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Top 12 Best Chalkboard Coffee Signs

Best Chalkboard Coffee Signs

Have you ever walked past a coffee shop or restaurant and saw that they had a beautiful hand-drawn chalkboard sign out front? These artsy signs are often excellent for drawing customers in your front door.

We completely understand if you want to replicate the same aesthetic in your home or business. That’s why we’ve pulled together this list of the best chalkboard coffee signs.

Some already have the art on them just in case you personally don’t want to draw. Others are just the canvas for your potential masterpiece. Let’s take a closer look at what we found…

Coffee Shop Chalkboard Coffee Signs

Are you looking for the perfect decoration to add to your coffee shop? Or are you a home coffee enthusiast who wants to replicate the feel of a coffee shop right at home? These coffee shop chalkboard signs could be exactly what you need.

Erlood Coffee Menu Know Your Coffee Sign

ERLOOD Coffee Menu Know Your Coffee Tin Sign Wall Retro Metal Bar Pub Poster Metal 12 X 8

To be honest, this isn’t a real chalkboard sign. It’s not made from chalkboard material – it’s actually made from old-fashioned tin.

However, from a distance, it looks exactly like a hand-drawn chalkboard menu. Your customers or guests likely won’t know the difference with no extra artistic effort on your part.

Furthermore, it has four pre-drilled holes in the corners. This allows you to hang the sign up quickly as soon as you take it out of the package.


  • The sign shows accurate portions for making various drinks.
  • From a distance, it looks just like a sign that was drawn by hand.
  • Has pre-drilled holes in the corners for easy hanging.


  • Some owners felt the sign was smaller than they anticipated.

Always Expresso Yourself- Kitchen Wall Art Decor, Chalkboard Replica Print Wall Art For Home Decor, Cafe Decor & Coffee Bar Wall Decor. Makes Perfect Gift for Coffee Addicts. Unframed - 8 x 10

Do you want a sign that’s bound to make you or your guests smile? Take a look at this Always Espresso Yourself sign.

The pun is undoubtedly cheesy, but that just makes it better. Plus, the stylistic font and coffee mug all look beautiful, as if an artistic barista carefully drew the whole sign for you.

You can also buy this sign in good conscience. It’s handcrafted right in the USA, allowing you to support a local business.


  • Made by hand in the United States.
  • Printed in a crystal-clear and high-quality gloss finish.
  • The pun is sure to make everyone who sees it smile.


  • This is a print, not a tin or wood sign, so you may need to frame it to protect it.

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HBCY Creations Rustic Magnetic A-Frame Chalkboard Deluxe Set / 8 Chalk Markers + 10 Stencils + 2 Magnets! Outdoor Sidewalk Chalkboard Sign/Large 40' x 20' Sturdy Sandwich Board (The Deluxe Set)

If you or your baristas have a talent for art, why not make use of that talent? With this Rustic Magnetic A-Frame Chalkboard sign, you can draw a sign yourself for that extra personal touch that will set your sign apart.

To help you get started, the sign set even includes eight chalk markers and ten different stencils. You’ll have everything you need to craft the perfect sign for your home or business.


  • Blank chalkboard allows you to make a custom sign for your environment.
  • Includes stencils and chalk markers so you can start drawing right away.
  • The sign is available in multiple colors, which gives you the ability to pick the best match for your location.
  • Its surface is magnetic, allowing you to tack menus, pictures, or your own stencils to the board.


  • You’ll have to draw the artwork yourself or have an employee do it.
  • Some owners reported that the blackboard paint gets stained easily after use.

Coffee Bar Chalkboard Coffee Signs

If you’re running a coffee bar for an event or at home, you’ll want another type of sign befitting the environment. The below chalkboard signs are ones we feel would work well in a coffee bar setting.

MyGift 9-Hook Torched Wood Coffee Mug Rack

MyGift 9-Hook Torched Wood Wall-Mounted Coffee Mug Rack with Chalkboard

We personally love when we get something that has multiple uses. This MyGift 9-Hook sign, as you can see, isn’t just for looks – it allows you to hang up coffee mugs.

That’s why we think it would be excellent for a coffee bar at home. Whenever you have guests over, you can direct them to the sign to grab a mug and serve themselves a cup.

