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Keurig K Supreme vs Mini: Which Keurig is Better?

Keurig K Supreme vs Mini

In addition to being known for their ability to produce convenient coffee makers, Keurig is also known for creating compact models. Two examples of their compact coffee makers include the Keurig K-Supreme and Mini.

Trying to decide which Keurig is better for you? If you don’t have much room to spare in your kitchen, either one could work. But we’ll help you determine which is truly a better fit for you by examining the following topics:

  • What these Keurigs have in common with each other.
  • Features that are unique to either Keurig in this comparison.
  • Considerations to make before choosing either one.

Let’s get started…

Quick Summary

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Keurig K-Supreme

Keurig K-Mini


Keurig® K-Supreme Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, MultiStream Technology, Gray

Keurig K-Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker, Black

Water Tank Capacity

66 oz

12 oz

Iced Coffee Brew Option



Short Brew Time



Cord Storage



Multistream Technology



Multi-Position Water Tank



Ideal Uses




Keurig® K-Supreme Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, MultiStream Technology, Gray

What we love about the Keurig K-Supreme is that it gives you the power to adjust your coffee in a conveniently small package. You’ll enjoy effortless control over the drink size and brew strength, as well as whether you’re brewing an iced or hot coffee. Grab this Keurig if you want to be able to make more adjustments to each drink you brew.

Keurig K-Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker, Black

No matter how small the space you live in is, you can probably fit the incredibly tiny Keurig K-Mini in. This little coffee maker was created to combine user-friendly brewing and small dimensions into one petite machine. With its cord storage and single-cup water tank, this is the Keurig for you if you need the smallest option possible.


Single-Serve Brewing

Have you ever brewed an entire pot of coffee, only to be left with cold leftovers that no one wants? Alternatively, has anyone ever brewed a pot of coffee that was a kind you didn’t like?

The solutions to both of those issues is the single-serve brewing design of these Keurigs. Rather than making a whole batch, either the Supreme or Mini will brew a single cup at a time.

This drastically reduces the waste that can result from carafes of coffee. Furthermore, it gives you the ability to brew something different each time you make a cup, ensuring everyone gets exactly what they want.

Pods or Coffee Grounds

With the Supreme or the Mini, you’ll be able to brew through the ease of pods or the strength of fresh coffee grounds.

Pods are small capsules that contain portions of coffee grounds, tea, or hot cocoa. They save you the time and effort of having to measure out grounds yourself for brewing, although they’re not as bold as freshly ground coffee.

Using your own grounds broadens the possibilities. You can purchase your favorite blends from local roasteries or coffee shops, or you can pick anything you want from the grocery store.

Regardless of whether you prefer grounds or pods, you’ll get the best of both worlds when you pick either of these Keurigs. They come automatically compatible with K-Cup pods, but you’ll need to purchase the reusable filter in order to use your own coffee grounds.

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Removable Trip Tray

Most Keurigs these days, including the Supreme and Mini, have removable drip trays on them. The drip trays serve a couple different functions.

First, drip trays protect your counters and tables from annoying coffee splatters. They rest beneath the drink dispenser on your coffee maker and their slits capture any straggling drips after brewing.

Second, drip trays also double as stands for your cups while brewing. Because you can remove them, you can make more room beneath the dispenser whenever you want, enabling you to brew into taller mugs.

Are you looking for more Keurigs that work with extra-tall mugs, such as travel mugs? We’ve got a list of the best Keurigs for travel mugs here.

Automatic Shutoff

Leaving an appliance running on accident can lead to a nasty jump in your utility bill. Aside from that, it can potentially damage the appliance to leave it on for hours and hours at a time.

This is precisely why the Supreme and Mini both have an automatic shutoff feature. If you forget to power them down after brewing a cup for yourself, they will turn themselves off after a few minutes.

Drink Sizes

Sometimes, you want more or less to drink. You might not always want a huge cup, and similarly, a small cup might occasionally not be enough to satisfy you.

Luckily, either of the Keurigs in this comparison can brew drinks in different sizes. The K-Supreme can offer you drinks in 6, 8, 10, and 12-ounce sizes. Sizes on the Mini range from 6-12 ounces.

We do have to mention that the way you choose your drink size varies based on the Keurig. On the Supreme, you’ll just press the button for the size you want prior to brewing.

The Mini, however, has a single-serve water tank. The amount of water you put in its small tank is the size of the drink it will brew, and the tank can hold up to 12 ounces. Thus, you can get any sized drink as long as it’s between 6 and 12 ounces, based on how much water you pour in.

Multiple Colors

Would you prefer your Keurig to match with the look of your home? If so, you’ll appreciate that the Supreme and Mini are both sold in a range of colors.

There is a slight difference here, however. The Supreme is only available in black and gray. On the other hand, the Mini is sold in several different colors, including black, rose, gray, and oasis (a minty green color).

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Fast Brewing

Imagine your morning routine. If it’s filled with rushing to make breakfast for yourself and family as you prepare for work, then you probably can’t imagine a slow-brewing coffee machine ever fitting in.

