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Best Keurig For RV – Top 5 Options

best keurig for rvs

Camping in style and comfort (also known as glamping) is a growing trend. 

Nature is beautiful, after all. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy it comfort.

And what’s more comforting than a fresh cup of coffee or hot chocolate? If that sounds like it’s not possible to achieve during camping, you’d be surprised at just how many people have been adding coffee makers to their RVs. 

Keurig is a popular coffee manufacturer that makes coffee makers that are great for travel. We’ve written this guide to show you some of the best Keurigs for RVs. 

This is what we’ll go over:

  • Common Keurig features and what they mean
  • How to choose the right Keurig for your RV
  • Our choices for the best Keurigs for RVs

Quick Summary

In the event you're in a rush, here's a quick chart with our favorite RV-friendly Keurigs and how we'd grade them...

Top 5 Best Keurig For RV

You just can’t get more compact than the Keurig K Mini Plus. 

It was born from a slender redesign of the typical Keurig shape, resulting in an amazingly petite coffee maker that squeezes onto even the most crowded countertops. 

A drip tray that can be removed at any time allows you to fit travel mugs of up to 7 inches in height beneath the brewer, making this a highly travel-friendly model. 

  • K-Cup Compatible: Yes 
  • Ground Coffee Compatible: Yes (with purchase of K Cup Universal Reusable Coffee filter) 
  • Water Tank Size: One-cup (6-12 ounces)
  • Dimensions: 12.1 inches tall, 4.5 inches wide, 11.3 inches long
  • Carafe: No
  • Cup Sizes: Anywhere from 6-12 ounces
  • Pod Storage: Stores up to 9 K-cup pods in the coffee maker, freeing up space elsewhere.
  • Strength Control: When you’re craving a stronger cup of coffee, just press the Strong button on the top for a cup with an extra kick.
  • Cord Storage: Tired of having to figure out what to do with cords when you’re done with an appliance? The K Mini Plus has a tiny built-in storage compartment on the back that lets you snugly tuck the cord in when you need to pack it up.
  • Auto-Off: After 90 seconds of inactivity, the K Mini Plus will shut itself off for you, saving energy. 

All the most popular Keurig features are combined in the aptly named Keurig K Classic. 

This is a great coffee maker for serving a whole family at breakfast time, or dishing out cups around the campfire. Its 48-ounce water tank will allow you to make at least 6 drinks before you need to worry about refilling it. 

Indicator lights on top of the K Classic also mean this is a perfect machine for beginners. If you need to descale or add water, these lights will come on, so you’re never caught off guard by the need to do maintenance. 

  • K-Cup Compatible: Yes 
  • Ground Coffee Compatible: Yes (with purchase of K Cup Universal Reusable Coffee filter)
  • Water Tank Size: 48 ounces
  • Dimensions: 13.3 inches tall, 10.1 inches wide, 13.2 inches deep
  • Carafe: No
  • Cup Sizes: 6, 8, or 10 ounces
  • Large Water Tank Capacity: Allows you to make several drinks in a row without needing to stop for a refill.
  • Simple Button Controls: You won’t be left scratching your head when it comes to operating the Keurig K Classic. There are only a few buttons for all of its functions, and each one is clearly labeled. 
  • Auto-Off: No need to worry about accidentally leaving the K Classic running, as it will turn itself off after being idle for two hours.
  • Fast Brew Time: You won’t need to wait more than 60 seconds for your drink, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your trip. 

With the Keurig K Elite, you’re basically getting a coffee shop to-go. 

You can brew all kinds of barista favorites with the touch of a button, like iced drinks, tea, or hot chocolate. When you want to hit the hiking trails with a portable drink, you can even slip out the drip tray to fit your favorite travel mug under the coffee maker.

Another thoughtful touch to the K Elite is its quiet brew technology. The peace of the nature around you will never be disrupted by the unnatural sound of a coffee maker.

