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Mahlkonig Peak vs Mazzer Robur

This guide is going to cover all the details of the Mahlkonig Peak vs Mazzer Robur as we do a side-by-side comparison. You'll find all the important information to help you decide which is the best fit for your needs.


We'll be discussing...

  • The key features that the Mahlkonig Peak and Mazzer Robur E have in common.
  • Which features make these espresso grinders unique and how you can utilize them.
  • Advice on which grinder to pick for your business.

Quick Summary

Mahlkonig Peak

Mahlkonig PEAK Espresso Grinder

This is the flat burr espresso grinder of choice for many medium to high volume coffee shops offering premium espresso service. If you're looking for consistent results while the grinder is working around the clock, this model is the right selection.

Mazzer Robur E

mazzer robur

A speedy espresso grinder with a large hopper like this one will keep up with the highest volume cafes without a problem. As it comes with conical burrs, you'll get more out of this grinder if your espressos feature lighter roast coffees.


Stepless Grind Adjustment


The Mahlkonig Peak and Mazzer Robur E feature stepless grind adjustment, a key system for dialing in the grind with high accuracy.

Stepless grinders allow you to turn the grind adjustment wheel toward the coarser and finer ends with the slightest of movements, unlike stepped grinders that give you ready-made notched settings to work within.

Baristas can expect a lot more flexibility with a stepless grinder. If you're on a mission to find that perfect grind setting for any coffee profile, the Mahlkonig Peak and Mazzer Robur E are up to the task.

If you want to see all of our favorite espresso grinders for commercial use they can be found on the exclusive Majesty Coffee School guide.

Grind on Demand

Without a reservoir to hold onto the coffee grounds, these grinders are able to deliver freshly ground espresso directly into your portafilter basket.

With the Mazzer Robur E, the coffee travels through a chute that will minimize static buildup.

On-demand grinding makes for easier cleaning of the machine, but more importantly, it ensures that you'll only be using the freshest coffee for your shots.

The important factor in this feature is the reduced oxidation time. The less time the ground coffee spends exposed to the air, the more flavorful the espresso will be.

High Volume Grinders

very busy coffee shop needing a high volume grinder

One of the biggest similarities between these grinders is their ability to serve in high-volume establishments.

You'll find the Mahlkonig Peak and the Mazzer Robur E in the busiest coffee shops. Both have solid reputations and can produce back-to-back shots without fail.

If you run a medium to large business and the line for espresso drinks is always long, you can depend on these grinders.

Key Differences

Burr Type

The Mahlkonig Peak is a flat burr grinder with 80 mm flat grinding discs that sit one on top of the other. The beans are crushed into particles of uniform size between these discs before dropping down.

You'll see a different setup in the Mazzer Robur E. This 71 mm conical burr grinder has a cone-shaped grinding disc inside. The coffee beans are dropped in essentially horizontally (at a slight angle) and ground in the conical disc into multiple particle sizes.

example of commercial espresso grinder burrs

This is an example of flat burrs (bottom) and conical burrs (top)

The difference can be tasted in the final product. The espresso that results from flat burr grinders tends to be balanced with accentuated "bassy" notes like chocolate and nutty undertones.

Espresso brewed with coffee ground in a conical burr grinder is more likely to have brighter flavors with enhanced individual notes due to the varied extraction of smaller and larger coffee particles. 

The conical burr grinder will also retain less coffee grounds given the vertical pathway of the coffee, making it easy to clean and manage waste levels.


The Mazzer Robur E grinds at a speed of 500 RPM and delivers freshly ground coffee at a rate of about six grams of coffee per second.

In comparison, the Mahlkonig Peak almost seems slow (though it's fast for a commercial grinder). It has an idle speed of 900 to 1,100 RPM and an average output of three grams per second.

If you're looking for the ultimate performance where speed is concerned, the Mazzer Robur E wins hands down, grinding a full dose of coffee in half the time of the Mahlkonig Peak.

Programmable Dosing

portafilter accurately dosed with ground coffee

You can easily program timed doses with both of these grinders so that they'll automatically dispense single and double doses.

With the Mazzer Robur E, you can also choose a manual dosing option in case you need to make a quick adjustment without changing the settings.

Another difference is that the Mahlkonig Peak can be programmed in .01-second increments. Not far behind, the Mazzer Robur E is programmable in .05-second increments.

These grinders are both higher in programmed dosing accuracy than most grinders on the market.

Coffee Retention

Because of the chute design, the Mazzer Robur E will retain more ground coffee than the Mahlkonig Peak.

That being said, if you're using the Mazzer Robur E continuously in a busy cafe environment, this won't be an issue. Really, this grinder is built exactly for that purpose.

But as it slows down, you'll want to make sure you're purging the grinder to get rid of the older coffee grounds.

Hopper Capacity

With a four-pound bean capacity, the Mazzer Robur E is well equipped to keep you at a steady pace during coffee shop rushes.

At a little over three pounds in bean capacity, the Mahlkonig Peak's hopper is slightly smaller but still ready to take on the coffee line.

But if every pound of coffee counts in your high-volume business, the Mazzer Robur E hopper may be a little more handy.

Digital Display

The Mazzer Robur E has a digital display you'll use to program doses. You'll also have access to a shot counter that will keep track of your dosing.

The great thing about the shot counter is that you can easily log daily numbers and calculate costs and revenue to optimize your business.

You'll get a readout of the grinder temperature on the OLED display of the Mahlkonig Peak, something that makes this model fairly unique. 

It will provide close monitoring of the grinder temperature throughout the day and help to alert you to issues that need fixing.

Mahlkonig Peak Double Ventilation System

While both of these grinders have fans that keep the coffee nice and cool during the grinding process, the ventilation systems are a bit different.

The Mahlkonig Peak has an additional fan that can run at a constant rate, an excellent feature for a high-volume shop.

If you're concerned that the Mazzer Robur E has less of an ability to cool the coffee, don't be—between the fan and the low RPM, you won't need to battle excess heat buildup.

Mahlkonig Peak Adjustable Spout

The Mahlkonig Peak has an adjustable spout that you can move forward and backward to accommodate larger and smaller portafilters.

When you adjust the spout, you'll be ensuring that the coffee is ground into the center of the portafiler basket.

The result is an even coffee distribution, which will assist you in preventing channeling and creating a more even extraction for the best espresso flavor.

Price Considerations

Look for the Mazzer Robur E and Mahlkonig Peak at Majesty Coffee. We proudly offer these top-quality grinders at some of the lowest prices available.

Our Mazzer Robur E comes in Black or Silver for $2,995. We offer the Mahlkonig Peak in Black or White for $$2,375.

So Which Should You Buy?

mazzer robur
Mahlkonig PEAK Espresso Grinder

Because both of these grinders are built for high-volume coffee shops, cafes, restaurants, and businesses offering the best that the coffee world offers, it won't necessarily be easy to choose between them.

We will say that the Mazzer Robur E has the speed element when comparing the two grinders. If your business is particularly fast-paced, consider the Robur E.

Another thing to consider is flavor as the flat and conical burrs have different effects on the espresso.

Does your business serve coffees with deeper, more chocolaty or nutty flavors? If so, the Mahlkonig Peak may be a better fit.

Because conical burr grinders emphasize brighter notes, they're well suited to lighter roasts. If you like to highlight the fruity, zesty characteristics, the Mazzer Robur might be the better selection.

In the end, both of these grinders are going to produce excellent espresso with a rich flavor.

Happy grinding!

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