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How To Make French Press Espresso (**Simple Recipe**)

Are you ready to take your coffee passion to the next level? Learn how to make espresso in your french press!

Perhaps you want to have an espresso shot, but don't have an espresso machine?

I have you covered!

Whether you are too far from a coffee shop or still planning to buy your very own espresso machine, you can still enjoy its intense kick with the help of a good ol' french press.

How to make espresso in your french press

Read on for easy instructions for making espresso in a french press!

What Is Espresso?

Espresso is a special type of concentrated coffee cocktail and a base for most coffee drinks.

For espresso, finely ground coffee bean variations are mixed and tamped together, and then hot water is forced through the coffee grounds to get a concentrated coffee elixir.

Check out this list of great espresso coffee blends! [Click here]

This special process of pulling off a shot from several coffee varieties brings out that powerful intensity with the twist of fuller flavor, but less bitterness.

When properly made, especially by an experienced barista, espresso has a natural crema on top (delicious).

FYI, there's one important thing coffee lovers need to bear in mind when it comes to drinking espresso...

When compared to other types of coffee drinks in the same volume, espresso has a lot more caffeine.

This is why espresso is served in one-ounce shots (sometimes two, called a "doppio").

how to make espresso with french press facts

What's The Lingo For Espresso?

The espresso drink is as special and popular as it is complex.

Because of this, certain terms were born around this concentrated caffeine concoction.

In order to avoid the shame of being tagged as a coffee club newbie, learn the nooks and crannies of "Espresso Lingo".

Pronounce "espresso" without an "x", which is a common mistake among coffee novices.

The next thing you need to bear in mind is that espresso is a process of brewing coffee and not a type of coffee bean.

​As discussed earlier, espresso is so concentrated that it is usually served in single one-ounce shots.

Variants of Espresso Sizes

Other variants of espresso shots are the "Ristretto", which is a 3/4 ounce shot and "Lungo", a 1 and a half shot.

Finally there is the "Double Shot", or "doppio". A double dose of coffee grains is tightly packed in the portafilter for a doppio.

Two shots of espresso are typically used to make a variety of blended coffee drinks, like a latte!

A shot of espresso with a french press

Blended Coffee Drinks With Espresso

  • "Cafe Americano" is made from a single espresso shot mixed with 6-8 ounces of hot water.
  • "Cafe Latte" is made from a single shot of espresso and six ounces of steamed milk topped with milk foam.
  • "Capuccino" is made with and one part steamed milk.
  • "Cafe Breve" is a single shot of espresso topped with light cream of the same volume.
  • "Espresso Macchiato" is made of espresso topped with milk foam while "Espresso Con Panna" is espresso covered with whipped cream.
Coffee drinks with french press espresso

The following video will show you how espresso coffee is made with an espresso machine:

What's The Best French Press For Espresso?

You can use almost any french press to make espresso! Isn't that great?

That's why I recommend anyone getting into coffee to get themselves a really good individual french press maker.

Best french press for espresso

Here are the three big things to consider when buying a french press to make espresso in...

  • For espresso, I typically recommend a glass or stainless steel model. 
  • Also make sure it has a quality strainer attached to the plunger to help filter out as much of the fine coffee grounds as possible. 
  • You should also consider the smallest or individual sized french presses, or a mini press, for a carefully measured espresso, like this one from Bodum! [click here]

How To Make Espresso In a French Press

Espresso is no doubt to be best made with an espresso machine.

But just because you don't have an espresso machine, doesn't mean you can't have espresso!

Coffee lovers have figured out how to pull off a decent shot of their favorite espresso with a french press.

With a dependable french press at hand, all you need is precise grinding and measuring as well as strong and steady hands. 

Get a great french press here, where I've reviewed top french press models you can buy now! (I'm making it easy for ya!)

How To Make French Press Espresso

  1. First, you need to steep your own selection of coffee bean variants or with straight espresso beans. Make sure to bring these beans to a very fine grind. The proper ratio would be two tablespoons of ground coffee beans to one cup of hot water.
  2. Bring your water to a boil and let it settle for at least 30 seconds before pouring it into the french press beaker filled with ground coffee. Cover the beaker with its lead without stirring and let it steep for about six minutes.
  3. Slowly press the plunger halfway with even and consistent force. Bring it back up prior to thrusting a finishing plunge.
  4. Serve your french press espresso fresh as a single or double shot or with some tasty additions, like frothed milk or sugar!

Now you've got a super easy way to make espresso at home with your french press!

You're welcome.

Get brewing.

make french press espresso

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