  • K-Cup Compatible: Yes 
  • Ground Coffee Compatible: Yes (with purchase of K Cup Universal Reusable Coffee filter)
  • Water Tank Size: 75 ounces 
  • Dimensions: 13.1 inches high, 9.9 inches wide, 12.7 inches long
  • Carafe: No
  • Cup Sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces
  • Quiet Brew Technology: With the ability to brew drinks quietly, even the quietest campground mornings won’t be disturbed by the K Elite.
  • Massive Water Tank Capacity: At 75 ounces, this is one of the largest water tanks available on a Keurig. You won’t need to drop everything for tank refills very much.
  • Iced Drink Button: After a hot day outdoors, kick back with an iced version of your favorite K Elite drinks by pushing the Iced button before you brew so the machine will brew over ice for you.
  • Dispensable Hot Water: Instant foods like oatmeal and noodles are simple to make when you’re on the road. If you brought some of these foods with you, you can easily get your water piping hot right from the K Elite. 

If you’ve turned your RV into a mobile oasis with a specific look, then you’ll enjoy the visually versatile Keurig K15. 

Available in a stunning array of ten different colors, the K15 will blend into any color scheme you may have. On the flip side, if you want it to become a conversation piece for any visitors, you can choose a color that makes it stand out, too.

A single-cup water reservoir built into the K15 also makes it an efficient machine. You’ll only get as much as you want with the K15.

  • K-Cup Compatible: Yes 
  • Ground Coffee Compatible: Yes (with purchase of K Cup Universal Reusable Coffee filter)
  • Water Tank Size: One-cup (6-10 ounces)
  • Dimensions: 11.1 inches tall, 7.5 inches wide, 10.5 inches deep
  • Carafe: No
  • Cup Sizes: Anywhere from 6-10 ounces
  • 10 Different Color Configurations: No matter what decorating scheme you use in your RV, you’ll be able to find a K15 that beautifully complements it.
  • Auto-Off: To conserve energy, the K15 will turn itself off for you 90 seconds after the last drink.
  • Cord Storage: Need to make more room on your counters? No problem – just tuck the cord into the storage niche on the back of this Keurig and it’s good to go. 

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Chances are, you don't have as much counterspace in your RV as you do in your home kitchen...and the space you do have in your RV will be more weirdly shaped than your counters at home. How do you find a coffee maker that can fit into counters of any shape or size?

The answer is looking for a flexible coffee maker like the Keurig K-Supreme. Unlike any other Keurig on this list, this one has a water tank that can be moved. 

The result is a coffee maker more spatially versatile than any other Keurig we've seen. Slide the water tank to the back to fit the machine in narrow spaces, or push it to the side when you've got shallow counters. 

Either way, the K-Supreme will fit right in. 

  • K-Cup Compatible: Yes 
  • Ground Coffee Compatible: Yes (with purchase of K Cup Universal Reusable Coffee filter)
  • Water Tank Size: 66 oz
  • Dimensions: 12.2 inches tall, 7.9 inches wide, 12 inches deep 
  • Carafe: No
  • Cup Sizes: 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces
  • Multistream: Get a fuller-flavored cup of coffee every time with the Keurig's use of multiple streams of water during brewing.
  • Swivel Water Tank: You can move the tank either to the side of or behind the Keurig to accommodate a wider range of spaces.
  • Back-to-Back Brewing: No need to wait in between the first and second cup - the K-Supreme can start brewing the second one immediately after the first. It's great for serving friends and family.

Common Features and What THey Mean

K-cups Or Ground Coffee

One of the things that makes Keurigs legendarily easy to use is that many of them can use K-cups or ground coffee.

K-cups are fantastic for coffee beginners. They’re pre-measured and pre-ground coffee, cocoa, or even tea contained in capsules. 

To use a K-cup, just choose what kind you’d like to drink, place it in the Keurig, and start the brew cycle. It doesn’t get any easier than that. 

There are some drawbacks to using these pods. They may be extremely user-friendly, but some people feel that they don’t provide as fresh a taste as you’d get from grinding your own coffee.

The good thing about Keurig is that they offer many models that can brew from ground coffee, too. That way, if you want to really make a coffee that’s out of this world, you can grind however much you need right before you brew. 

Brew Strength

If you’ve had a lot of coffee before, you’ve probably experienced various intensities in the flavor, from weaker tastes to strong and pervasive coffee notes.

Some people like when their coffee has a milder taste, so it can blend in with milk or other added flavors. Others would rather have an aromatic cup with a powerful coffee flavor.

