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Top 12 Best Cute Coffee Signs

Cute Coffee Signs

Do you need something to perk you up a little bit at home or at work? Are you a business owner searching for something you can use to make your customers all feel at home when they walk in your door?

Decorating your space well is one of the best ways to achieve all those goals. Some particular decorating styles are better for this than others, too. We’re specifically recommending cute décor to meet these goals, and if you’re a coffee fan or coffee-centered business, you don’t need to leave coffee by the wayside to do so.

In fact, with the best cute coffee signs in this list, you can create a welcoming and comforting environment for everyone. We’ll show you all our favorite signs to demonstrate what we mean.

Cute Coffee Signs for Kitchens

When most people think about decorating their home, they probably spend more time thinking about their bedrooms or their living rooms – places where they’ll spend a lot of time, in other words. However, your kitchen shouldn’t be neglected, either, which is why we’ve found some cute coffee signs for kitchens below.

Parisloft Coffee Time Sign

Parisloft Coffe Time Rustic Barn Wood Small Coffee Box Sign Decor for Kitchen, Rustic Wooden Coffee Sign for Coffee Bar Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Wood Home Decor 5.8''x4.8''

No matter how cluttered your kitchen might be, we bet you’ll have room for this adorable Parisloft Coffee Time Sign. Because it measures at only 5.8 x 4.8 inches, it’s a cute little touch that you can add to any counter or table regardless of how little space you have.

Plus, because it’s a box sign, you don’t need to get out your hammer and nails to display it. That attractive rustic wood around the sign doubles as a border that allows the sign to stand on its own.


  • Small dimensions make this sign a great pick for anyone who’s short on space.
  • The sign has a distressed appearance to give it a countryside vibe.
  • Available in three different designs if you don’t like the Coffee Time version.
  • You can hang it up on a wall or let it stand on its own.


  • Some owners felt the sign was too small.

Sincere Surroundings Perfect Pallet Petites 6' x 6' Wood Sign, But First, Coffee

The Sincere Surroundings But First Coffee Sign can’t help but be utterly charming. Everything about it is specifically designed to inspire a welcoming atmosphere, from its curling font to the aww-worthy heart on the paper cup.

You can’t help but love its distressed appearance, too. The cream-colored paint in the background almost makes us think of a fresh coat of snow, with wood peeping out to accentuate rustic tones.


  • The overall design of the sign is unmistakably charming.
  • Distressed appearance adds a rustic layer to the sign.
  • The saying is fun and great for those who always need a cup of coffee before anything else.


  • You’ll need to buy hanging hardware separately to hang the sign up.

If you want to see more signs that say, “But First, Coffee” on them, we’ve got a whole list of appealing options here.

MRC Wood Products Coffee and Friends Make The Perfect Blend Rustic Wall Sign 12x12

Sipping on coffee is only improved when you get to share the experience with friends. If coffee and friends are two of the most important things in your life, then this heartwarming sign could be perfect for your kitchen at home.

Put this up on the wall above your coffeemaker or table to let your loved ones know what really matters. We bet looking at it will make everyone smile at least a little.

Another benefit to this sign is that it’s created to be easy to hang. Since it has a keyhole slot on the back, you don’t necessarily need to install any additional hanging hardware on the back in order to display it.


  • The sign is made in the United States.
  • Made entirely from real Baltic birch wood.
  • There’s a slot on the back that you can fit a nail or screw into.
  • Because the design is permanently printed on the sign, it won’t deteriorate with age.


  • No reported issues yet.

Cute Coffee Bar Signs

Coffee bars need their own special décor. Because they tend to take up a smaller amount of space, they often need decorations, including signs, that can fit easily. Here are some cute coffee bar signs that we feel fit the bill.

Vilight Coffee Bar Sign

VILIGHT Coffee Signs for Coffee Bar Love Is Brewing - Farmhouse Coffee Wall Decor and Accessories - Coffee Cart Station Decorations - House Warming Gifts for New Home 16x9 Inches

With signs like the Vilight Coffee Bar Sign, you can point out to customers and friends where they can help themselves to coffee. Hang it up on the wall above your little coffee bar or prop it up on the counter or table – the choice is yours.

The sign itself is also undeniably elegant. If you’re looking for something that’s cute without edging into unprofessional territory, this could be what you need. The simple design isn’t cluttered with unnecessary pictures, but the addition of the phrase, “Love is brewing” reminds us of what’s important in life.


  • Wood frame surrounding the sign adds a touch of rusticism to it.
  • You get options on how to display it, because it can be hung up or stand on its own.
  • The simplicity of the design allows it to be simultaneously elegant and cute.
  • Comes with hanging hardware attached to the back already.


  • Some owners felt the sign is too small.

Coffee Bar Decor - Coffee Bar Sign - Farmhouse Coffee Station Kitchen Decor - Rustic Country But First Coffee Wall Decorations - Wood Kitchen Plaque with Saying

You don’t always need heartwarming sayings to build a cute atmosphere. The Elegant Signs Coffee Bar Sign does it without the aid of flowery sentiments.

