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Top 8 Best Farmhouse Coffee Signs

Best Farmhouse Coffee Signs

Picture this: a home or business decked out in a homey, authentic style of décor that makes the space feel both welcoming and down-to-earth without being shabby. The environment is warm and cozy, studded with charming wood decorations that are also practical.

Does that sound appealing to you? Then what you’re looking for is farmhouse-style décor. And if you’re a coffee afficionado, you’d also probably appreciate decorations that reflect your passion for the drink.

We’re here to help you on your mission to find the best farmhouse coffee signs. We’ve pulled together a few options filled with character in the list below.

Metal Farmhouse Coffee Signs

Most people assume farmhouse decorations have to be made out of wood. This isn’t necessarily the case, and with the following metal farmhouse coffee signs you can enjoy the durability of metal with a bit of rustic charm.

Parisloft 3D Coffee Lettering Metal Sign

Parisloft 3D Coffee Cutout Lettering Metal Wall Hanging Sign Decor,Vintage Farmhouse Decor Kitchen,Coffee Bar, Office.33.5x1.2x9.8 inches

What would you guess this sign was made from if you just looked at the picture? We’d be willing to bet you guessed the same thing we did when we first saw it: wood.

Thanks to the distressed appearance of the sign, the scratches on the front make it resemble wood grain. You probably wouldn’t even notice that it’s actually made from metal until you got up close!

Another thing we love about the sign is that it’s very reasonably sized. Measuring at 33.5 inches wide and 9.8 inches tall, everyone will be able to clearly see it once you hang it up.


  • Although it’s made from metal, the distressed appearance makes it resemble wood.
  • The sign is generously sized, so it won’t look too small on your wall.
  • It’s made to last.


  • None reported yet.

Coffee, 5.75 x 15.5 Inch Aluminum Farmhouse Sign, Rustic Wall Decor for Home, Restaurant, Cafe, Diner, Coffee Shop, Gifts for Baristas, Coffee Growers, Roasters & Espresso Drinkers AL-0616-RK3011

If you want a farmhouse sign that’s a bit more ornate in appearance, this Alamazookie one could fit the bill nicely. Like the previous sign, it only says, “coffee” on it, but the additional embellishments around it add to its charm.

It’s also practical in how durable it is. This isn’t a flimsy sign that you’ll find yourself replacing after a few months hanging on your wall. Because it’s made from 24-gauge steel, it’s built to last you for years to come.


  • The sign is made in the United States.
  • It’s made from long-lasting 24-gauge steel.
  • There’s a hole in each corner so you can easily hang it up.
  • The printing is crisp, clear, and easy to read.


  • The company’s name is printed at the bottom in small letters, which many customers didn’t anticipate.

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Antique Farmhouse Coffee Signs

Farmhouse-style décor and antique décor go hand in hand. Both styles rely on old-fashioned appearances to create pieces that call to mind iconic periods in history. With the following antique farmhouse coffee signs, you can combine both these styles.

Life Happens Coffee Helps Sign

Life Happens Coffee Helps Rustic Wood Wall Sign 9x18 (9x18)

Mixing in a bit of humor with your decorations will achieve two goals: upgrading the decorations in your space and giving you something to smile about. This Life Happens Coffee Helps Sign gives you the best of both of those effects.

The saying will make you and your guests grin. On top of that, the distressed design of the sign makes it look as if it was genuinely used in a farmhouse for years before ending up on your wall. You can’t beat this kind of convincing authenticity.


  • The sign is produced in the United States.
  • You won’t need to worry about it peeling or fading, as the design is permanently printed on the sign.
  • Keyhole slots built into the back allow you to effortlessly put the sign up.
  • Its material is real Baltic birch wood.


  • Although it may look like it, the sign is not framed – it is entirely printed on the wood.

If you love this kind of rustic aesthetic, stop by our list of the best rustic coffee signs for more decorating ideas.

Original Vintage Design Coffee Tin Metal Wall Art Sign, Tinplate Wall Decoration for Coffee Corner / Kitchen / Cafe

The artwork on the Original Vintage Coffee Sign is striking enough to catch anyone’s eye. Contrast between the shaded and light portions on the French press in the picture gives the sign a visually arresting quality that you’ll find yourself starting at as you sip on your coffee.

Its intriguing design is sure to withstand the test of time, as well. Due to the electroplating process used in making the sign, the colors are resistant to fading.


  • Has striking artwork you’ll love looking at.
  • Its vintage feel is perfect for those looking to create a retro atmosphere.
  • The pattern on the sign is resistant to fading.


  • It’s supposed to be resistant to bending, but there is at least one report of the sign being flimsy.

Modern Farmhouse Coffee Signs

Just like farmhouse-style doesn’t need to mean wood, it also doesn’t need to mean outdated or old-fashioned designs. You can combine modern and farmhouse-inspired looks in signs like these modern farmhouse coffee signs.

Mainevent Coffee Bar Sign

Coffee Bar Sign Decor 8x17 Inch, Coffee Sign, Coffee Decor for Coffee Bar Accessories, Coffee Table Decor, Coffee Wall Sign, Coffee Bar Sign White, Coffee Bar Decor Farmhouse Sign Bar Decor

What makes the Mainevent Coffee Bar Sign so effective in bringing together modern and farmhouse aesthetics is its simplicity. Patterns, colors, and random flourishes would distract viewers from its graceful typography and rustic frame.

