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Best Green French Press – Top 6 Options

Best Green French Press

Is green your favorite color? Are you a coffee enthusiast? If you answered yes to both those questions, then you might be searching for a green French press.

Even if green isn’t necessarily your favorite color, you may want a French press in that tone simply to match your kitchen. Either way, we’re here to help you with this guide to the best green French presses for sale today.

Let’s jump right in…

Best Green French Presses

Are you interested in a quality stainless steel French press? If so, you really can’t go wrong with the Secura French press.

You can purchase it in an arresting emerald green. In addition to being green, the exterior is covered in a frosted texture that gives the press some extra visual intrigue.

Looks aside, it’s packed chock-full of convenient features. A heat insulating layer will preserve your coffee’s warmth, and the cool-touch handle will allow you to safely pour your coffee at any time.

  • Capacity: 34 oz.
  • Material: 304-grade stainless steel.
  • Color Options: In the event the green doesn’t appeal to you, you can get it in several other colors. Keep in mind, though, that the available sizes may vary based on the color you choose.
  • Cool-Touch Handle: The handle and plunger knob always stay cool, so you can safely pour your coffee without being burnt.
  • Heat Insulating Layer: An additional layer on the sides of the beaker insulates your coffee from cold air.
  • Bonus Filter: The press is sold with an extra filter that you can keep as backup if you ever need to replace the original.

Stanley French Press 48oz with Double Vacuum Insulation, Stainless Steel Wide Mouth Coffee Press, Large Capacity, Ergonomic Handle, Dishwasher Safe, Hammertone Green

If you hate cold coffee, then you’ll love this Stanley Green French Press mug. It’s designed with double vacuum insulation that keeps your coffee piping hot for up to four hours. Alternatively, if you choose to keep cold drinks inside it, you’ll find that they stay cool for twice as long – up to nine hours.

Stanley also considered how most people hate having to clean up. That’s why all parts of the press are dishwasher-friendly, so cleaning is as easy as choosing where to put it on your dishwasher rack.

This French press also comes backed by an impressive lifetime warranty. Stanley is confident in the quality of all their products, and you can be, too.

  • Capacity: 48 oz.
  • Material: Stainless steel.
  • Double Vacuum Insulation: The double vacuum insulation protects your coffee from rapidly cooling.
  • Dishwasher-Safe: There’s no need to wash it out by hand because you can just put it through your dishwasher.
  • Lifetime Warranty: In the event there’s an issue with the quality of the press, you can fall back on its lifetime warranty.

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Bodum 1918-339B-Y19 Caffettiera French Press Coffee and Tea Maker, 34 Oz, Light Green

We realize that, at a glance, this French press might look yellowy. However, if you look closely, you’ll see that it’s actually light green. That’s why we chose to put it on this list.

The glass the carafe is made from is more than just pretty. Since it’s made from borosilicate glass, it can resist extreme temperatures and it won’t retain odors. No more coffee odors clinging to the inside of your French press.

  • Capacity: 12 or 34 oz.
  • Material: Borosilicate glass, plastic, and stainless steel.
  • Odorless Design: Since the carafe is made from glass, it will not retain the smell of your coffee.
  • Stainless Steel Frame: The stainless steel frame around the carafe protects it and increases its longevity.
  • Stainless Steel Legs: Legs beneath the carafe raise it off your counter or table so it doesn’t damage the surface with its heat.
  • Color Options: The press is also sold in blue or pink if those colors are more to your liking.

If you’re interested in seeing blue options, be sure to read our list of the best blue French presses.

Planetary Design Big Sky Bistro French Press Travel Coffee Mug - Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee Anywhere - 16 oz - Spring,Green

Those who love the great outdoors will probably also love this French press. The spring-inspired pattern on the exterior is filled with vibrant green trees that will be sure to brighten your day.

This is also an excellent choice for those who want a portable French press for travel. Because it can only brew 16 ounces and it’s lightweight, taking it along with you is a simple matter.

  • Capacity: 16 oz.
  • Material: BPA-free plastic.
  • Unique Pattern: Has an appealing green forest pattern on the exterior.
  • Double-Wall Design: With double walls in the carafe, you can trust in the durability of the press.
  • Lightweight: Because it’s lightweight, transporting it is easy.

BODUM Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Coffee and Tea Press, 1 Count (Pack of 1), Green

If you’re searching for something a little simpler-looking than the previous French press, then you might prefer this Bodum one. It’s also a travel-size press with a small capacity and lightweight design.

However, rather than having a detailed pattern on the outside, it simply has a green rubber grip and lid. This kind of design is modern and minimalistic.

Additionally, the lid is spill-resistant. With this French press traveling with you, you won’t need to be worried about it making a mess in your car or even your camper.