Instead, this is just a simple sign that says “Coffee Bar” on it. What makes it cute, we think, is the particular font used. The bright white ink and curling letters makes you feel as if someone doodled the words by hand.

All in all, it has a playful feel without any excessive symbols or pictures. We think it doesn’t even really need them.


  • Has hanging hardware built onto the back, so you can hang it right away.
  • Thick enough to stand on its own if you don’t want to hang it up.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Its simple design allows you to match it with any existing decorations you may have.


  • None reported yet.

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Honey Dew Gifts Coffee Decor, Pour Some Sugar 5 inch by 10 inch Hanging Sign, Coffee Bar Accessories, Kitchen Decor

The Honey Dew Gifts Sugar Sign is a sort of one-two punch of decorating styles: it’s both funny and cute. We might even go so far as to call it sweet.

The text, which references an 80’s song you’ve probably heard, is sure to make you and your guests grin. You might even feel inclined to sing when you see it. The addition of the heart and the cursive “coffee,” however, gives it that extra touch that pushes it into cute territory in our eyes.

You also don’t need to bother with fixing hanging hardware to the back. A twine rope is already secured to the sign for you, so all you need is something to hang it up on.


  • You can hang it up as soon as you receive it, as it includes a twine rope.
  • The text will make you want to smile or sing whenever you read it.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Perfect for fans of 80’s music and coffee.


  • There is at least one report of the letters peeling on the sign after cleaning it.

Cute Coffee Shop Signs

Looking for a sign that will either make your home feel like a coffee shop or to put up in an actual coffee shop? We’ve found some excellent cute coffee shop signs below…

Desperate Enterprises Heart Coffee Tin Sign

Desperate Enterprises Heart Coffee Tin Sign USA 40x31 cm S2735

The world of coffee is incredibly complex and goes so much further than the average person knows. With this Desperate Enterprises Heart Coffee Tin Sign, you can capture some of that complexity with an entertaining note of cuteness to make it less intimidating.

Coffee beans in the shape of a heart will surely inspire smiles. But anyone who wants to spend more time looking at the sign can read about various coffee blends they’ve likely never heard of, learning new things in the process.

We think this sign would make a great educational tool for customers. If you sell a variety of drip coffee blends in your business, including some mentioned on the sign, customers can determine if they’d like the blend by reading the descriptions on the sign.


  • The sign is both informative and attractive.
  • It’s made in the United States.
  • Sold in a few other coffee-inspired patterns if you don’t like this version.
  • There are pre-drilled holes in the sign to simplify the hanging process.


  • Some customers have reported the sign arriving damaged from shipping.

Coffee Lover Gifts | 6x6x2 Shadow Box with Glass Front | Wood Keepsake Frame Box | Coffee Art Wall Decor | Framed Quotes Sign | Great for Home Decorations | Ideal for Collecting Special Items

If you appreciate a barista’s work, you often leave them a tip in a jar or cup placed on the counter where you order. This Lesa Framed Quotes Sign allows you to put a decorative spin on the tip jar, so you can give your customers a place to leave gratuities without disrupting your décor.

The glass front of the sign is of course chic and gorgeous. Its quote, which defines coffee as “freshly ground heaven” and “sanity in a cup” is sure to make anyone who reads it smile.

Additionally, the top has a small opening that customers can slip folded bills and coins into. If you’re looking for a multifunctional sign, you may not need to look any further than this one.


  • Doubles as both a piece of décor and a tip jar.
  • The text on the front of the sign will make just about anyone smile.
  • It comes packed in a gift box, making it an excellent present for coffee lovers.
  • You can hang it up or stand it on its own.


  • None reported yet.

UNIQUELOVER Coffee Bar Sign, Coffee Makes Everything Possible Metal Coffee Signs for Coffee Bar Decor 8 X 12 Inches, Small

Are you one of those people who needs coffee to get you through the day? Do you have regular customers who feel that way?

If so, you may want to consider putting this UniqueLover Coffee Makes Everything Possible Sign in your coffee shop. Your most dedicated customers are likely to agree with what it says.

Even if you’re not trying to decorate a coffee shop, this could be a lovely addition to your environment. The chalkboard-style design of the sign causes it to look exactly like a hand-drawn sign you’d see in a coffee shop. Because of that, you can use the look of this sign to create that coveted coffee shop atmosphere right in the comfort of your own home.


  • The sign has four pre-drilled holes in it, so hanging it up is simple.
  • Looks exactly like a hand-drawn chalkboard sign.
  • Because it’s made from metal, you can expect it to last for a long time.


  • Some owners reported the sign arriving bent.

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Cute Metal Coffee Signs

There are many reasons why you might prefer a metal sign over other materials. Metal signs are durable, can be printed in any style, and often have a pleasingly vintage aesthetic. If that sounds appealing to you, here are some of our favorite cute metal coffee signs.

