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Keurig K Supreme vs Supreme Plus: Which is Better?

Keurig K Supreme vs Supreme Plus

If you’re interested in the Keurig K-Supreme, you may have noticed that there are two different models: the Keurig K-Supreme and Supreme Plus. On the surface, they look quite similar. Anyone would be curious about what the difference is.

We’ll be analyzing both these Keurigs in this comparison. Expect to learn the following things by the end of this post:

  • Features shared by both Keurigs.
  • What sets these Keurigs apart from each other and why it matters.
  • How to decide which one is better for you specifically.

Let’s jump right in…

Quick Summary

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Keurig K-Supreme Plus


Keurig® K-Supreme Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, MultiStream Technology, Gray

Keurig® K-Supreme Plus Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, MultiStream Technology, Stainless Steel

Water Tank Capacity

66 oz

78 oz

Drink Sizes

6, 8, 10 & 12 oz

4, 6, 8, 10 & 12 oz

Iced Coffee Brew Option



Back-to-Back Brewing



Pods Compatibility



Grounds Compatibility



Strength Settings 

Regular and Strong

3 Strength Levels

Ideal Uses




Keurig® K-Supreme Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, MultiStream Technology, Gray

The Keurig K-Supreme has two qualities that set it apart from most other Keurigs: its multi-position water tank and multistream technology. In addition to getting a more well-rounded flavor from your coffee, you have the option of moving the water tank between two positions for the perfect fit on your counters. We’d recommend this Keurig for coffee lovers who don’t have much room in their home for a coffee maker.

Keurig® K-Supreme Plus Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker, MultiStream Technology, Stainless Steel

With the Keurig K-Supreme Plus, you get most of the K-Supreme’s features with an upgrade. You’ll have the ability to tweak the strength and temperature of your brew, as well as to program a few of your favorite settings into the coffee maker. Because of the control, we’d say this Keurig is great for those who want to have the utmost power over their coffee with the convenience of a Keurig.


Pods Compatibility

Keurigs are most well-known for their use of pods, which are called K-Cups. With other coffee makers, you would need to buy and portion out your own coffee grounds.

Using either the K-Supreme or Supreme Plus, however, you can grab a K-Cup instead. A K-Cup is a small capsule of pre-portioned grounds that have been sealed for freshness. There are hundreds of flavors and varieties to choose from, so there’s all but guaranteed to be something that you’ll love.

Grounds Compatibility

Pods are wonderful for beginners or those who just want convenience from their coffee maker, but there is a drawback to using them: they’re not as fresh as grinding your own beans. If you want the strongest possible flavor from your coffee, purchasing your own blend and grinding it just before brewing is the way to go.

Fortunately, both the K-Supreme and Supreme Plus are compatible with coffee grounds, too. You’ll just need to purchase a reusable K-Cup to put inside them.

Not only is this perfect for those who want the freshest possible coffee, but it’s great for people who want a specific blend not available in a K-Cup yet. For instance, if there’s a blend sold at your local coffee shop, you could use that with a reusable K-Cup.

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Iced Coffee Setting

Looking for something cool and refreshing to drink on a hot day? Chances are, a steaming hot cup of coffee doesn’t sound that appealing.

That doesn’t mean you need to leave your Keurigs gathering dust during the summer. Both have an Iced Coffee button that you can use to make a cold and invigorating iced coffee to beat the heat with.

To use the setting, just add some ice cubes to the bottom of your cup prior to brewing. Choose the Iced button on either Keurig, and it will brew enough coffee to go over your ice without overflowing your cup.

MultiStream Technology

One of the flaws with Keurigs is that the coffee tends not to be as strong as a real coffee lover might want. That’s partly due to how they work, which is through a needle that pierces the top of a K-Cup and dispenses a stream of water for extraction.

A single stream of water might not reach all the coffee grounds, leading to an imbalanced extraction. The K-Supreme and Supreme Plus resolve this problem with their new multistream technology.

Rather than extracting with just a single stream of water, these Keurigs administer multiple streams to the grounds. As a result, the extraction is better balanced and the flavor fuller.

Removable Water Reservoir

Water reservoir maintenance is something you’ll need to do regularly to prolong the lifespan of your coffee maker. Keurigs are no exception to this rule. As you use them, you’ll need to clean and refill their water tanks periodically.

To make this step easier, both the K-Supreme and Supreme Plus have removable water tanks. When it’s time to add more water or wash them out, you can just pull them off the coffee maker and take them to your sink.

Back-to-Back Brewing

With other Keurigs, you need to wait a couple minutes in between drinks when you’re brewing more than one. This is because the Keurig needs to warm up another batch of water.

