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Mahlkonig E65S vs Peak

In this guide, we're going to be comparing the Mahlkonig E65S vs Peak. We'll dig into the details of these espresso grinders to bring you all of the information you need to choose between them.


Expect to learn...

  • Which features the Mahlkonig E65S and Peak share.
  • What the key differences between these grinders mean for you.
  • How to decide which grinder is a better fit for you or your business.

Quick Summary

Mahlkonig E65S

Mahlkonig E65S Espresso Grinder E65S

The E65S is a perfect espresso grinder for a medium-sized business or for the prosumer's home kitchen. This is the best option if you're looking to make cafe-style drinks from home or at the office, or if you need a grinder that can hold a variety of programmable recipes.

Mahlkonig Peak

Mahlkonig PEAK Espresso Grinder

Capable of keeping up with nonstop drink lines without breaking a sweat, this espresso grinder is suitable for high-volume cafes. If you own a specialty coffee shop or you just need to be able to offer faster service to your customers, this is the top pick for you.


Flat Steel Burrs

The Mahlkonig E65S and Peak have durable flat steel burrs capable of assisting a smooth, consistent espresso extraction process.

In a flat burr grinder, the coffee beans are crushed between two flat, horizontal grinding discs. This process is different from the one you'll find in conical burr grinders, which grind the beans in cone-shaped discs as they drop down fairly vertically.

Why does burr type matter? Because you'll get very different results in your espresso from each.


While conical burrs produce coffee particles of different sizes, flat burrs grind the coffee uniformly.

Because it creates uniform coffee particles, a flat burr grinder will generate balanced extraction and bring out the nuances of the coffee while complementing chocolaty and nutty notes.

If you enjoy a deeper, sweeter espresso flavor, a flat burr grinder is going to be a great option.

Stepless Grind Adjustment

Professionals love stepless grind adjustment because it allows for a lot of freedom when choosing the grind setting. 

Instead of being restricted to preset notches, you have an infinite selection of fineness within the adjustment parameters. 

You'll be able to dial in the grind with high precision, which will help you to highlight the unique features of every coffee profile.

Adjustable Spout

Mahlkonig is constantly finding new ways to combine cutting-edge technology with user-friendly elements like the Peak and E65S adjustable spouts.

e65s adjustable spout

If you're switching up your portafilter sizes throughout the day, the Peak and the E65S will make it easy. Simply reposition the spout so that you can grind into the center of the portafilter basket.

An even distribution of the ground coffee will promote balanced extraction, making this feature not only convenient, but also integral to quality control.

Grind on Demand

With the grind-on-demand feature in the E65S and Peak, the freshness of the espresso will be well preserved.

By grinding the coffee directly into the portafilter, these machines will reduce oxidation time that can quickly break down the delicate flavors of the espresso.

For high quality coffee shops and prosumers, on-demand grinding is one feature that can help to deliver a legendary experience.

Intuitive Digital Display

The digital displays on these grinders are easy to read with intuitive menus that simplify operation.

e65s digital display close up of grinder

You can quickly program your recipes on the E65S by turning the dial. Equally simple is the push button system on the Peak to access the grinder functions via the OLED display.

No matter which grinder you choose, you'll have no trouble programming your doses and managing machine functions with these digital displays.

Quiet Grinding

Many grinders have a tendency to be on the noisy side. A busy shop with a high noise level might cancel out a lot of the grinding noise, but a loud grinder can be disruptive in the quieter times.

The Peak and E65S are noticeably quiet, producing a gentle hum in the background that won't disturb your customers. 

Portafilter Holder

To make grinding faster than ever, these grinders will begin automatically when the portafilter is set in place.

portafilter holder on mahlkonig peak and e65s

They'll also hold the portafilter while grinding, which allows the user to step away and attend to other tasks that require immediate attention.

Hands-free grinding is all about increased efficiency, one of the keys to providing fast service to happy customers.

Key Differences

Burr Size

Both of these grinders are constructed with large grinding discs. The greater the burr diameter, the fewer rotations necessary when the grinder is activated.

Fewer rotations make for a cooler internal environment, which is ideal for ensuring that the coffee doesn't overheat and create burned flavors.

