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Quickmill Vetrano 2B vs Rocket R58

In this guide, we're going to analyze the Quickmill Vetrano 2B vs Rocket R58 side by side. We'll share all the details with you in this comprehensive guide to help you with your decision.


We're going to dive into...

  • The features that the Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo and the Rocket Dual Boiler R58 V2 have in common.
  • Key features that are different on these machines and how they work.
  • Advice on selecting the machine that meets your needs.

Quick Summary

Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo

Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo Espresso Machine

This high-end semiautomatic model is built with commercial parts and practical features for everyday use. It's the answer for home kitchens, offices, and small restaurants in need of a user-friendly option that can convert from a pour-over to a plumbed-in machine.

Rocket R58 V2

Rocket Dual Boiler R58 Espresso Machine

This is another excellent home, office, or restaurant-ready espresso machine with commercial features and adaptability between its pour-over and plumbed-in functions. Pick this machine if you want even greater flexibility to customize your espresso recipes.


Manual Lever Operation

Love the analog feel of a manual lever-operated espresso machine? You'll appreciate these semiautomatic models.

The Quickmill Vetrano 2B and Rocket R58 feature classic levers that the user operates to begin and end the brew cycle.

To start brewing, push the lever into the on position. When the espresso shot has reached the desired volume and extraction time, just push the lever back into its original position.

Not only will you feel like a pro using these machines, you'll also be able to hone your skills in no time.

Output Capacity

At 20 espressos per hour, the output capacity of these machines is perfect for a variety of small businesses.

Small offices and restaurants looking for a new espresso machine will be able to provide for the caffeine needs of employees and customers at a steady pace.

This capacity is also more than adequate if you're purchasing a machine to make lattes at home.

Dual Boiler System

Dual boiler espresso machines are masters of efficiency. They offer simultaneous brewing and steaming with plenty of power.

These Rocket and Quickmill models each have two boilers. One is dedicated to steaming and one is dedicated to brewing.

This way, correct brew and steam temperatures can be maintained at all times, giving you instant access to both functions.

Plumbing Options

There's a big difference between a plumbed-in and a pour-over espresso machine.

Whereas a plumbed-in model hooks up to a water line for an automatic feed, a pour-over machine has a water tank that requires manual refilling.

Combining the advantages of each design type, the Rocket and the Quickmill have water tanks and plumbing options for conversion to plumbed-in functionality.

In case you can't place an espresso machine near a water line, you can rely on the water tanks. 

But especially for businesses, the plumbed function saves time, energy, and even maintenance as it's easy to install a water filter or softener and minimize scale buildup.

PID Controller

A PID Controller is an efficient and dependable temperature regulation system. Applying an algorithm, the system continuously monitors variables to keep the temperature consistent. 

As expert baristas know, temperature consistency is key in making excellent espresso, shot after shot.

Through the Quickmill Vetrano 2B's PID controller, you can adjust the temperature in the group boiler one degree at a time (Fahrenheit or Celsius).

PID temperature control for the Rocket R58's group and steam boilers is conveniently accessed through an external control box with multiple language settings.

E-61 Commercial Group

If you need an espresso machine that can highlight the nuanced flavors of the coffee, an E-61 commercial group machine will deliver the kinds of results you're looking for.

The E-61 commercial group keeps water moving between the boiler and the group head, providing brew temperature consistency at your fingertips.

You'll also get a passive pre-infusion function with the E-61 group. What this does is fully immerse the coffee bed in water as the pump slowly builds pressure to ensure even extraction and a fully developed flavor.

Rotary Pump

The Quickmill Vetrano 2B and Rocket R58 are constructed with sturdy rotary pumps.

Pour-over machines commonly have vibratory pumps. While these are considered cheaper and easier to replace, rotary pumps are longer-lasting and significantly quieter.

If you need to keep the noise level down at home or the office, these rotary pump machines will check that box.

Pressure Gauges

Two pressure gauges will show you internal functions that can guide you through brewing and steaming.

Reading the boiler pressure gauge will help you figure out when you can steam and brew after first turning the machine on in the morning.

If you're not sure that your brew ratio is correct, checking the group pressure gauge will help. Inconsistencies that show up in this gauge will tell you when it's time to tweak your brew ratio.

Low Water Sensor

When you're using the water tank, at some point, it's going to get low. But sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly when that is.