There are a few Keurig coffee makers that allow you to cater to this wide range of flavor preferences. On models that give you control over the strength of your drink, you’ll usually find a Strong button. 

When you want more coffee taste to your beverage, just select the Strong option before brewing. You’ll then get a potent mug that will be sure to please even the most discerning aficionados. 

Pour-over Water Reservoir

Generally, Keurigs are built with pour-over water reservoirs. 

What does that mean? It just means that you have to pour water into their tanks yourself before use. 

A coffee maker can’t brew without water, so it’s important that you keep them supplied. The size of the water tank you refill is what will vary the most between Keurigs.

A larger water tank is more suitable for circumstances where you need to serve multiple people. It will allow you to make multiple drinks in a row without needing to stop for a refill.

But there are some Keurigs that use single-cup water tanks that need to be refilled every single time you use them. While that may sound inconvenient, this design has its benefits.

For example, it means you get the exact amount of water you need each time. If you need to conserve water while you’re camping, this ability to measure out and use water for coffee only as you need it can prevent waste. 

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Single-serve Or Carafe

Need to serve a few guests around the campfire? 

There are two different ways you can serve multiple people at once: you can either brew one cup at a time, or you can brew an entire carafe or pot of coffee.

There are some Keurigs that are capable of brewing an entire carafe at once. However, most Keurigs brew single-serve sizes. 

Single-serve brewing cuts down the amount of waste. You won’t need to dump out cold pots of coffee with this type of machine at all.

It also helps ensure that everyone in a group gets a drink just the way they like it. This isn’t always possible when you make an entire batch of coffee, since it all has to be one kind of blend.

If you’re worried that brewing one cup at a time is slow, don’t be. Plenty of Keurig coffee makers can brew a mug of your favorite drink in under a minute. 

How To Choose The Right Keurig For Your Rv

Just because you’re considering a Keurig for your RV doesn’t mean that you should choose the exact same Keurig someone else put in their RV.

Basically, your situation is different, so what you need from your Keurig will likely be different, too. You should form a list of what sort of qualities or functions your Keurig needs.

Here are some examples of things you can think about:

  • Portability
  • Size
  • User-friendliness
  • Energy-efficiency


It seems a given that, if you’re looking for a Keurig to put in your RV, you’re looking for one that’s portable. 

But there are different features that can contribute to that portability that you may or may not actually use or need.

Cord storage is an example of one of these features. It’s a small compartment in the back of some Keurigs that lets you hide the cord in the machine for easy packing. 

If you’re planning on just leaving your Keuring in your RV all the time, then this may not be a big deal to you. But if you foresee moving your Keurig from your RV to your house and vice versa, or you plan on taking it elsewhere with you, then you might get a lot out of cord storage.


While size can relate to how portable your Keurig is, it can also be important when it comes to actually putting it in your RV.

Do you have a lot of counter space, or not so much? 

For more spacious RVs, you may not be as concerned with how big your Keurig is. Most of them are fairly petite, anyway.

If your space is much more limited, even inches can make a difference, though. That’s when you’ll want to pay attention to the dimensions of your potential Keurig and compare it with the room you have available.

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Do you have a lot of experience brewing your own coffee?

If not, then you’ll want a coffee maker that doesn’t have a steep learning curve. For instance, K-cups can make the brewing process easier, since all you need to do is choose which pod flavor you want and put it in the Keurig.

You might also prefer fewer buttons or options on your Keurig. Those who don’t have experience tweaking their drinks, whether it’s changing the temperature or strength, may not get so much out of these additional options, anyway.

On the other hand, coffee experts might want to look for a Keurig that does come with all the advanced bells and whistles. If that sounds like you, look for features like temperature control, strength adjustability, or iced brewing options. 

Energy Efficiency

Energy consumption is particularly important to pay attention to in your RV. 

Chances are, the other appliances in your RV are designed to be energy-efficient for this reason, and your Keurig can be that way, too.

Those concerned about energy consumption should look into Keurigs with automatic off. This is a feature that turns off the Keurig when it hasn’t been in use for a while, such as 90 seconds or even two hours. 

It reduces the amount of energy consumed by your coffee maker and makes up for forgetfulness. No need to double-check that machines with auto-off have been left on accidentally. 

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