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Mahlkonig Guatemala Review – The Ideal Grinder For Your Business?

Mahlkonig Guatemala GUA710 Filter Coffee Grinder

Searching for the perfect coffee grinder for your business or office? We're doing this Mahlkonig Guatemala Filter Coffee Grinder review to cover all the details to help you decide if this is the right one for you.

You're going to find out...

  • How the Mahlkonig Guatemala's key features work.
  • Which grinders are similar to the Mahlkonig Guatemala.
  • What types of operations this grinder is best for.
  • Background on the brand's reputation.

Let's start with the key features...

Quick Summary

Mahlkonig Guatemala GUA710

Mahlkonig Guatemala GUA710 Filter Coffee Grinder

This retail coffee grinder can suit many different business types with its flexible customization features. It's a great choice for businesses from coffee shops to roasteries that offer retail grinding, cuppings, single-portion grinding and various filter coffee menu options.

Key Features And What They Mean

Flat Burrs

If you're shopping for a flat burr grinder, you're looking for a machine that grinds coffee evenly. Particle consistency will allow for balanced extraction, developing the rich flavors of the coffee and amplifying the subtle undertones.

The 71 mm steel burrs in the Mahlkonig Guatemala are vertically mounted, providing residue-free and efficient grinding that won't cause overheating.

If you're building a name for your business as a top coffee destination or you just want to enjoy perfectly balanced coffee, the Mahlkonig Guatemala will support your vision.

Fast Grinding

This grinder is fast and efficient, grinding up to two pounds of coffee per minute with its powerful motor.

For business owners, this is significant. Whether you're grinding retail beans for customers or prepping a batch of the day's filter coffee blend, your grinder won't slow down production and hurt customer service.

Bag Clamp

For retail purposes, the bag clamp on the Mahlkonig Guatemala is highly desirable. Just load the 1.1-pound hopper with the coffee beans, snap the bag into place and turn the grinder on for hands-free operation.

What makes this feature integral in any coffee shop is that employees can attend to customers and multitask while the machine grinds. Holding a bag in place would waste valuable time and opportunity to interact with your clientele.

A bonus is that the grinder spout is pointed directly into the coffee bag so that no product is wasted as it drops down.

Grind Flexibility

Most coffee shops require grinders with diverse settings from coarse to fine.

Even if you just like to switch up your brewing methods for French press, drip coffee and pour-over coffee in the office, you'll need a versatile grinder.

A range of coarse to fine grinding options with 20 individual settings makes the Mahlkonig Guatemala an ideal candidate.

With one machine, you can grind retail bags, drip coffee, French press, Chemex coffee and beyond.

A quick note about the espresso setting: While the Guatemala is capable of grinding for espresso, it's not built for it, so you won't necessarily get a high level of precision for espresso.


You don't want any grinder. You want a grinder that fits your needs, to a T. Because Mahlkonig understands this, the company designs the Guatemala grinder with customizable features for different applications.

If the smaller hopper isn't going to work, you can upgrade to the 5.5-pound hopper and accommodate large batch brewing. If you're grinding for drip coffee, you can opt for the filter coffee basket holder.

There are options for lab cuppings and single portion grinding, self-service and more. With this grinder, you can expect nothing less than exactly what you need. 

Comparable Alternatives

Mahlkonig Tanzania Filter Coffee Grinder

The Mahlkonig Tanzania has a different look but many of the same functions as the Guatemala.

Here are some of the major ones:

  • Large, flat grinding discs
  • Fine to medium grind settings
  • Bag clamp
  • Fast grinding
  • Larger hopper option

The Tanzania offers stepless grinding, which allows baristas to adjust the grind to any customized setting. Its standard hopper is also slightly larger with a 1.6-pound capacity.

Designed with its own residue-reducing system with a magnetic mechanism that holds the grinding discs, the Tanzania is a good option for anyone seeking similar performance but more manual control of the grind adjustment.

mahlkonig ek43 filter coffee grinder

This grinder looks totally different from the Guatemala, but will offer you many of the same features. For instance, here are some big similarities it shares with the Guatemala:

  • Large, flat burrs.
  • Bag clamp.
  • Doserless grinding.

The EK43 takes grinding above and beyond where the Guatemala does, though. Its burrs, for example, are much larger, measuring at 98mm. With such massive burrs, the EK43 is able to grind at a lightning-fast speed that can produce almost three pounds of Turkish-fine grounds in a single hour.

It's also a stepless grinder. This simply means that, rather than being limited to manufacturer-made fineness settings like on the Guatemala, you'll have a fineness collar that you can adjust to any point from fine to coarse. The options are endless in this setup, so you can make adjustments as small and precise as you need when you need them.

About the Brand

Mahlkonig is recognized by baristas and coffee professionals worldwide. Operating since 1924, the company's innovations like its “grind-on-demand” feature, which distributes coffee directly into the portafilter to limit oxidation, have elevated its name to star status.

Mahlkonig's technological prowess makes it a top company in the industry. If you're curious about some other models, check out the  K30 and the EKK43 dual grinder

Ideal Machine Applications

Any business that sells retail coffee, including coffee shops, depots, coffee labs and roasters, will benefit from the Mahlkonig Guatemala.

It's great for businesses on small to large scales, depending on which hopper size you opt for. But when considering the different feature options, start by determining exactly what you need from your grinder. 

Are you buying for a lab, or do you plan on doing single portion grinding and cuppings? If so, consider the fold-able table and metal cup options. Are you looking for a grinder for drip coffee? The filter coffee basket holder may be for you.

But keep in mind, if you're brewing individual espresso cups, you'll want to check out a grinder like the Mahlkonig Peak or K30.

This grinder can also suit an office environment as it's capable of grinding large batches for a drip coffee maker.

Because the Mahlkonig Guatemala is a powerful machine equipped for retail environments, it's not particularly suited to everyday personal use.

For this, you'd be better off looking at a non-retail grinder like the Baratza Sette 270 Coffee & Espresso Grinder.

What Customers Say

Our customers are delighted when they switch to a Mahlkonig coffee grinder. The company's flat burr grinders produce flawlessly even coffee particles that enhance quality and optimize brewing.

Economical, fast and cleverly designed, our Mahlkonig grinders give our customers the quality and efficiency they need.


Our Mahlkonig models are carefully priced so that we can offer first-class equipment at an affordable rate. At $1,680, our Mahkonig Guatemala will save you $245. 

For expert service, the best prices and fast delivery, take a peek at these grinders on Majesty Coffee...

And be sure to contact us on this grinder for any customization options.

Happy brewing!

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