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Mahlkonig Peak vs Ceado E37S

In this guide, we're comparing the Mahlkonig Peak vs Ceado E37S. You'll find all the important details you need to decide which espresso grinder is right for you or your business.


Here's what you're going to learn...

  • Which features the Mahlkonig Peak and the Ceado E37S share.
  • The features that make these grinders different and how they work.
  • How to decide which grinder is the best fit for your needs.

Quick Summary

Mahlkonig Peak

Mahlkonig PEAK Espresso Grinder

This robust espresso grinder can provide high-quality espresso drinks in a fast-paced coffee shop. It's the perfect option if you need an espresso grinder for a high-volume commercial location.

Ceado E37S

Ceado E37S Worm Gear Espresso Grinder

This is an advanced home or office espresso grinder with commercial-grade features that prosumers will enjoy. Get this grinder if you want to kick your espresso experience up a notch or two at home or at work.

If you want to see all of our favorite commercial grinders then please see this buying guide.


Large, Flat Burrs

flat burr on caedo e37s

With large, flat burrs, the Ceado E37S and the Mahlkonig Peak are two excellent options for anyone looking for high extraction ratios and a fully developed espresso flavor.

The coffee is crushed between flat grinding discs 83 mm in diameter in the Ceado E37S and 80 mm in the Mahlkonig Peak. The result is an incredibly even particle size distribution.

With this kind of particle uniformity, you can expect to extract all of the nuances of the coffee during the brew cycle for balanced flavor and a sweet finish.

Because the burrs in these grinders are larger, they'll need fewer rotations to grind the coffee. This will cut down on friction and heat generation, keeping the espresso flavor from becoming muddled and burned.

Stepless Grind Adjustment

These stepless grinders are designed to help you dial in your grind with a high level of precision.

Turning the adjustment collar slightly toward coarser or finer, you can select any grind setting without needing to stay within preset notches in stepped grinders.

This system gives baristas greater control and the flexibility to experiment more with espresso recipes. You'll be able to find the perfect setting for every batch of espresso.

Grind on Demand

Skipping a container that holds onto the coffee grounds, the Ceado E37S and Mahlkonoig Peak create a direct pathway for the coffee to travel to the portafilter.

This grind-on-demand feature has the power to minimize oxidation. Too much oxidation flattens the flavor of the espresso, resulting in an inferior shot.

This is why coffee aficionados love on-demand grinding. Fresher espresso can deliver a memorable experience.

Hands Free Grinding

hands free grinding on CEADO e37s

These grinders will hold the portafilter in place for you so that you can grind and attend to other processes at the same time.

It's a nice time-saving mechanism that helps businesses streamline production and get drinks out to customers faster.

The more streamlined your production is, the more chances your baristas will have to interact meaningfully with customers. Creating a better customer experience is a vital step in building your business.

Key Differences


The Ceado E37S grinds coffee at approximately 1,480 to 1,700 RPM, producing four to five grams of ground coffee per second. This means that you can easily have a dose ready in about two seconds.

Reduced RPM in the Mahlkonig Peak will greatly create contribute to the coolness of the grinding environment. 

The Mahlkonig Peak's particularly low idle speed of 900 to 1,100 RPM makes it unique among flat burr grinders with greater burr diameters.

The Peak does take a bit longer to dose than the Ceado E37S, about three grams per second on average. However, the difference of about a second in dosage time is minimal and a worthwhile trade-off for the cooler grinding.

Dosing Options

You'll have slightly different dosing options when operating these grinders.

The Mahlkonig Peak offers programmable single and double dosage settings so that you can quickly access your regular doses throughout the day.

You can also program single and double doses for automatic grinding with the Ceado E37S. Additionally, there is a continuous grinding option off the timed programming.

Continuous grinding will give you maneuverability if you're experimenting or just need to quickly change the timing.

Hopper Capacity

The Mahlkonig Peak has a significantly larger hopper than the Ceado E37S, which means that baristas won't need to refill it constantly.

Capable of holding 3.3 pounds of beans, the Mahlkonig Peak is ready to get through the midday rush.

With a 1.3-pound bean capacity, the Ceado E37S will need more frequent attention. But if it's being used in a home or office environment, it's more than adequate to get through the days without a lot of stopping and refilling.

Touch Display vs OLED Display

screen on caedo e37s
peak interface display

The touch display in the Ceado E37S works very differently from the OLED display in the Mahlkonig Peak.

You'll control grinder functions in the Ceado E37S through its touch screen, versus the push buttons on the Mahlkonig Peak.

The information displayed in the Ceado E37S includes shot time, an alert that will tell you when it's time for burr replacement, and a counter that will keep track of how many shots have been ground since the E37S was taken out of the box.

