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Mahlkonig Guatemala vs EK43

In this guide, we're checking out the Mahlkonig Guatemala vs EK43 for an in-depth review. We'll be covering the features and functions of these filter coffee grinders in detail to help you decide which one is right for your business.


We're going to explain...

  • The features that the Mahlkonig Guatemala and EK43 have in common.
  • What makes these coffee grinders different and how their unique functions can supportyour business.
  • How to figure out which machine is better suited to your needs.

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Quick Summary

Mahlkonig Guatemala GUA710

Mahlkonig Guatemala GUA710 Filter Coffee Grinder

Highly customizable, this filter coffee grinder is the perfect solution for coffee labs, roasters, and coffee shops. It's the best choice if you do regular cuppings and single-portion grinding in addition to selling retail coffee.

Mahlkonig EK43

mahlkonig ek43 filter coffee grinder

This heavy-duty filter coffee grinder can support a wide variety of busy retail coffee shops from high-end locations to high-traffic cafes. Choose the EK43 if you need espresso and Turkish grinding plus grinding speed on your side.


Retail Coffee Grinders

The key thing to know about the Mahlkonig Guatemala and EK43 in terms of similarity is that they're both retail coffee grinders, which means that they serve the specific purpose of grinding coffee for shops that sell retail coffee.

If you sell coffee to customers by the ounce or in 1-pound bags, it's expected that they'll be able to have it ground on site so that it's ready for brewing when they take it home.

Beyond retail coffee grinding, the Guatemala and EK43 can also grind for a variety of in-house brew methods like drip coffee, Chemex, and French press.

Why buy a retail coffee grinder?

Because it gives you the flexibility to grind coffee for customers while they wait, prepare large batches for drip coffee, and grind for various brew methods to diversify your coffee service offerings.

Flat Burrs

The shape of the grinding discs in any coffee grinder will have a direct affect on the flavor of the brew.

Flat burrs produce an even particle size in the ground coffee, as opposed to conical burrs, which create bimodal particles.

Due to the size variation in bimodal particles, extraction varies within the coffee bed. As a result, certain flavor characteristics are emphasized while others are softened.

Because flat burrs create a uniform grind, the coffee particles are evenly extracted, creating balanced flavors. Tasters also note enhanced chocolaty and nutty notes in the cup.

If you're looking for a grinder to blend flavors and enhance deeper notes in your roasts, flat burr grinders like the Mahlkonig Guatemala and EK43 are excellent options.

Vertically Mounted Grinding Discs

In standard flat burr grinders, the grinding discs are mounted horizontally. The downside to this design is that ground coffee easily becomes trapped between the burrs.

Because the burrs are mounted vertically in the Guatemala and EK43, this issue is largely eliminated and less coffee is left behind in the grinder.

Wastage will be reduced and your customers will be guaranteed greater value for their purchases.

Bag Clamp and Knock-Off Device

The bag clamp and knock-off device in the Guatemala and EK43 are two key features seen in great retail coffee grinders.

Using the clamp, you can secure retail coffee bags or grounds containers in place, turn the grinder on, and attend to other tasks. No need to hold the bag as the grinder will do it for you. 

To ensure that all of the ground coffee is transferred into the bag, simply clear out the chute by tapping the knock-off device.

Overload Protection

The overload protection feature in the Guatemala and the EK43 protects these grinders from damage that could occur from electrical circuitry overload.

If there's a power surge, the motors in grinders without overload protection may burn out and the machines can become irreparably damaged. 

This feature increases the safety and practicality of the Guatemala and EK43, increasing the potential for longer lasting equipment.

Key Differences

Burr size

The Guatemala's 71 mm burrs are substantial in size, allowing the grinder to process coffee quickly with minimal heat generation.

The EK43 boasts a particularly impressive 98 mm burr diameter for considerable power and excellent temperature control.

The larger the burrs, the fewer rotations needed to grind the coffee. Fewer rotations create less friction and heat, reducing static buildup that causes higher coffee retention rates and ensuring cooler grinding.

From the perspective of quality control, the reason it's important to keep the grinder cool is that higher heat levels start to degrade the flavor of the brewed coffee. Instead of clean flavors, the grinder may produce a muddy or burned taste.

Thanks to their large burrs, the Guatemala and the EK43 will help to maintain the integrity of your product.

Grinding Capacity

Capable of grinding up to 2 pounds of coffee per minute, the Guatemala will increase speed and efficiency in the workplace.

If you're looking for even fast grinding, the EK43 is pretty unparalleled. This machine can grind up to a whopping 3.4 pounds of coffee in a minute.