Because it’s limited to just the text and frame, though, it does a much better job of looking simultaneously farmhouse and modern. Furthermore, the simple design makes it simpler to match the sign with other decorations in your settings.

If you were to flip it around and look at the back, you’d find a keyhole slot. That means you can hang the sign up with minimal effort if you’ve already got the odd nail or screw sticking out of one of your walls.


  • Has a keyhole slot on the back so you can hang it up quickly.
  • The slot also allows you to hang up the sign so it doesn’t stick up off your wall.
  • Simple design makes the sign elegant, uncluttered, and easy to match anywhere.
  • It’s designed in the USA.


  • A few owners reported that the sign is too small.
  • There are some who noted that they received the sign damaged.

SANY DAYO HOME First I Drink The Coffee Then I Do The Things Rustic Wood Framed Coffee Signs 12 X 12 inch Hanging Farmhouse Wall Art Decor for Home, Kitchen, Coffee Bar

If you want a coffee sign with a teensy bit more personality, you could put the Sany Dayo Home Wood Framed Coffee Sign up on your wall. The sandy-colored wooden frame adds that farmhouse feel to the sign, while the actual wording on it is an amusing little pick-me-up.

You won’t need to bother with adding any hooks or hangers to the back, either. It comes with a sawtooth hanger already attached to it, so all you need to do is put it up on your wall.


  • Comes with hanging hardware installed on the back.
  • The wooden frame is earthy and attractive.
  • Its quote is humorous and full of personality.


  • A few owners stated that the frame feels as if it is low-quality.

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Farmhouse Coffee Wood Signs

While it’s true that you can get the farmhouse look without buying solely wooden decorations, we think wood just can’t be beat. That’s why we’ve gathered the following farmhouse coffee wood signs…

MyGift 12-Hook Torched Wood Coffee Mug Holder

MyGift 12-Hook Rustic Torched Wood Wall Mounted Coffee Mug Rack, Teacup Cafe Mugs Display Hooks

At its core, the farmhouse style is all about practicality. In other words, your decorations should be cozy and attractive, but they should also be functional.

You can’t get much more charming and simultaneously functional than this mug holder sign. Not only will it look beautiful in your home, but it can hold up to twelve coffee mugs.

Use the sign both to display and store your favorite coffee mugs. In doing so, you’ll be freeing up some space in your cupboards.


  • The sign has a homey look.
  • Available in four different colors.
  • It can hold up to twelve coffee mugs.
  • You can use the hooks to store other things, such as keys, dish towels, or cooking utensils.


  • There are some reports of the sign feeling too lightweight.
  • The hooks are somewhat close together, so it may not hold twelve mugs if you try to fit large ones on it.

LACOFFIO But First Coffee Rustic Home Wall Art Decor Plaque Sign - 16 x 3.5 - Coffee Quotes Hanging Signs Housewarming Gift Idea

There’s something about handmade items like this LaCoffio sign that’s undeniably charming. Furthermore, when something is made by hand, it tends to feel sturdier and higher in quality.

Beyond looking good, another bonus to this sign is how easy it is to hang up. Since it has keyhole slots on the back, you can mount it to your wall with little or no effort on your part.


  • Each LaCoffio sign is made by hand in the United States.
  • The letters are engraved into the sign, which means they won’t chip or fade.
  • Keyhole slots on the back make it simple to put the sign up.
  • Its neutral color makes it match with anything.


  • Some felt the sign could be larger.

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How to Pick the Best Farmhouse Coffee Sign


The material used to make your sign is surprisingly important. It can alter the look, durability, and even the cost of your sign.

Consider metal, as an example. There are different kinds of metal, but common types used in signs are tin and steel. Both are fairly durable, but steel is especially long-lasting.

Wood is another common sign material. It tends to work well with farmhouse-style décor because it has a naturally warmer appearance. Depending on the thickness of the wood in question and how the design is printed, these signs can also be durable.


You’ll likely end up choosing one sign over the others based on what it says. The sign’s message is of the utmost importance and should reflect a sentiment that you relate to.

Determine what kind of atmosphere you’re trying to promote in your home or business. Furthermore, you should think about who’s going to see the sign most often so you can choose something appropriate.

If you’re trying to put your guests or customers at ease, a humorous sign could be the perfect way to do so. On the other hand, those trying to decorate an office probably want to stick to signs that are professional.


After what the sign actually says, any artwork on it is probably the best part. There are numerous styles of art that can be applied to your sign, from detailed pictures to swirling embellishments.

Some signs don’t even say anything on them at all – they just have artwork on them! For that reason, think about what kind of artwork you enjoy most. You’ll have no problems finding a sign that meets your ideal style.


A sign’s size is also incredibly important. Getting a sign that’s too large or small will leave you scrambling to find a new place for it at the last minute.

You can always find the dimensions for a sign in its product description. Make a note of the dimensions and compare them with the space you’re planning on putting the sign in. This will confirm for you in advance that the sign actually fits.

Wrap Up

Farmhouse décor is ideal for homes or businesses that are trying to craft a rustic and cozy atmosphere that everyone can relax in. This style is remarkably versatile, combining well with a range of colors and furniture.

There are plenty of signs that blend in with farmhouse-style homes. One of our favorites is the MyGift 12-Hook Torched Wood Coffee Mug Holder, as we feel it exemplifies both beauty and practicality. Plus, you can use it to show off your prettiest coffee mugs.

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