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Quick Mill Vetrano 2B vs QM67

Searching for the right espresso machine? In this guide, we're comparing the Quick Mill Vetrano 2B vs QM67. We'll provide all the vital information to help you get closer to your decision.


Here's what we'll be covering...

  • Features that the Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo and the QM67 Evo share.
  • Key differences between these machines and what they mean for you.
  • How to pick the machine you'll get the most use out of.

Quick Summary

Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo

Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo Espresso Machine

Quiet and powerful, this semiautomatic espresso machine blends advanced technology with practical functionality. It's the best choice for a home, office, or small restaurant that needs the flexibility of combined pour-over and direct-connect features.

Quick Mill QM67 Evo

Quick Mill QM67 Evo Espresso Machine

This semiautomatic home or office machine comes with commercial parts and user-friendly features prosumers will appreciate. Get this model if you need a budget-friendly office machine and you don't need a convertible pour-over to direct-connect function.


Manual Lever Operation

If you're searching for an espresso machine that gives you total control of the brew process, these manual lever machines will do the trick.

Whereas automatic espresso machines are programmed to end the brew process, semiautomatic machines like the Quickmill Vetrano 2B and QM67 require the user to both start and end brewing.

Though you'll need to have more skill to operate a semiautomatic machine, it will allow you to customize every shot of espresso.

The levers on these machines also add a vintage touch that many espresso enthusiasts love.

Output Capacity

These single-group machines can produce approximately 20 espressos per hour.

With typical use, this is more than enough for a home machine. It's also perfect for many office locations catering to the caffeine needs of a group of employees.

When shopping for an espresso machine, it's important to take the output capacity into account to make sure that its ideal for your needs.

Dual Boiler System

Not every espresso machine lets you brew and steam at the same time. The two types that do have heat exchangers or dual boilers.

With dual boiler systems, the Vetrano 2B and QM67 have dedicated steam boilers and group boilers to maintain both temperatures simultaneously.

One of the biggest advantages of this system is that it gives the machine a lot of power. Usually, you'll need to do little to no flushing of the group head before pulling a shot, and steam power is abundant.

PID Controller

The PID controllers in these Quickmill models supply excellent temperature control.

Often used in industrial equipment, PID controllers use an algorithm to continuously measure a number of variables for accurate temperature adjustments.

You'll be able to adjust the temperature in the group boiler by one degree Fahrenheit or Celsius. You'll also have access to the steam boiler temperature for greater control.

E-61 Commercial Group

Built with E-61 commercial groups, the Vetrano 2B and QM67 offer professional results so that you can make espresso drinks that are just as tasty as the coffee shop's.

The E-61 group moves water from the boiler to the group head on a continuous cycle to maintain thermal stability.

Passive pre-infusion is another function that comes with this group. When you brew, the machine automatically dispenses a certain amount of water before the pump reaches full pressure to saturate the coffee bed.

This ensures that all of the coffee particles are extracted, producing a better tasting espresso with all of its flavor characteristics intact.

Shot Timer

If you've ever seen an espresso machine with a store-bought kitchen timer attached to it, it probably didn't come with a built-in shot timer.

Timing your shots is essential for tracking the brew process and quality development. You're looking for a specific range for precision results.

With the built-in shot timer, there's no need to buy the extra gadget or take your phone out to time the espresso.

Pressure Gauges

The Vetrano 2B and QM67 come with boiler and group pressure gauges to help you navigate machine operation.

By checking the boiler pressure gauge, you'll be able to see when the machine is ready to brew and steam at all times.

Monitoring the group pressure gauge can give you insight into your brew ratio. If the pump is not providing adequate pressure, it may be time to recalibrate. 

Low Water Sensor

Busy professionals and even home users may struggle to keep up with checking an espresso machine's water tank.

That's why the low water sensor is so helpful. It will alert you when the water is getting low and it's time to refill.

This provides a big advantage in locations where there are different users operating the machine and it's tough to keep track of the refill schedule.

Cup Warmer

A hot drink will lose heat faster in a chilly cup, which means you'll have to drink it faster if you want to enjoy it while it's still hot.

The cup warming area on top of the espresso machine preheats cups to the perfect temperature to keep lattes nice and warm, giving you more time to enjoy them.

The cup warmer space also doubles as a convenient cup storage area. When you want to make an espresso, the cups will be right there at your disposal.

Stainless Steel Construction

The quality stainless steel construction of these espresso machines will help them stay in good shape for years to come.

Stainless steel is durable, not to mention nice to look at. You can clean the Quickmill models easily and polish them to a high shine.

Key Differences

Rotary vs Vibratory Pump

Though a rotary pump and a vibratory pump can produce espresso of the same quality, they do offer some different advantages to the machine owner.

The rotary pump in the Vetrano 2B is known to be long-lasting and quiet, which is great for quieter environments.

With a vibratory pump, the QM67 will create a little more noise, but the pump is cheaper to replace.

Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo Plumbing Option

Both of these machines function as pour-over models. Utilizing 2.3-liter water tanks, they operate via manual refilling.

What the Vetrano 2B offers is the option of plumbing the machine into a water line for a direct supply.

In a busy professional environment, plumbed machines are typically important for keeping up with demand. 

A machine hooked up to a water line also makes it easy to install a water softener to minimize scale buildup and reduce maintenance time.

Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo No Burn Steam and Hot Water Arms

With no-burn steam and hot water arms, the Vetrano 2B guarantees an easier (and safer) time crafting espresso drinks.

Usually, steam wands are piping hot after use, but the Vetrano 2B's steam wand will remain cooler to the touch.

Another nice thing about the no-burn steam arm is that it will prevent milk from sticking so that cleanup is quicker.

Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo 4 Hole Steam Tip

The Vetrano 2B comes with a two-hole and a four-hole steam tip so that you can switch between them or pick the one that you prefer.

Four-hole steam tips are known to give you more power than two-hole steam tips. You'll see the difference in your steaming as well as in your microfoam.

Price Considerations

At Majesty Coffee, we know that everyone's budget is different. We aim to bring you the best espresso equipment at the most affordable prices.

We offer the Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo Espresso Machine for $2,695 and the Quick Mill QM67 Evo Espresso Machine for $2,195.

So Which Should You Buy?

Do you need a home machine to make cafe-style lattes and cappuccinos on? If so, you'll likely be happy with either of these models.

They're both built with high-quality commercial parts that are durable and multifunctional to help you create the best espresso drinks from the comfort of your home.

They also make great office machines, though the Vetrano 2B can be especially beneficial with its plumbed-in option.

The Vetrano 2B is also the best choice for a small restaurant that heavily relies on efficiency. 

The burn-free components and four-hole steam tip improve the Vetrano 2B's user-friendliness and steam options, which can be attractive for many business owners.

Still not sure which one to pick? Here's what we suggest.

For the prosumer looking to make espresso at home, consider budget and machine maintenance. The QM67 will save you money while the Vetrano 2B will reduce regular maintenance processes.

But if you need a machine for a commercial environment like a restaurant, pick the Vetrano 2B.

For quality service and the best prices online, find the Quick Mill Vetrano 2B and QM67 here on Majesty Coffee…

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