The Mahlkonig Peak has a highly intuitive OLED display that shows single and double dose functions, time settings, and an internal temperature readout so that you can better manage the grinder temperature.

These displays are both user-friendly, making operation simple and straightforward for beginners and experts alike.

Mahlkonig Peak Dosing Accuracy

Designed for high accuracy in a professional setting, the Mahlkonig Peak is programmable by .01-second increments.

For comparison, the Ceado E37S can be programmed by .10-second increments, which is fairly standard for high quality espresso grinders. 

Coffee enthusiasts are impressed by the ability to program single and double doses into the Mahlkonig Peak with a standard of precision you won't see in most espresso grinders.

Ceado E37S Steady Lock System

One of the features that makes the Ceado E37S unique is the Steady Lock System, which maintains a distance between the burrs while you're using the grinder.

This will keep the grinder calibrated, even during heavy usage times, and allow for exceptional consistency. 

Stepless grinders are often known for needing to be recalibrated somewhat frequently, making the Steady Lock System a highly anticipated design feature.

Mahlkonig Peak Adjustable Spout

The adjustable spout in the Mahlkonig Peak is a thoughtful upgrade to the standard espresso grinder.

You can quickly reposition the Peak's spout to match larger portafilters and grind into the center of the basket for an even distribution.

The coffee distribution is an important element for proper extraction. If the puck density is higher in some areas and lower in others, channeling can occur and limit the water's reach to all of the coffee grounds, affecting the flavor.

The Mahlkonig Peak's adjustable spout is one easy-to-use feature that will help you maintain the quality of your product no matter which portafilter you select.

Ceado E37S Quick Set Gear Adjustment

The Quick Set Gear technology in the Ceado E37S makes grind setting adjustment faster than ever.

The worm gear knob can be turned to find the appropriate grind fineness, and setting your grinding range will be done in a snap.

Adjusting the grind with stepless grinders can sometimes be a little fussy, so this element is a big help.

Mahlkonig Peak Thermal Management System

In addition to reduced RPM and an internal temperature readout, the Mahlkonig Peak has a double ventilation system that will keep the grinder cool even during peak hours in a busy coffee shop.

The Mahlkonig Peak has an extra fan that can be kept running at a constant rate, cooling the coffee when you're using the grinder nonstop.

The Ceado E37S also comes with a user-controlled fan that can be set for continuous cooling, allowing it to regulate the temperature in the grinder. However, the Mahlkonig Peak offers a bit more power in this area.

Ceado E37S Rubber Motor Mount

You probably won't see other espresso grinders with a motor suspended on a rubber platform like the Ceado E37S.

The rubber motor mount makes the grinder incredibly quiet. Now, the Mahlkonig Peak is also known to be a quiet grinder. 

However, the Ceado E37S pays particular attention to the noise level with its inventive design. Depending on the setting, this could be quite advantageous.

Mahlkonig Peak Illuminated Work Area

The Mahlkonig Peak places a spotlight on the grinding area to increase visibility while you work.

When crafting espresso, each stage of the process requires visual inspection of the coffee to ensure quality.

With an illuminated spout area, you'll be able to see your work in detail even if the overhead lighting isn't the best.

Price Considerations

The Ceado E37S and Mahlkonig Peak are a little different when it comes to pricing. We offer both of these top quality grinders at Majesty Coffee at competitive prices.

Our Ceado E37S is available in Black or White for $1,700. The Mahlkonig Peak also comes in Black or White for $2,375.

So Which Should You Buy?

One of the biggest differences between these grinders in terms of usage is that the Ceado E37S will make an outstanding home grinder while the Mahlkonig Peak is geared toward commercial settings.

That doesn't mean that you can't use these machine for similar purposes, but it does mean that you'll want to pay particular attention to your individual requirements.

The Mahlkonig Peak's double ventilation system, special thermal management system, and high precision makes it capable of providing consistent and accurate doses in high-volume business settings, whether you own a coffee shop or a restaurant.

The Ceado E37S also comes with easy-to-use features like its Quick Set Gear adjustment and Steady Lock mechanism, which are ideal for users at any learning stage and helpful in an office environment.

Without a doubt, the E37S is also more budget-friendly for a home or office grinder.

Here's what we would recommend.

If you own a high-volume business or a specialty coffee shop, the Mahlkonig Peak will deliver the best results.

If you're looking to accommodate a small business, your home kitchen, or the office, the Ceado E37S is a practical choice.

Another great option: Try two Ceado E37S grinders for a higher volume business.

For the best prices online, check out the Ceado E37S and the Mahlkonig Peak here on Majesty Coffee...

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