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Mahlkonig Tanzania Review

Mahlkonig Tanzania Filter Coffee Grinder

The secret to excellent coffee is choosing a high-quality grinder. In this Mahlkonig Tanzania Filter Coffee Grinder review, we're covering every vital piece of information to help you determine whether this grinder is a match for you or your business.

You'll be learning...

  • What the Mahlkonig Tanzania's key functions mean in various settings.
  • A little about the brand's background and reliability.
  • How the Mahlkonig Tanzania compares to similar grinders.
  • Which operations this model is most adapted to.

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Quick Summary

Mahlkonig Tanzania

mahlkonig tanzania

Offering coarse to fine grinding, this retail coffee grinder is perfect for smaller to medium-sized businesses. With large, flat burrs and well ventilated grinding, it's an ideal option for cafes, restaurants and shops that need retail coffee bags to be ground quickly and efficiently.

Key Features And What They Mean

Large, Flat Burrs

The reason many coffee shops choose large, flat burr grinders lies in the enhanced flavor definition that they produce, particularly in deeper coffee profiles. 

A flat burr shape means that coffee beans are ground between horizontal grinding discs before dropping down, generating exceptional particle consistency for better extraction ratios.

The large diameter of the Mahlkonig Tanzania Filter Coffee Grinder's 80 mm discs equates to lower RPM and cooler coffee beans during grinding, another factor that makes for better coffee flavor as none of the nuances are lost due to overheating.

Combined with the flat burr shape, the Mahlkonig Tanzania achieves a refined flavor and quality that cafe owners build their reputations on.

Fast Grinding

For owners of busy coffee shops, restaurants and cafes, fast grinding is imperative. The Mahlkonig Tanzania grinds up to two pounds of coffee in one minute flat.

The quicker you can grind, the more attentive you can be to the needs of your customers and their busy schedules. In short, fast grinding improves customer service.

Stepless Grind Adjustment

If you operate an artisanal coffee shop, or even if you just expect the most fine-tuning possible from your grinder, stepless grind adjustment may be preferable.

Many grinders come with notches that allow you to choose a preset grind setting, which can be advantageous for users of all skill levels looking for a little help to set the grind. But they will inhibit shops seeking greater control over extraction and a customized brew.

The Mahlkonig Tanzania grinder lets cafes choose the optimal grind for every coffee profile and offer precision grinding for customers buying whole beans from retail spaces.

Especially if you're a coffee shop owner with Chemex or pour-over coffees on the menu that require different brew stations, this kind of versatility is often a necessity.

Fine to Coarse Grinding

When selecting a coffee grinder for your business, it's important to look for multiple grind settings from fine to coarse. 

The Mahlkonig Tanzania can grind from coarse French press to fine Turkish-style coffee. With the espresso setting, you'll be able to offer your customers the opportunity to brew basic home espresso. 

Any shop with retail coffee and a range of coffee styles on the menu will need a grinder that supports diverse coffee brewing methods.

Bag Clamp and Shaker

Depending on how much coffee you're processing, grinding can take up to a minute. When you're grinding a bag of whole bean coffee for a customer, a clamping mechanism will hold it in place and free you up to multitask.

Combined with the Mahlkonig Tanzania's knock-off device and a magnetic burr grinder construction that reduces grind residue, the clamp will ensure that all of the coffee makes it into the bag. This means less product waste for you and your customers.

The Tanzania's bag shaker will also settle the coffee in the bag for you so that you don't have to take up time doing this manually—another big time saver.

Motor Ventilation

Keeping the coffee cool to preserve maximum quality, the Tanzania is built with a motor ventilation system.

This is especially important during peak business hours when the grinder's motor is running nonstop.

The ventilation system will offset any heat generated by the motor, ensuring quality consistency for every customer.

Comparable Alternatives

Mahlkonig GH-2 Filter Coffee Grinder

The Mahlkonig GH-2 is different in appearance but similar in function to the Tanzania.

Here are some of the features these grinders share:

  • Stepless grind adjustment
  • Low grinding residue
  • Large, flat grinding discs
  • Bag holder

These grinders are both efficient and will produce high-quality coffee. Because the GH-2 has a 4.4-pound hopper capacity, it's better suited to a larger business than Tanzania with a 1.6-pound hopper, though you can order a 3.3-pound hopper for the Tanzania.

The GH-2 is about half the price of the Tanzania, but it's a less advanced machine that grinds at a slower pace, about one pound per minute.

The Tanzania grinds at about twice that speed and comes with specialized magnetic equipment for the least amount of grind residue.

Depending on the pace of the environment and the specific functions you'll be needing the grinder for, these models are both excellent retail grinder options.

Mahlkonig EK43 Filter Coffee Grinder

The Mahlkonig EK43 is also wildly different in appearance from the Tanzania, but it's designed to work in a similar fashion. We recommend this one for you if you're looking for something a bit more powerful than the Tanzania.

These are the features the two grinders have in common:

  • Flat burr shape.
  • Bag holder. 
  • Stepless grind adjustment.

There were a lot of improvements made in the design of the EK43. For instance, rather than having 80mm burrs like the Tanzania, the EK43 has 98mm burrs. 

That's quite a size upgrade. Given its much larger burrs, the EK43 is an even faster grinder, capable of grinding up to 2.8 pounds of Turkish-fine coffee per minute. 

It is a bit pricier than the Tanzania, but it comes with the power and speed to justify the increase in cost.

About the Brand


Since 1924, Mahlkonig has been at the forefront of coffee grinder innovation. The “grind-on-demand” feature, which reduces oxidation by sending the coffee directly to the portafilter, is one that earns the company recognition as a leader in superior equipment.

Professionals choose Mahlkonig for advanced technology that they know they can rely on. For more Mahlkonig coffee grinders, check out the K30 and the EKK43 dual grinder

Ideal Machine Applications

The Mahlkonig Tanzania has a high level of functionality as well as a compact size, making it perfect for small to medium coffee shops and restaurants with retail coffee needs.

Smaller shops may comfortably use the standard 1.6-pound hopper while medium-sized establishments may find greater adaptability with the 3.3-pound hopper.

The 1.6-pound hopper is also well adapted for office buildings where you'll be grinding large batches for a drip coffee maker. 

So who doesn't need to Mahlkonig Tanzania?

If you're shopping for a home coffee grinder for your morning or afternoon routine, the Mahlkonig Tanzania is not the best choice as it's really built for retail settings.

If you need home kitchen equipment, look for a non-retail grinder like the Baratza Sette 270 Coffee & Espresso Grinder.

What Customers Say

Our customers have come to equate Mahlkonig grinders with excellence. When they upgrade to a Mahlkonig, they find that coffee flavors become cleaner and clearer and the overall quality of their coffee products are enhanced.

Because Mahlkonig grinders are so user-friendly, they're accessible to a wide variety of skill levels. If you're looking for the perfect balance of quality and consistency, consider a Mahlkonig.


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