The low water sensors in the Quickmill and Rocket models keep an eye out for you and indicate when it's time to refill.

This is great in an environment where there are multiple users on the machine throughout the day and little information passed on about the status of the water tank.


These espresso machines sport very similar styles, right down to the dimensions.

Both models are stainless steel with a modern industrial vibe. They have turning steam valves, a similar gauge placement, and a similar boxy shape. 

The Rocket R58 is 16.25 inches high, 12.25 inches wide, and 17.5 inches deep. At 16 inches high, 12 inches wide, and 18 inches deep, the Quickmill Vetrano 2B is nearly identical in size.

As far as style and size go, both machines are modern and fairly compact for locations with limited room for equipment. 

No Burn Hot Water Spigot and Steam Arms

Have you ever been burned while cleaning a hot water spigot or steam arm? It's not fun, and unfortunately, it's not uncommon.

Owners of the Quickmill and Rocket models love that they come with no-burn hot water steam arms and spigots to let you safely clean without the ouch factor. 

A bonus is that milk won't stick to the steam arms as much, which makes them quicker to clean.

Key Differences

Rocket R58 V2 Steam Power

With a 2.38 liter steam boiler, the Rocket can froth milk for some back-to-back drinks with no trouble.

The Quickmill's 1.4 liter steam boiler still has plenty of capacity for reliable steaming. However, it's not quite as powerful as the Rocket.

The general rule is that a larger boiler generates more strength. A larger steam boiler typically offers faster steaming and won't deplete as quickly.

Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo Shot Timer

One great feature that the Quickmill has is the shot timer. Instead of having to buy an external timer, you have one built right into this espresso machine.

Coffee professionals time espresso shots for quality control, making sure that a shot doesn't pull for too long or for too short a time.

Hitting that perfect timing will show up in the results. The espresso shouldn't be over- or under-extracted and the flavors should be nice and balanced.

Rocket R58 V2 304 Stainless Steel Case

High-quality and corrosion-resistant, the Rocket's 304 stainless steel case adds durability as well as aesthetic value to the machine.

The lustrous case is a thing of beauty. It will elevate the atmosphere of the home or professional setting, and it will be easy to polish to a high shine. 

Rocket R58 V2 4 Hole Steam Tip

You'll get a four-hole steam tip with the Quickmill Vetrano 2B in addition to the two-hole steam tip.

Switching to the four-hole steam tip, you'll notice a difference in your milk steaming. Texturing the milk and creating super fine microfoam will be easier than ever.

Rocket R58 V2 Metal Tamper

Why do baristas love metal tampers? For one thing, they're stylish. Plastic tampers don't really hold a candle to metal tampers in the aesthetic department.

Metal tampers are also long-lasting and provide a good amount of weight to help you get the right pressure when you tamp. The better the tamping, the better the extraction.

Price Considerations

At Majesty Coffee, we know that everyone's budget is different. That's why we carefully price our espresso machines to match a wide variety of budgets.

The Quickmill Vetrano 2B Evo Espresso Machine is in stock at Majesty Coffee for $2,695. Our Rocket R58 V2 Espresso Machine is available for $3,000.

So Which Should You Buy?

Let's start by talking about the kinds of applications both of these espresso machines are excellent for.

The Rocket and Quickmill models are go-to machines for home espresso setups and for small businesses like offices and restaurants.

They're great for home espresso enthusiasts with experience on manual or semiautomatic machines or for beginners who want to up their game quickly.

Since they're convertible to plumbed-in machines, they're particularly beneficial in professional environments where there's little time to attend to tank filling.

Now let's talk about the major differences that can sway your decision.

The Rocket is a little more high-end in design its gorgeous 304 stainless steel case. Thanks to the large steam boiler, you'll be making one cappuccino after another like a champion barista.

On the other hand, the Quickmill's shot timer is helpful for operating the machine. It's also nice that it comes with the four-hole steam tip (you can also buy a four-hole steam tip for the Rocket if you find that you prefer it).

Here's what it boils down to.

The Rocket gives you the most steam power while the Quickmill focuses on user-friendliness.

At the end of the day, it's up to you which features are more important. If you're not sure which one you like better, go with the machine you think you'll get the most use out of.

For expert service and the best prices online, check out the Quickmill Vetrano 2B and Rocket R58 here on Majesty Coffee…

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