Of course, we couldn’t ignore the looks, either. The wood boards are gorgeous and rustic, ideal for brightening up a room.


  • The wood boards give the sign a warm, homey aesthetic.
  • Galvanized metal hooks can hold up to nine coffee mugs.
  • You can write whatever you want on the chalkboard part.


  • The hooks are a little close together, so you may not be able to fit larger cups on all of them.

Mini Chalkboard Signs, 20 Pack Framed Small Chalkboard Labels with Easel Stand, Wooden Blackboard for Table Numbers, Food Signs, Wedding Signs, Message Board, Place Cards and Event Decorations

Whether your coffee bar is in a business, at an event, or in your home, you probably have a variety of stir-ins and coffee blends to serve to your guests. These Mini Chalkboard signs will allow you to carefully label each thing at the bar, so your guests will find everything easily.

Because they’re blank, you can also add a little bit of your own personal flair to the signs. If you’ve got some artistic vision, add some swirls and drawings to give the signs a feel of authenticity.


  • Includes 20 small chalkboards that you can use to label different offerings in a coffee bar.
  • The blank chalkboards are perfect for making custom artwork and labels.
  • Comes with removable stands to help you display the labels clearly.


  • There are some reports of the legs being flimsy.
  • The signs are blank, so you’ll need to write on them yourself.

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Coffee Bar Sign for coffee bar decor, Farmhouse sign, fixer upper style, kitchen accessories

What if you don’t want to have to spend time and effort writing signs yourself for your coffee bar? We hear you, which is why we’re including the 213 Designs Coffee Bar Sign on this list.

It’s not truthfully a chalkboard that can be erased and rewritten on. However, the white font on a black background looks identical to a chalkboard, saving you time and effort you might otherwise spend trying to write the perfect sign manually.


  • You don’t need to write anything on the sign.
  • Made from real wood, which increases the character of the sign.
  • You can customize the words.


  • None reported yet.

If you’d like to see some other signs with undeniable personality, we’d recommend looking at these antique coffee signs.

But First Coffee Chalkboard Signs

Signs that say, “But First Coffee” are absolutely everywhere these days. You can see a larger list of our favorites here, but we’ll include a few But First Coffee chalkboard signs here for your viewing pleasure, as well.

The Anvevo But First Coffee Sign is one with personality in spades. The leaves on the sides and the cute font will bring a little bit of fun to wherever you choose to put it.

This is another sign that’s not actually made from chalkboard material. Again, however, we feel it’s a convincing imitation of chalkboard from a distance, especially if you get it in the dark coloration as opposed to the light.


  • Made in the United States.
  • Available in dark or light tones to increase its visual versatility.
  • The text and pattern on the front are printed directly on a sturdy metal plate.
  • You can hang the sign up indoors or outdoors.


  • No issues reported.

But First Coffee, Cute Coffee Sign, Sign for Coffee Bar, But First Coffee Wall Hanging

This sign is one of the most convincing imitations of a chalkboard we’ve seen. The curling font is adorable and the small coffee mug between the words is equally charming.

Plus, you don’t have to struggle to hang it up. With the attached twine, you can just suspend it from any point, like a nail or screw.


  • The sign comes with twine in the top to make it easier to hang it up.
  • Its font and artwork add to an overall adorable effect.
  • You can use the sign to add some character to any setting.


  • No reported problems at this point in time.

But First Coffee Wooden Sign Black White (12.5 Inches x 6 Inches)

In case you’re looking for something that says, “But First Coffee” in extra-clear font, this sign could be a great contender. The font is large, bold, and easy for anyone to read.

On the side, there’s a coffee mug with stylized steam rising up in graceful curls. This sign does an excellent job of combining both playful and professional features, allowing it to blend in just about anywhere.


  • The sign looks both whimsical and professional at the same time.
  • Rope through the top saves you time and money on hanging hardware.
  • Bold font on the dark background is clearly legible, so anyone can easily read it.


  • None reported yet.

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Chalkboard Art Coffee Signs

We’ve got a few great signs to look at if you’re searching for something more artistic, too. The following signs are chalkboard art coffee signs that all include some kind of embellishment.

