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Is Colombian Coffee Acidic?

Is Colombian Coffee Acidic

If you’ve done any reading about different types of coffee before, you might have come across the word “acidic.” This might seem like a strange way to describe something that so many people drink on a daily basis.

We’ll be discussing if Colombian coffee is acidic, and what it means for a type of coffee to be acidic. In addition, we’ll answer a couple other common questions about acidity in coffee.

Is Colombian Coffee Acidic?

Colombian coffee does have some slight acidity to it, but such acidity is rather mild. Instead of acidity, you might pick up on chocolatey and tart fruity notes in the coffee.

You can learn more about the flavor of Colombian coffee in our guide to the Colombian coffee flavor profile.

What Does it Mean When Coffee is Acidic?

You might be wondering why anyone would describe a popular drink as acidic, or what it means when they do. In short, acidity refers to a quality in the coffee’s flavor.

When a coffee is acidic, it has a brightness to it that makes it feel almost lively while you sip on it. It’s obviously not the same as carbonation, but it’s almost like the difference between fresh and flat soda. Acidity in coffee can make it simply taste more energetic, highlighting other flavors within it.

Which Coffee is Least Acidic?

While it’s true that coffee experts typically view acidity as a desirable trait, this isn’t the case for everyone. Some people don’t like acidic coffee because it can cause stomachaches.

Sound familiar? If you’re looking for coffee with the least amount of acidity, consider looking for a very dark roast, such as a French roast.

Another option is to look for low-acid coffees. These are coffees that are made from beans with a naturally lower acidity. Puroast Low Acid Coffee is one such example. 

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Is Colombian Coffee Sour?

Your Colombian coffee shouldn’t taste sour. Its flavor is characteristically sweet – many describe it as tasting like chocolate or having tart pops of an apricot-like taste.

If you’re used to drinking dark roasts, you might find that the fruity notes in Colombian coffee seem sour in comparison. Otherwise, there’s the possibility the coffee wasn’t brewed properly. You can try a slightly finer grind to see if that improves the taste.

Wrap Up

Colombian coffee, despite being well-suited to light and medium roasts, isn’t usually an acidic experience. You should anticipate decadent chocolate and fruit hints in each sip, provided it’s fresh and brewed correctly.

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