Otartu Retro Vintage Tin Sign

OTARTU 8x12'' Retro Vintage Tin Sign Plate Wall Decor Plaque for Coffee Shop,Kitchen Tin Signs (1280)

You don’t always need many things to be happy. The Otartu Retro Vintage Tin Sign serves as a heartening reminder about two simple things it can take to fill your heart: love and coffee.

If you’re into antique décor, this sign is a great match for you, too. The edges have been specifically designed to look distressed, and the artwork resembles old coffee advertisements from days gone by.


  • In addition to being cute, the sign has a vintage feel to it.
  • You’ll be able to easily hang the sign, due to a pre-drilled hole in each corner.
  • The printing of the sign is crystal-clear and detailed.


  • The material of the sign is prone to bending.

Coffee, 5.75 x 15.5 Inch Aluminum Farmhouse Sign, Rustic Wall Decor for Home, Restaurant, Cafe, Diner, Coffee Shop, Gifts for Baristas, Coffee Growers, Roasters & Espresso Drinkers AL-0616-RK3011

The Alamazookie Metal Farmhouse Sign does an excellent job of bringing together multiple styles. In addition to being cute, it has a refined and vintage feel to it.

Plus, it’s a simple design. It’s not distracting, cluttered, or overwhelming, and this simplicity makes it possible to use it in the widest variety of settings.

No matter what kind of décor you have in your home or business, this sign is likely to fit right in.


  • Simple design is easy to match with any kind of décor.
  • Made from 24-gauge steel for increased durability.
  • Has four holes so you can hang it more easily.
  • Made in the USA.


  • The company’s name is printed right on the bottom of the sign, interrupting the look.

14' Large Black Metal Coffee Cup Mug Scrolled Silhouette Metal Wall Art Decor Interior Decoration

We’ve mentioned the Gerson Large Black Metal Coffee Wall Art sign in a few other posts about coffee signs. It’s a versatile sign, thanks to its neutral black color.

There’s also no denying how cute it is. The scrollwork inside the cup is intricate, and you can spot various familiar shapes in it such as butterflies or hearts. We also love the way the f’s in the word “coffee” double as embellishments and swirls of steam rising from the cup.


  • Its neutral black coloration allows the sign to match with any color scheme.
  • It’s 14 inches by 12 inches, which means it’s a nice size.
  • The elaborate scrollwork and curls in the word “coffee” are adorable.


  • You will need to purchase hanging hardware separately to hang it up.

Getting the Right Cute Coffee Sign


What a prospective sign is made from should be one of your first considerations. The material can cause variations in the appearance, durability, and even hanging method for the sign.

As an illustration, consider wood signs. Wood, being a natural material, tends to give the sign in question a homier feel. Furthermore, wood signs are often able to be hung on walls or stand up on their own.

Metal signs are renowned for their longevity. Generally, you need to hang them up on a wall, as a metal sign with a thick enough edge to stand on its own would probably be quite heavy.

Hanging Hardware

Have you given any consideration towards how you’re going to set up your sign? If you haven’t, that’s certainly something you should add to your list of requirements.

There are different ways to display signs. Some have thick edges and can be set up on any flat surface, such as counters or tables.

Other signs need to be hung up on walls. If what you’re looking for is a sign that hangs up, consider checking each description to see if the sign includes hanging hardware, such as pre-installed hooks. If not, you can check to see if the sign has a rope or holes that will make it easier for you to hang.

Style and Colors

Of course, the way your sign looks matters, too. You’ll want a sign that matches with the aesthetic of your kitchen, coffee shop, or even office.

Part of that has already been determined, if you’re specifically looking for a cute coffee sign. However, not all cute coffee signs look the same. Their shapes, colors, and overall styles can make them all totally unique.

We suggest thinking about what sort of mood you’d like the sign to engender. For example, if you want a sign that cheers you up, think about finding a funny sign or one with adorable symbols like hearts.


Last but certainly not least, what your sign says is of the utmost importance. Everything else on the sign could be exactly what you’re looking for, but if it says the wrong thing, it’s simply not a good candidate for you.

If you want your sign to reference a particular aspect of coffee or you want it to have a certain phrase on it, you can tell if each sign meets your requirements with a quick glance at the pictures.

Wrap Up

Adding charming décor to your settings is a great way to brighten things up. If you think things are looking drab and boring around you, getting an adorable coffee sign could be exactly what you need.

The way a room looks matters. Whether it’s for personal use or to draw in customers, it’s important that you and any guests feel comfortable in the space you have. We think one of the best signs to achieve this with is the MRC Wood Products Coffee and Friends Sign.

In terms of what’s cutest, it surely ranks near the top of our list. Coffee and friends are important, and together, they make an unbeatable combination. That’s why the sign is guaranteed to make you smile.

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