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How To Grind Coffee For French Press

You love coffee and that's basically the reason why you are reading this article right now. You want to know how to grind coffee the right way for french press brewing. 

You've come to the right article!

A true coffee lover doesn't just buy her daily cup of joe from her favorite coffee shop. 

She makes one at home like a pro!

Making great coffee requires at least some basic knowledge about the beans and the processes that take place in between.


This article will show you how to grind coffee for french press and more...

Why Grind Coffee Beans?

Even the tastiest, the most classy, and the most expensive coffee cocktails have their humble origins. In fact, all coffee drinks come from one source - the coffee bean.

The coffee bean is a seed that comes from the cherries of a coffee plant. The coffee plant typically grows to a height of up to nine meters.

But thanks to agricultural technology, growers are now able to prune these trees short to a desirable height making the process of harvesting so much easier and faster.

There are various various of coffee beans that are produced and enjoyed across the globe. These include the Arabica, Robusta, Bourbon, Jamaican Blue, Geisha, Kona, Monsooned Malabar, Molokai, and many more others. 

coffee grinding for french press coffee

​Coffee plants grow to full maturity and produce fruit within three to four years. Typically, a single coffee plant can yield as much as 9-10 pounds of coffee cherry per year.

In most cases, the skin and fruit of the coffee cherry are discarded to extract the seed through  a special type of processing. Others however, set these aside to produce other types of products such as tea.

These beans ​then undergoes the process of fermentation, machine dried, and then milled before being graded and sorted through each bean's size and weight.

how to grind coffee for french press facts

​What Is A French Press And How To Use It?

The french press is a special type of coffee brewing machine. It goes by many names such as coffee press, press pot, and coffee plunger. 

The general construction of the french press is composed of a narrow beaker made of glass or plastic and paired with a plunger that is comprised of a steel rod  with a fine nylon mesh that fits tightly throughout the sides of the beaker.

The top is covered with a metal or plastic lid.

The french press is ideal for both cold and hot water brewing. Ground coffee is placed inside the empty beaker and then filled with hot or called water at an appropriate level.

After the desired brewing time has been satisfied, the mesh plunger is then pressed by the user to efficiently separate the coffee grounds from the base brew.

The following video will give you more tips on how to use french press for making a nice cup of coffee:

​How To Grind Coffee For French Press?

First and foremost, you need to have a reliable coffee grinder that help you achieve the right grain for your french press.

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It is ideal to secure a grinder that can be set at various levels of grind.

Depending on the type of caffeine cocktail you are planning to make, you'll have to yield a coffee grain with a distinct granular size.

Basically, there are six types of grind - fine grind, medium-fine grind, medium grind, medium-coarse grind. coarse, and extra-coarse.

For french press, you'll be using coarse grains.

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If you are using an automatic grinder, simply adjust the machine to coarse grind setting.

Pour the desired amount of coffee beans into the hopper and let the equipment run its coarse.

​Using a manual coffee grinder can be just as easy but with more effort. First, you'll have to fill the hopper with an appropriate amount of coffee beans and then adjust the grinding size.

This is done by holding the shaft at the center as you turn the adjust ring counter-clockwise. Turning it clockwise yields a fine grind.

​Using a manual grinder may not be as accurate as when using an automatic machine. Because of this, you may have to do some test runs first before you'll be able to secure the right size of your coffee grain.

The size of a coarse ground coffee is similar to that of kosher salt.

Like this:

Course Ground Coffee For French Press

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