The 65 mm burrs in the E65S are a little smaller than the Peak's 80 mm burrs. It should be noted that this difference in the burr size alone isn't necessarily going to produce changes detectable in every application.

However, for those with burr size specifications in mind, these differences may be important to consider.


If you use the Peak and the E65S side by side, you'll notice a difference in grinding speed.

The E65S has an idle speed of 1,400 to 1,650 RPM, grinding approximately four to seven grams of coffee per second.

The Peak is a little slower with an idle speed of 900 to 1,100 RPM and a grinding capacity of about three grams per second.

Again, a lower RPM is going to keep the environment cooler, but if you're going at a steady pace and giving the E65S mini breaks between grinding (15 to 30 seconds), you shouldn't see any issues here. 

Hopper Sizes and Options

mahlkonig e65s hopper example

E65S Hopper

mahlkonig peak hopper example

PEAK Hopper

The 2.6-pound hopper in the E65S is slightly smaller than the 3.3-pound hopper in the Peak.

Still, both of these hoppers are pretty ample for a regular business pace. Baristas should be able to prepare for an afternoon rush without having to fill the hopper constantly.

There's also a shorter hopper available for the Peak that will reduce the grinder's height from 21.7 inches to 17.5 inches.

The new E65S doesn't come with the same interchangeability of Mahlkonig hoppers in case you prefer the versatility. 

Cooling Systems

One of the features that increases the temperature stability of the Peak and the E65S is a fan-cooled system.

The E65S is designed with an energy-efficient fan that will kick in when the motor is running and upgraded resistors and coils that will guard against overheating.

With a double ventilation system, the Mahlkonig Peak can keep the fan running constantly, which is especially advantageous for high-volume shops where the grinder is running nonstop.

Programmable Dosing

The E65S and Peak will streamline your work flow with programmable dosage buttons, but they come with some different features.

You can easily program a single and double dose with the Mahlkonig Peak by .01-second increments, which is about as precise as it gets.

With the new E65S, you'll be able to program up to six different recipes. This offers quite a bit of versatility.

Between the Peak's highly accurate dosing and the E65S's array of programmable recipes, either of these grinders can be uniquely beneficial for coffee shops.

Mahlkonig E65S Continuous Grinding Mode

The continuous grinding mode in the E65S gives you the opportunity to bypass the programmed dosage buttons with ease.

This is great if you find that you like to vary the dosing times pretty often. It's a good feature for getting creative with your recipes.

Mahlkonig Peak Internal Temperature Monitoring

As part of the Peak's advanced thermal regulation system, you can get a quick readout of the internal temperature through the Peak's OLED display.

This will guide you in monitoring the temperature in the grinder to ensure proper cooling and ventilation.

Access to the machine's internal temperature can facilitate optimal usage and assist you in creating the highest level of consistency in your product.

Price Considerations

The prestigious Mahlkonig Peak and E65S are comparable not only in features, but also in price.

We offer the Peak at Majesty Coffee in Black or White for $2,375 and the E65S in Black for $2,200.

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So Which Should You Buy?

These grinders provide excellent options for medium to large coffee shops, restaurants, and businesses catering to coffee enthusiasts. That being said, they're best suited to slightly different applications.

The E65S will be highly supportive of a medium-sized or medium-volume business while the Peak has more of an advantage in high-volume settings with its double ventilation system.

The Peak may also be particularly attractive to specialty coffee shops with its incredible dosage precision and advanced thermal management technology.

If you're looking for a home grinder to make your afternoon lattes with, the E65S might be the ideal choice, especially considering its smaller hopper. Functions like the Peak's .01-second program increments might be unnecessary for the home user. 

That being said, both grinders have features that the prosumer would enjoy.

Here's the bottom line about choosing between these grinders.

The Mahlkonig Peak is excellent for high-volume businesses and specialty coffee shops.

For home users and medium-volume businesses from coffee shops to hotels, the E65S will make a fast, consistent, and incredibly user-friendly grinder.

For the best prices online, check out the Mahlkonig Peak and E65S here on Majesty Coffee...

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