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Keurig K Slim vs Mini Plus: Which One Should You Pick?

Keurig K Slim vs Mini Plus

If you live in a small apartment, your kitchen is jam-packed with appliances already, or you’re in need of a personal coffee maker for the office, you can’t just grab any coffee machine. Coffee machines nowadays are available in a host of sizes, and many of them could be too large for the space you have.

Just as many coffee machines are too big, though, there are also plenty that are quite modestly sized. Keurig makes a few options that are wonderful space savers, such as the Keurig K-Slim and the Mini Plus.

But which one should you pick? We’ll help you answer that question in this post by comparing and contrasting the K-Slim and the K-Mini plus.

Here’s what we’ll discuss:

  • What qualities are the same in the K-Slim and Mini Plus
  • What’s different between them and how it affects you
  • How to decide which one is more appropriate for you

Let’s dive right into it.

Quick Summary

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Keurig K-Slim

Keurig K-Mini Plus


Keurig K- Slim Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, Multistream Technology, Black

Keurig K-Mini Plus Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, Black

Water Tank Capacity

46 oz

12 oz

Removable Drip Tray









Cord Storage



Pod Storage



Ideal Uses




Living up to its name, the Keurig K-Slim is a coffee maker with a slender silhouette that’s perfect for sliding in between other appliances on packed countertops. Despite its tiny size, however, you’re not sacrificing much brewing capacity. With its 46-ounce water tank, this is the perfect option for you if you need a small coffee maker that won’t need constant water refills.

If you thought the K-Slim was petite, the K-Mini Plus takes that tiny design a step further. It’s a teensy bit smaller, and includes built-in pod and cord storage to help you save even more space. However, small doesn’t mean weak, as this coffee maker proves with its strong brew button that makes drinks that pack a punch. This is the one for you if you need an occasional cup of coffee and the smallest possible footprint.


Single-Serve Brewing

Historically, coffee machines had pots on them that, when full, could serve several people at once. This style is convenient when you’re hoping to provide enough refreshments quickly for a gathering.

However, the problem with coffee pots is that they also increase the risk of waste. If there are any cold leftovers, you’re probably dumping them out rather than drinking them. Plus, a pot of coffee isn’t guaranteed to be the type that everyone wants.

The Keurig K-Slim and Mini Plus meet these problems head-on with their single-serve brewing functionality. Because they each only brew one cup at a time, you’ll never have more than you need.

Additionally, you’ll have the flexibility to brew completely different drinks each time. Simply switch to a new type of pod or coffee grounds each time you brew, which is perfect for those with differing preferences.

Pods and Grounds

Nowadays, you can brew your morning drinks with either pods or coffee grounds. In brief, coffee grounds are freshly or pre-ground beans you can buy in bags, which you then have to measure out yourself when you’re ready to make coffee. Pods, on the other hand, are pre-measured and pre-ground portions of grounds in capsules that you can just pop into some coffee makers.

These Keurigs are both able to use pods and coffee grounds. If you’re looking for something quicker and more convenient, you can just drop in a pod and brew a cup.

But if you want the freshest possible flavor, or you want a blend you can only buy locally, then you can also use your own coffee grounds. You’ll just need to purchase a My K-Cup Universal Reusable Filter.

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Removable Drip Trays

Do you have light-colored countertops? Then you’ve probably noticed messy splatters accumulating on them over time as you cook or make coffee.

The Keurig K-Slim and K-Mini Plus both help reduce those unsightly messes with their drip trays. Each drip tray slots under the dispenser, so if any coffee comes out when there isn’t a cup there, the tray will catch it.

An added benefit to them is that the drip trays slide right out. This allows you to wash them in the sink.

Because the trip trays double as cup stands, it also means you make more room beneath the dispenser when you pull off the drip tray. When they’re removed, you can fit taller cups, such as travel mugs or tumblers, beneath the drink dispenser.

Auto Off Function

Ever got out of bed or stepped out your front door, then immediately dashed back inside to check if you left an appliance on?

You’ll never have to wonder if you’ve forgotten to turn these Keurigs off. As both have auto-off functions, they’ll turn themselves off after a short period of time without brewing anything.

The only difference here is the length of time of inactivity required before they power off. The K-Slim will turn off after five minutes, while the Mini Plus will turn off after only 90 seconds.

Compact Size

Another quality these Keurigs share is an amazingly petite size. Both are a little under five inches wide, which makes it easy to slip either one between your all your kitchen appliances.

