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Colombian Coffee Flavor Profile and Notes

Colombian Flavor Profile and Notes

Are you wondering what all the buzz about Colombian coffee is for? We’ll spoil it for you right in the beginning: it’s because it tastes phenomenal.

But what exactly does it taste like? If you haven’t tried it before, our mission in this post is to describe the Colombian coffee flavor profile and notes, so you’ll know exactly what it tastes like and if you should try some next.

Let’s jump right in…

Colombian Coffee Flavor Profile and Notes

In our article about what Colombian coffee is, we discussed where Colombian coffee comes from and how it’s classified. To sum it up briefly, this coffee comes from beans that are grown in Colombia, which has the perfect climate for growing coffee beans.

This warm and moist climate leads to this coffee type’s tasty flavor. Although it tends to be a light or medium roast, it’s not overwhelmingly acidic. The acidity present in the beans is gentle, tolerable for coffee beginners.

Throughout each sip, there are also subtle sweet flavors. You’ll get an almost sugary, caramelly taste with chocolatey undertones. Some even describe a pervasive nuttiness in the coffee.

Still others observe winey flavors in Colombian coffee. You may taste a burst of tart fruitiness with apricot-like notes.

What Makes Colombian Coffee Unique?

Colombian coffee is one of the most popular coffee types in the world. We’d say what makes it unique is its incredible flavor and quality.

Much of Colombia’s coffee grows on small farms run by single families. Many of these families pick coffee cherries by hand to ensure the beans are the best they can possibly be.

Furthermore, unlike some other types of Arabica beans, Colombian coffee is also a suitable option for espresso. You can make a dark roast out of it without it becoming too bitter.

Why Does Colombian Coffee Taste Better?

Wondering what makes Colombian coffee taste better? The majority of its delicious flavor can be attributed to the growing conditions.

Colombia has an excellent climate for growing coffee. It gets plenty of rainfall and doesn’t get too cold. It also has a lot of high-altitude areas for growing, which improves the taste of the beans at the end of the day.

As we mentioned above, Colombian coffee beans are also generally picked by hand. This means skilled pickers are able to ensure the best beans are picked when they’re ready – not a moment too soon or too late.

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What is the Best Colombian Coffee?

Since Colombia exports so much coffee, there are tons of brands that use Colombian coffee. There are plenty of options to try out there if you’re looking for quality coffee.

One of our recommendations, however, would be this Don Pablo Colombian Supremo coffee. We actually recommended it in our post about the best Colombian coffee for French press. It’s roasted in small batches to ensure the ultimate freshness, it’s GMO-free, and it’s risk-free. The company is so confident in its quality, they’ll refund you if you don’t love the taste.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, Colombian coffee is an excellent type to start with if you’re new to the world of coffee. Its sophisticated sweet and fruity flavor profile makes it appeal to a wide audience that includes both experts and newbies alike. Consider grabbing a bag for yourself if you’re not sure where to begin or you’re not sure what to try out next.

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