  • Capacity: 15 oz.
  • Material: Stainless steel and rubber.
  • Easy Cleaning: It’s built to be dishwasher-safe, so you can quickly clean it in your dishwasher.
  • Rubber Grip: The rubber wrapped around the mug prevents it from slipping out of your hand.
  • Leak-Resistant Lid: You won’t need to worry about messy drips and leaks, thanks to the spill-resistant lid.

If you’re interested in more portable French presses, click here to see our picks for the best camping French presses.

Stanley Classic Vacuum Travel Press 16oz Hammertone Green

Given the high quality of Stanley gear, we had to mention this travel press. The Stanley Classic Vacuum Travel Press is a perfectly tough companion for you while you’re on the go.

Plus, due to its vacuum insulation, the press can keep the temperature of your liquids stable. Hot liquids like coffee will stay hot for up to 4 hours, cold liquids stay cold for up to 5 hours, and iced liquids will stay cold for up to 20 hours.

This gives you plenty of time to enjoy every single sip of your freshly brewed coffee or tea. There’s no need to rush when the temperature will be maintained for hours.

  • Capacity: 16 oz.
  • Material: Stainless steel.
  • Dishwasher-Safe: Toss it in your dishwasher for an easy, painless washup once you’re done brewing.
  • Vacuum Insulation: You can take your time drinking each batch you brew, as the press’s vacuum insulation will keep it hot for up to 4 hours.
  • Leak-Proof: A leak-proof design will protect you from hot coffee spilling on you.
  • Folding Loop: The loop at the top makes it possible to clip the press to a backpack or works as a convenient grip.

French Press Features

Lid and Plunger

We’ve said before in our other posts about them that French presses are simple. Unlike espresso machines, there aren’t a lot of components to them.

However, there are a couple of things worth mentioning, and the plunger/lid combo is one of them. Through the center of any French press, you’ll find a stick that ends in a few different circular attachments.

That’s the plunger. It’s the part that filters out your coffee grounds so you don’t get a bunch of sediment in your drink. We recommend looking for French presses that have multi-layered filters on their plungers, as this further reduces the risk of coffee grounds in your beverage.


The carafe is the other important component of a French press. It’s even less complicated than the plunger and lid, though.

A French press’s carafe is basically just a pitcher. There are some elements that make it specifically best for brewing, however, like insulating layers, extra-wide pour spouts, and durable construction.

Choosing the Best French Press for You


One question you’ll need to ask yourself before choosing a French press is approximately how much coffee you need. French presses come in a range of sizes usually going from 12 to 50 ounces.

The smaller end of that range is typically better for people who want a travel press. Smaller French presses are also suitable for those who know they won’t need to brew large batches of coffee.

Need to share your coffee with friends and family? Then you’ll probably want to look for French presses that are 34 oz or more at a minimum.

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Another large consideration should be the material of your press. Many people, for example, try to steer clear of plastic French presses, due to health concerns regarding chemicals in plastic coming into contact with their coffee. Beyond no plastic French presses, there are other materials to consider.

If you want a homey, rustic-looking French press, ceramic is a great pick. It can be glazed and finished in a variety of colors and patterns. Furthermore, ceramic is naturally good at keeping your coffee insulated.

Stainless steel is perfect for those on a budget. There are many affordable stainless steel presses out there in all shapes and sizes. Since stainless steel is rust-resistant, it’s also long-lasting.

Glass is a viable option, too, but may not be good for those looking to take their French press on the road with them. It looks lovely – just be aware that it can also be shattered or cracked.


What about the day-to-day maintenance of your French press? No one wants to have to spend a lot of time washing up after every single batch of coffee.

Fortunately, some presses are made to go in your dishwasher. This can obviously save you a lot of time that you might otherwise spend washing up.

In terms of odors, material can make a difference, as well. Glass is particularly resistant to odors, so you won’t find your French press smelling like residual coffee over time.


Finally, don’t forget to factor in the insulation of a French press. Insulation will preserve the warmth of your coffee longer.

This can be dependent on the material. Stainless steel and ceramic both are great at insulating your coffee, while glass isn’t as adept at keeping it warm.

However, this may not be important to you if you know you’re going to drink your coffee quickly. If you’re brewing quick personal batches for yourself or serving it all to friends and family right away, the insulation isn’t necessarily crucial.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, you saw a French press on this list that caught your eye. If you’re still unsure, then our recommendation goes to the .

Since it’s stainless steel, you can trust that it’s durable. It’s also well-insulated, so each batch stays toasty even longer than in glass or plastic alternatives. Plus, if you change your mind about the green color, it can be purchased in a wide range of colors.

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