There’s a slight difference in their depth, especially considering the larger size of the K-Slim’s water tank when compared to the K-Mini Plus’s, but their overall footprint is quite similar. You’ll have no problems accommodating either one, even in the smallest spaces.


Water Reservoir Capacity

As we mentioned earlier, one of the differences between these Keurigs is the size of their water tanks. In this comparison, the K-Slim’s water tank is a much larger 46 ounces.

To put that into perspective, the K-Mini Plus’s water tank only holds up to 12 ounces of water. That’s because it’s designed specifically to brew a single cup of various sizes based on however much water you pour in.

The difference here will be much more noticeable the more you use your coffee machine. You won’t need to stop to refill the K-Slim as frequently, but the K-Mini Plus will need water refills after every use.

Thus, if you’re sharing the coffee machine with others, the K-Slim is a better bet. But if you’re the only one using the coffee machine, and you’ll use it only occasionally or don’t mind the refills, the K-Mini Plus will be fine.

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K Mini Plus Cord Storage

If you have a lot of appliances, then you’ve got cords dangling everywhere. Whenever you unplug and move an appliance, or try to store one, you always need to find a way to deal with the cord, whether that means wrapping it up around the machine or wrapping it up in itself.

Cords are a tedious necessity, but at least the K-Mini Plus makes dealing with them easy. It has a little compartment on the back that you can stash the cord in. That means you won’t need to struggle to figure out what to do with a dangling cord whenever you need to move or store it.

K Slim Indicator Lights

Although appliances are generally designed to make our lives easier, there’s no denying that they can sometimes be a source of frustration. This is particularly true whenever it comes time to attempt maintenance on your appliances.

Sometimes, you’re left guessing at what your appliances need when something goes wrong. This isn’t the case with the K-Slim.

At the top of the coffee maker, there are indication lights that will turn on to let you know whether it needs new water or to be descaled. You’ll never be caught off guard by these maintenance tasks again.

K Mini Plus Strong Brew Setting

One of the morning’s greatest disappointments must surely be a weak and watery-tasting coffee. With the K-Mini Plus, these beverage disappointments will no longer be a part of your routine.

If you find yourself needing a drink with a more flavorful kick, you can just press the Strong button on top of the machine. The resulting cup will have a much more powerful flavor that your taste buds will appreciate.

K Mini Plus Color Options

The standard color for most Keurig machines is a neutral dark gray. It works in a large range of color schemes, making it suitable for a ton of settings.

However, it’s far from the most interesting color in the world. This is where the K-Mini Plus stands out, because it’s sold in several different colors.

If you don’t like the standard charcoal gray tone of the average Keurig, you can get the K-Mini plus in a small range of bright and vivid tones. It doesn’t impact your use of the coffee machine, but it does add a touch of personalization that’s important for some.

In comparison, the K-Slim is only available in the standard gray shade.

K Mini Pod Storage

If you’re using K-Cups with your coffee machine, you’ll probably have a bunch of pods in your kitchen or office. While you could just leave them stacked on your counter or spread across your desk, this isn’t exactly convenient.

Rather than force you to take up valuable cabinet space with the pods, the K-Mini includes a nice little pod storage container. Even better, this container slots into the front of the machine, between the dispenser and the drip dray.

With the pod storage, you can keep up to 9 K-cup pods by your coffee machine. It’s a wonderful touch of convenience that also helps you save a little extra room elsewhere.

Which One Should You Pick?

At the end of the day, the Keurig K-Slim and K-Mini Plus are designed to do the same thing: deliver you a convenient, effortless brewing experience while taking up as little room as possible. If that’s all you want from your Keurig, then either one will serve you well.

But there are some differences between these Keurigs that makes them better for different situations. For instance, if you’re planning to make a lot of drinks daily or you’re sharing your coffee maker, the K-Slim is probably better for you because of its larger water tank.

When it comes to a personal machine, though, the K-Mini Plus could be the go-to choice here. It has a Strong brew button that lets you tweak the flavor of each drink.

Furthermore, in terms of storage, the K-Mini Plus is the stronger contender. Its pod and cord storage makes it the more compact of the two machines.

So here’s our recommendation:

Get the K-Slim if you want to share your Keurig with others or make multiple drinks in a day. It’s also a solid choice for beginners, given that its add water and descale lights will come on whenever you need to perform some maintenance.

But go with the K-Mini Plus if you’re especially limited on space. Its pod and cord storage make it well-designed when it comes to conserving room on your desk or counter.

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