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Keurig K-Mini vs K15: Which is Better?

keurig k mini vs k15

Are you wondering whether the Keurig K Mini or Keurig K15 would be better for your home?

Keep on reading, and we’ll help you make your choice. This guide will be comparing the Keurig K Mini vs K15. 

We’ll discuss these topics:

  • Similarities between the K Mini and K15
  • Differences between the K Mini and K15
  • What to consider before you buy either one

Let’s get started.

Quick Summary

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Keurig K-Mini

Keurig K15


Keurig K-Mini Single Serve Coffee Maker, Black

Keurig K15 Coffee Maker, Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer, 6 to 10 Oz Brew Sizes, Oasis

Water Tank Capacity

12 oz

10 oz







Ground Coffee



Cord Storage



Removable Drip Tray



Ideal Uses




With its amazingly tiny frame and built-in cord storage compartment, the Keurig K Mini is built to fit anywhere you need to use it. Get this model if you need a coffee maker that can hit the road with you. 

The Keurig K15 was created to fit into cramped kitchens while still retaining the simple button operation that makes Keurig brewers so user-friendly. This is the coffee maker for you if you don’t have much room to spare for one in your kitchen. 


One-cup Reservoir

The reservoirs on these Keurigs are both made to only hold one serving size of water. However much water you put in is what size of drink you’ll end up with in your cup after brewing.

This may sound inconvenient if you’re the type of person to want back-to-back coffees, but it actually allows the K Mini and K15 to be compact. It also prevents unnecessary waste.

By making cups as you want them instead of brewing a whole pot, you only get as much as you need. No more pouring out cold coffee pot leftovers. 

Energy-saving Switch-off

We’ve all done it: left home for work or to run errands, then spent the entire time wondering if we accidentally left an appliance on.

The K Mini and K15 both have a solution for that issue. Their auto-off will cut power to these coffee makers after 90 seconds of inactivity. 

This protects you from the nasty shock of an increased utility bill and cuts down on how much energy is used by these Keurigs. 

Coffee Grounds Or K-cup Compatibility

Keurig is known for making coffee makers that are intuitive for everyone, from beginners to experts.

If you don’t have much (or even any) experience brewing coffee, you can use the K-cup pods. Once you’ve chosen your flavor, you can put it in the K Mini or K15 and let them make the cup for you.

But if you want to take your drinks to the next level, then you also have the option of providing your own coffee grounds with the Keurig reusable filter. This hugely expands the possibilities for each drink. 

You can even grind your beans yourself right before brewing a mug, heightening the flavor with the freshest possible grounds. 

Travel Mug Friendly

Do you have a travel mug you use to take beverages with you when you’re on the go?

If you do, you’ll adore the removable drip trays on the K Mini and K15. When you want to brew a drink into your travel mug, just slide out the tray to make more room. 

With the K15, you’re able to fit a travel mug that’s up to 5.2 inches tall when you remove the drip tray. The K Mini can accommodate mugs up to 7 inches tall after taking off the drip tray. 

Either way, when you need to get going, these Keurigs can whip up a drink for you to take with you. 

Cord Storage

Both these Keurigs are simple to pack up whenever you need to take them somewhere or store them.

This is because, on top of their compact size, they have a cord storage compartment built into the back. Just unplug the coffee maker from the wall and tuck the cord into the little niche on either the K Mini or K15.


Water Tank Size

Although the K Mini and K15 each have one-cup reservoirs, the exact amount either one can hold is a little different.

The K15’s water tank can hold 6-10 ounces. Every time you brew a mug, you need to refill the tank, and the amount you put in directly corresponds to the size of your drink.

The K Mini’s is a bit bigger. It can hold 6-12 ounces, which means you can get a larger cup out of it than what you can get from the K15.

It’s not a huge difference, but if you prefer larger drinks, you may also prefer the K Mini as a result. 


First things first: these Keurigs are both remarkably small. Either one would fit in pretty much anywhere you put it. 

However, at 12.1 inches high, 4.5 inches wide, and 11.3 inches deep, the K Mini is just a bit smaller. Its small size means it’s even more travel-friendly, and you won’t need to fight to fit into a bag or to find storage for it.

The K15 is slightly larger. It measures at 11.1 inches high, 7.5 inches wide, and 10.5 inches deep. 

Drip Tray Capacity

Aside from being removable to fit travel mugs on the coffee maker, the drip trays on these Keurigs serve another purpose: catching overflows or drips of coffee.

This keeps you from having to deal with cleaning up messy spills. The only real difference in this aspect is exactly how much the drip tray can hold on either one.

The K Mini’s drip tray has an 8-ounce capacity. It can hold about the average mug-full of coffee if need be.

The K15’s, on the other hand, has a 10-ounce capacity. That means it can hold up to the largest size drink it can brew. 

It’s perfect for accidental brewing, especially if you have kids that might play with it or if you push the brew button unintentionally. You won’t need to mop up your countertop in case of a spill.  

Comparable Alternative Options

What sells many - if not most - people on machines like the Keurig K-Mini and K15 is how compact they are. The greatest drawback to these models is their single-serve reservoirs that need to be refilled with each cup of coffee you brew.

With a larger water reservoir, the K-Slim resolves this issue without sacrificing the K-Mini's slender profile. In fact, the water reservoir in the K-Slim holds up to 46 ounces of water, allowing you to brew a few cups in a row in between refills.

However, because the tank fits snugly in the back of the machine, the K-Slim maintains a svelte width of less than five inches. You'll have no problems squeezing this one between other appliances on your counter.

One particularly appealing feature of the Keurig K15 is that it comes in a stunning array of colors. With all the options available to coffee lovers, you're sure to find something that perfectly brighten up your kitchen.

The Chulux Coffee Maker can offer you a range of colors, as well, and for a generally inexpensive price. Since it's available in five different bold colors, there's bound to be an option that perfectly complements your home decor. 

Plus, it has the same single-cup reservoir that the K-Mini and K15 are known for. The water you add in is exactly the size of the drink you'll get.

Which One Should You Buy? 

In many ways, the K Mini and K15 have more in common than they do different. They were basically both made to be small coffee makers for countertops with limited room.

Choosing between them will be tough, but there are a few differences you can focus on.

Travel is a big factor to look at with these particular Keurigs. For example, start by looking at the size of any travel mug you might use.

If you’re using a taller travel mug most often, the K Mini will more than likely be able to accommodate it better. It’s able to fit a 7-inch mug beneath its brewer when you remove the drip tray.

Think about how much room you have in your bags or luggage when you’re traveling, too. The K Mini is just a tiny bit smaller, making it easier to fit into a suitcase if you want to take your coffee maker with you. 

Worrying about spills or messes? This is where the K15 can really shine. 

Its larger drip tray can hold the greatest amount it’s capable of brewing at once. If someone were to accidentally start the brew cycle, no matter how much water was in the tank at the time, the drip tray would be able to catch all of it without overflowing. 

That makes the K15 a bit friendlier in circumstances with curious kids around, such as in a home. 

Here’s the bottom line: 

Pick the Keurig K Mini if you’re looking for the most portable coffee maker possible. Its reduced size and larger travel mug capacity means it’s perfect for tagging along on trips.

The Keurig K15 is the better choice if you just want a small coffee maker to use at home. With a bigger drip tray, it’s more adept at protecting your kitchen from annoying messes.

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