Peace Love Coffee Sign

Peace - Love Coffee Sign Wall Art Decor, Distressed Wall Art Print, Ideal For Home Decor, Coffee Bar Decor, Cafe Decor & Kitchen Wall Decor. Perfect Gift for Coffee Lovers. Unframed - 8x10

Who wouldn’t want a little more peace, love, and coffee? That’s exactly what this sign says, and the message is surely something everyone can agree with.

To add visual intrigue, it includes graceful swirls, a stylish mug with a heart, and varying fonts. There’s no denying the creativity and design that went into creating this sign.


  • Each sign is made by hand in the United States.
  • It resembles an artfully drawn chalkboard with no effort on your part.
  • The font is clear, easy to read, and appealing to look at.


  • Because it’s a print, you’ll need to frame it in order to preserve it.

Gift Craft Give Me Coffee Wall Sign Chalkboard

Are you a fan of both coffee and wine? If so, we’ve got the best sign for you right here: the Gift Craft Give Me Coffee Wall Sign.

This sign will enable you to express your love of coffee and wine at the same time. Plus, with its ultra-stylish typography and artwork, you’ll love looking at the sign.


  • Humorous message on the sign is great for brightening up your morning.
  • No one will be able to tell it’s not actually a chalkboard from a distance.
  • The sign has an attractive vintage aesthetic.


  • It measures at 9.5 x 11.8 inches, so it’s a bit small.

SJT ENTERPRISES, INC. Coffee (Black with White Lettering) 7' x 10.5' Wood Plaque Sign Featuring The Chalk Artwork of Ampersand (SJT14815)

If we didn’t already know this SJT Enterprises Coffee Sign was made from MDF, we’d assume that it was a chalkboard sign hand-drawn by a talented artist. The fading of the steam and the shading on the edges of the coffee mug look so realistically like chalk, you’ll feel like an artistic barista made the sign for you.

In addition to the striking design, there’s twine attached firmly to the back. This means you’ll be able to put it up as soon as you take it out of the box.


  • Twine is secured to the sign, so you can put it up as soon as you receive it.
  • The sign is made in the United States.
  • Has beautiful and convincing artwork on it.


  • None reported yet.

Choosing the Best Chalkboard Coffee Sign


Unless you’re buying a blank chalkboard sign to write your own text, you’ll probably be concerned about what any prospective sign says. Of course, the text should express a message that resonates with you.

However, you aren’t the only person you should think about when choosing a sign, unless you’re the only person who’s going to see it. Consider where you’re going to put it and who else might glimpse the sign there.

That way, you can be sure you choose a sign that’s the best fit for the surroundings. You wouldn’t want to choose a sign with a dirtier kind of humor if you were hanging it up in an office or somewhere that kids might see it.

Art Style

Beyond text, you might want to factor in artwork. A sign doesn’t have to be just words – in fact, a sign might not even have words at all.

Do you want your sign to have pictures or symbols on it? If so, what kind of style are you looking for? Would you prefer something more realistic or something that’s more stylized?

These are questions you should answer for yourself so you can be sure every aspect of the sign is to your liking.

Hanging Method

You should also factor in where you’re going to put the sign and what you would need to put it there. In other words, if you’re going to hang it up, you’ll want a sign that’s suitable for hanging on a wall. Ideally, the sign should come with hanging hardware or rope so you don’t need to buy these things separately.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a sign that you can set outside your business, on a counter, or on a table, you’ll need what’s called a freestanding sign. Many chalkboards come with legs or easels that allow you to stand them wherever you need.


How you’re going to hang up or stand the sign isn’t the only display aspect you should think about. You should also consider how much space you have for you sign in the area.

Break out your measuring tape or a ruler and measure out the spot you’d like to put the sign in. With those exact measurements in mind, you can read the listing for each sign to make sure the listed dimensions will fit.

Wrap Up

Chalkboard is a fairly popular style for signs. The look is homey and personal, and it reminds many people of specialty restaurants or coffee shops. Adding a chalkboard sign to your home or business could be exactly what you need to give your surroundings a familiar café atmosphere.

In our opinion, the clear winner on this list is the Erlood Coffee Menu Know Your Coffee Sign. We love how it shows the proportions necessary to make a variety of coffee shop classics. If you put this sign in your coffee shop, you could use it to potentially remind baristas or even show customers what types of drinks to order.

At home, the sign is a fantastic way to show off how much you love espresso. Additionally, you can expect the high-quality tin to give your home a touch of antique character.

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