near a church coffee bar without taking up space.

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