Whether it’s during your morning hurry or whether you just need to quickly whip something up for guests, you don’t want to have wait too long for your coffee. That’s one especially great thing about Keurigs: they generally brew cups quickly.

With either the Supreme or Mini, you can expect a fresh cup of coffee in just a couple minutes. That’s not too long a wait before you’re enjoying an aromatic and refreshing beverage.



Given its name, it’s probably unsurprising to you that the Keurig K-Mini is smaller than the K-Supreme. If you’re trying to find a coffee maker that won’t take up a lot of room, you’ll love how tiny it is.

The Mini measures at 12.1 inches tall, 4.5 inches wide, and 11.3 inches deep. Those dimensions make it easily one of the smallest Keurigs on the market today.

To put it into perspective, the Supreme measures at 12.15 inches tall, 7.85 inches wide, and 12.02 inches long if you have its water tank on the side. With the water tank in the back position, the Supreme is 12.15 inches tall, 6.36 inches wide, and 15.11 inches deep.

Water Tank Capacity

Water tank capacity is another noticeable difference between these Keurigs. We touched on it briefly earlier, but we’ll dive into a bit more detail here.

The Keurig K-Mini has what is called a single-serve water tank. It can only hold enough water to brew a single cup of coffee at a time, which does mean you’ll need to add water every time you want to brew. This might not be convenient for you if you’re in a hurry.

On the flipside, the Supreme’s water tank holds up to 66 ounces of water. Due to this increased water tank capacity, it can brew several cups in a row before needing a refill.

Keurig K-Supreme Adjustable Water Tank

One of the most innovative features on the Keurig K-Supreme is its adjustable water tank. Rather than being stuck in a fixed location, you can pivot the tank from the side to behind the coffee maker.

By having the ability to alter the shape of the Supreme, you can adjust to fit in exactly where you need it to. That’s why, even though it’s technically larger than the Mini, it could still be suitable for those who need a small coffee maker.

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Keurig K-Mini Single-Button Operation

Due to its remarkably slender size, the K-Mini also has pared-down functions. Unlike the Supreme, which has several buttons and settings to experiment with, the Mini only has a single brewing button.

This makes brewing so simple. After inserting your grounds or pod, simply close the Keurig and press the brewing button on top. As long as there’s water in the tank, you’ll get your freshly prepared beverage within a couple minutes.

Keurig K-Supreme MultiStream Technology

One criticism that many coffee lovers have for Keurigs is that the coffee they brew is weak in comparison to what you can get from a coffee shop. The Supreme works to resolve that issue with its multistream technology.

Instead of just filtering a single gentle stream of water through the grounds to produce coffee, it uses multiple streams. This ensures that all granules of coffee are reached, leading to a more pronounced and bolder flavor in your cup.

Keurig K-Mini Cord Storage

Aside from its small size, the Mini has another feature that makes it perfect for transport or storage: a cord storage compartment. It’s a small feature that won’t impact how you brew coffee, but it could make a difference if you’re planning on storing the machine in between uses.

Simply unplug the Keurig and tuck its cord into the storage compartment. You won’t need to deal with the frustration of trying to wrap it up around the base or the cord hanging in the way.

Keurig K-Supreme Back-to-Back Brewing

Although the majority of Keurigs can brew a single cup within two minutes, there’s a brief wait time in between drinks while it warms up more water. This can be annoying if you’re trying to serve multiple drinks to guests and downright inconvenient for large gatherings.

The Supreme, with its back-to-back brewing, is capable of standing up to the challenge of serving multiple people. After brewing your first cup, there’s no need to wait before brewing the second one – you can get started right away, saving you some time.

Which Keurig is Better?

While the Keurig K-Supreme and K-Mini have a lot in common, it’s unmistakable that they were designed with different situations in mind. For that reason, determining which one is right for you will come down to a handful of differences between them.

Maybe you live in a small apartment or dorm. Whatever the case, if your counter space is in short supply, the K-Mini is likely the better choice for you simply because of how small it is.

Are you a beginner when it comes to making coffee? In that case, you may also prefer the K-Mini by virtue of its pared-down single-button operation. This also makes it an excellent choice for those who want to provide a simple coffee maker to their guests in a guestroom.

What if you want something that lets you tweak just about every aspect of your drink? We’d recommend the Supreme in this comparison, then. Aside from the size, you can adjust the strength of the taste with the Strong button and you can even brew your drinks easily over ice with the Over Ice button.

The K-Supreme is also the better pick for those who want to share their coffee makers with others. Its back-to-back brewing will allow you to make multiple drinks in a row more quickly than the Mini. Additionally, its increased water tank capacity can make multiple cups before needing a refill, whereas the Mini must be refilled after every drink.

Here’s our advice:

Buy the Keurig K-Supreme if you need a coffee maker that lets you make more adjustments to your drinks. It’s also the superior choice if you need a coffee maker that can make multiple drinks in a row.

The Keurig K-Mini is best suited for people who need the smallest coffee maker possible. Its slender size and built-in cord storage allow it to fit anywhere you need it to.

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