Generally, this isn’t a problem and it doesn’t take that long to heat up for another cup. If you’re in a hurry, though, you may not have time to wait. It can also be a nuisance if you’re brewing several drinks at a time, because that minute or two in between each cup really adds up.

This annoying waiting time is completely cut out of the equation with the K-Supreme and Supreme Plus. Both have back-to-back brewing that allows you to brew a second cup without waiting, saving you a bit of time.

Removable Drip Tray

Below the dispenser on each Keurig, including the Supreme and Supreme Plus, you’ll find the drip tray. With slits in the top, it’s positioned perfectly to capture any errant drips of coffee that may come out after brewing yourself a cup.

The drip tray also functions as a cup stand. Because of its height, it limits the sizes of cups you can brew directly into. At least, that would be the case if the drip trays on these Keurigs weren’t removable.

If you want to brew into a larger cup, such as a travel mug, you can just pull the drip tray off. This will give you more room to fit bigger mugs beneath the dispenser.


Water Tank Capacity

Without water, there is no coffee. All Keurigs have attached water tanks that keep them supplied with water for brewing.

The size of the water tank can make a huge difference. Keurigs with larger water tanks can brew more cups of coffee before they need to be refilled.

This is one aspect where you truly see an improvement from the Supreme to the Supreme Plus. With a 78-ounce water tank, it can hold 12 more ounces of water than the Supreme can. That means it can brew one extra-large drink or a couple smaller ones before it needs more water.

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Number of Drink Sizes

Both Keurigs in this comparison allow you to brew drinks of multiple sizes. Whether you want just a small cup to sip on or something larger to get you through the day, you can rely on either one.

However, the Supreme Plus has one extra size that the Supreme does not: a 4-ounce drink size. They share all other sizes, which includes the following options: 6, 8, 10, or 12 ounces.

The petite 4-ounce size is great for when you want to add something to your coffee, such as half and half or milk. You can brew a little then add your milk without overfilling your cup.

Keurig K-Supreme Plus Multiple Strength Settings

Some coffee makers simply produce weak and unsatisfying coffee. That is an unfortunate fact of life.

The good news is that both the Supreme and Supreme Plus can eliminate this problem with their strength settings. Either one can brew a bolder-tasting cup of coffee than the average Keurig with these settings.

The difference here is that the Supreme Plus has multiple strength settings. On the Supreme, you can only brew regular or strong. With the Supreme Plus, you’ll have three strength levels to choose from, allowing you to tailor each cup to your specific preferences.

Keurig K-Supreme Multi-Position Water Tank

At the beginning of this post, we discussed how the Supreme is a wise pick for those with limited space who want a Keurig. That’s because of its unique multi-position water tank.

As the name implies, you can pivot the water tank into two different positions: behind the coffee maker or to the side of it. This allows it to squeeze into a wider range of settings than its competitors.

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Keurig K-Supreme Plus Temperature Control

Unless you specifically want an iced or blended coffee, you probably don’t want something cold. The temperature of a coffee is important, and some people have specific preferences in that regard.

With the Supreme Plus, you get control over the temperature. It has three different temperature settings to choose from. Like the strength settings, it’s just another way you can customize your cup so you get your perfect match.

Keurig K-Supreme Plus Programmable Brewing

The Supreme Plus has another feature that makes it stand out from the crowd: programmability. If you find yourself using a specific strength and temperature setting often, you can program those preferences into the Keurig.

Then, the next time you go to brew a cup, you don’t need to fuss with all the settings. You can just choose your favorite drink options that you previously saved.

You’re not limited to saving just one drink, either. The Supreme Plus can hold up to three programmed drinks, making it perfect for satisfying a few of your various cravings or for saving the favorites of your friends and family.

Which is Better for You?

Are you still undecided about which Keurig you should get? We’ll dive into some considerations you could make to help you choose.

Those with packed counters and crowded kitchens would do well to look at the Keurig K-Supreme. Because of its adjustable water tank, you can tweak it to fit into whatever space you have available, whether that space is long or wide.

Are you picky about your coffee? Then the Supreme Plus will better suit you, as it gives you more control over the temperature and strength of your coffee.

The Supreme Plus is also the better choice for households full of coffee fans. Its larger water tank will allow you to brew more cups at once before you need to pause for a water refill.

If you’re often in a hurry, then the Supreme Plus could be perfect for you, as well. Because you can program up to three drinks in it, you can save a little time you would otherwise spend entering the same settings in over and over.

This is our advice:

Choose the Keurig K-Supreme if you need a more physically flexible coffee maker that can squeeze into just about any space.

The Keurig K-Supreme Plus is the choice for you, though, if you want to have more control over each drink you brew or if multiple people will be using the coffee maker.

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