With either of these grinders, you can have a pound of coffee ground and ready for customers in thirty seconds or less. 

Stepped vs Stepless Grind Adjustment

With stepped grind adjustment, the Guatemala features an easy-to-use dial to select one of 20 grind settings from coarse to fine.

Notched grind settings allow you to switch to a different brew method quickly and then go back to your original grind setting just as quickly and easily.

Eliminating the notched settings, the stepless grind adjustment system on the EK43 gives baristas unlimited choices when adjusting from the coarse to fine settings.

This creates greater control and precision for every coffee profile. It's also helpful that the EK43's numbered dial has fine-tuned graduated marks to more easily recall your settings.

Fine Grinding

If you need a grinder with an espresso or Turkish coffee setting, only the EK43 is designed to provide precise results.

The EK43 can do everything from coarse French press coffee to fine espresso and Turkish coffee grinding. 

The Guatemala does offer coarse to fine grind settings, though it's more general in its applications. 

You can set the Guatemala to a general espresso grind range, though it will lack the precision of the EK43. Ultimately, you'll be able to offer customers basic home espresso grinding without any specific accuracy.

Grinder Dimensions

The Guatemala is a fairly compact machine with a 24.4-inch height, 8.7-inch width, and 13-inch depth.

Overall, the EK43 is a larger grinder with a 30-inch height, 9-inch width, and 16-inch depth.

The difference is small, but it's important to measure your counter space to ensure that you have the room for any piece of equipment you're considering for purchase.

Hopper Capacity

Both of these grinders are offered with various hopper options so that you can select the type best suited to your work environment.

The EK43 comes with a standard 2.2-pound hopper that will easily accommodate multiple 1-pound retail coffee bags if necessary. 

If the hopper is a little on the tall side, you can select a shorter hopper that will keep the total height of the machine to 26.8 inches. Alternatively, you can choose the larger hopper, which will hold up to 6.6 pounds of beans.

The Guatemala's standard hopper can hold 1.1 pounds of beans, which is standard for 1-pound retail coffee bags. However, if you need a little more room, you can opt for the 2.2-pound hopper and do more large batch grinding.

If the 2.2-pound hopper isn't large enough, there's also a 5.5-pound hopper upgrade available for the Guatemala.

Mahlkonig Guatemala Customizable Features

One of the major benefits of the Guatemala is that you have a range of customization options to give this grinder specificity in its applications.

The custom features you can select include:

  • Foldable table (for use in a coffee lab or single-portion grinding)
  • Self-service station
  • Filter coffee basket holder
  • Raised outlet height

Whether you offer coffee cuppings or speedy drip coffee service, you can tailor the Guatemala to your needs.

Mahlkonig EK43 Additional Grinding Features

There aren't many retail coffee grinders on the market that offer the incredible speed and functionality that the EK43 does.

In addition to coffee, the EK43 can grind goods like grains, seeds, and spices with individual grinding discs.

This versatility makes the EK43 particularly suited to restaurants and cafes that need to do more than coffee grinding.

Price Considerations

As always, at Majesty Coffee we bring you the most competitive prices for top-notch coffee and espresso equipment.

Our Mahlkonig EK43 comes in Black, White, and Red for $2,700. Our Mahlkonig Guatemala is available in standard Black for $1,680.

So Which Should You Buy?

There are a few things to consider when choosing between these coffee grinders, including speed, grind settings, and price.

While both of these grinders are great for medium to higher volume businesses, the EK43 is a robust machine that will suit a wide range of coffee shops from traditional to high-end establishments.

One of the reasons for this is the finer grind setting range. With stepless grind adjustment as well as espresso and Turkish grinding, the EK43 is the choice for businesses looking for high precision and ideal brewing for every type of coffee.

It's also a lightning-quick grinder, which is excellent for businesses with high customer traffic. And of course, the ability to grind more than just coffee makes it appealing to restaurants and cafes.

The Guatemala is a reliable option for many coffee shops, labs, and even offices due to its customizable design.

It's simple and straightforward for everyday use—users of all skill levels will be able to operate the adjustment dial with consistent results.

And if the EK43's speed and fine-tuned grind settings aren't necessary for your coffee setup, the Guatemala will save you money.

Here's what the answer boils down to.

Our customers purchase the EK43 for the ability to grind both retail and in-house coffee with a wider range of brew options in a flash. 

When our customers choose the Guatemala, they need it for a specific modifications or for general retail grinding and basic brew methods.

For the best prices online, check out the Mahlkonig Guatemala and EK43 here on Majesty Coffee...

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