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Quick Mill QM67 vs Andreja

In this guide, we'll be comparing the Quick Mill QM67 vs Andreja. You'll have access to all the important information right here to help you make the call on which espresso machine is right for you.


Here's what we'll be covering...

  • Features that the Quick Mill QM67 Evo and Andreja Premium Evo share.
  • Key features that are different on these espresso machines.
  • How to pick the espresso machine that best accommodates your needs.

Quick Summary

Quick Mill QM67 Evo

Quick Mill QM67 Evo Espresso Machine

This prosumer espresso machine is equipped with commercial parts to deliver high-quality results at home or in a busy office. If you want a powerful yet eco-friendly machine with exceptional temperature control, this is it.

Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo

Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo Espresso Machine

This home or office espresso machine comes with an upgraded steam arm and hot water spigot for easy operation. You'll definitely want this prosumer model if you need a machine that can plumb into a water line.


Semiautomatic Machines

As semiautomatic espresso machines, the Quickmill QM67 Evo and Andreja Premium Evo operate by manual dosing. With these particular machines, dosing is controlled by lever, giving them a vintage feel.

Brewing starts when the user pulls the lever into the on position and ends when the lever is returned to its original position.

Manual brewing is fully dependent on the user, which does mean that a certain amount of skill is needed. In contrast, an automatic machine provides programmed dosing controlled by the machine.

Why do so many espresso enthusiasts love manual dosing? For the opportunity to customize each espresso shot on the fly.

If you want to get your barista skills razor-sharp, a manual espresso machine is a good way to go.

Output Capacity

These espresso machines are rated for approximately 20 espressos per hour, an ample capacity for the home user.

20 espressos per hour should also be perfect if you’re buying a machine for a small office with multiple users.

Generally speaking, the espresso machine you end up purchasing should match your requirements in terms of espresso production volume.

E-61 Commercial Group

Equipped with E-61 commercial groups, the QM67 and Andreja provide professional functionality and thermal regulation.

The E-61 group conducts water from the boiler to the group head on a continuous cycle, circulating water to maintain the optimal brew temperature.

These groups also provide passive pre-infusion, a stage in the brew cycle before the pump reaches full pressure.

Passive pre-infusion saturates the coffee bed in the group head, ensuring full extraction of all of the coffee particles to bring out the nuances of the coffee.

Pressure Gauges

With group and boiler pressure gauges, you have increased access to what’s going on inside of these machines to improve operation.

The brew pressure gauge shows the pressure applied by the pump during the brew cycle. If the pressure is too low, this gives you a good idea of any changes you might need to make to the brew ratio.

The boiler pressure gauge is a good indicator of when it’s time to brew and steam, particularly while the machine is first warming up.

Tank Size

A 3-liter water tank in the QM67 and Andreja is larger than what you’ll find in many pour-over espresso machines like these.

This is great for a busy office where multiple drinks are being made throughout the day and it's tough to keep up on replenishing the water supply.

And of course, in a home machine, a 3-liter tank should be more than enough with typical usage.

Low Water Sensor

The Andreja has a low water detector that will alert you when the water hits a certain level. The next phase is the shut-off stage—the machine will automatically cut power if the water gets too low.

You’ll also get a low water sensor that will tell you when it’s time to refill the water tank in the QM67.

This is a convenient device when you’re busy and unable to keep an eye on the water tank, or if different users are operating the machine and no one is quite sure how much water is in the tank.

Vibratory Pump with Pulsar Device

Like other pour-over espresso machines, these Quickmill models come with vibratory pumps.

A vibe pump is known to be louder than a rotary pump, the type typically used in plumbed-in machines (machines that hook up directly to a water supply).

The good news is that the vibe pumps in these espresso machines come with pulsar technology to make them significantly quieter.

Cup Warmer

If making piping hot lattes on an espresso machine whenever you want is your dream, you’ll be happy about the cup warmers on top of the QM67 and Andreja.

The cup warming areas will preheat espresso cups to keep drinks hot for longer—cold cups will instantly chill a hot drink to some degree and promote heat loss faster.

Another pro is that the cup warmer is simply a good storage space for espresso cups, providing quick access when you’re making a cappuccino.

Hinged Water Tank Lid

The hinged lids on the Quickmill water tanks are a nice addition to any user-friendly machine.

Instead of having to remove the lid entirely to refill the water tank, you can just flip it open in one easy move.

Key Differences

Dual Boiler vs Heat Exchange Boiler

The QM67's dual boiler makes it capable of brewing espresso and steaming milk for lattes and cappuccinos at the same time with no wait time in between. 

Created with two boilers that individually manage brewing and steaming, the QM67 maintains both temperatures simultaneously and supports continuous steam power.

Also built to brew and steam at the same time, the Andreja comes with a heat exchanger boiler. This system works differently but provides the same quality of results.

The Andreja's heat exchanger boiler generates separate brew and steam temperatures at once with an isolated internal compartment in the boiler and a copper tube running through the system.

When it's time to brew, water is siphoned to the brew head and heated to the perfect temperature by the time it hits the brew head. 

One small difference between these boilers is that heat exchanger boilers often need a few more seconds of hot water purging before pulling a shot, but the quality of temperature maintenance and functionality are equal.

Quick Mill QM67 Evo PID Controller

A PID controller is an advanced thermal management system that works via an algorithm that constantly takes different variables into account for continuous adjustment and absolute consistency.

Through the QM67's PID controller, you can set the temperature for the group boiler in tiny increments—one degree Celsius or Fahrenheit.

The QM67 puts you in the driver seat and gives you excellent control.

Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo Sirai Pressurestat

A pressurestat regulates the boiler’s heating element through pressure sensitivity to generate the correct temperature for brewing espresso.

When the heating element is active and pressure in the boiler builds as water is converted into steam, the pressurestat functions to relieve the pressure at a certain point by deactivating the heating element. This is how it moderates brew temperature.

The Andreja’s adjustable Sirai pressurestat is a high-grade component commonly used in quality commercial espresso machines with excellent wear-and-tear resistance.

Quick Mill QM67 Evo Shot Timer

A built-in shot timer in the QM67 allows you to perfect your technique and brew espresso expertly within ideal parameters.

Owners of espresso machines without built-in timers typically buy external timers to keep track of brewing. This can add clutter to the machine.

There’s no need for the extra step—or the extra clutter—with QM67 timer.

Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo Plumbed Option

One of the key differentiating factors that makes the Andreja an attractive option is that you have the choice of plumbing it into a water line. This way, you won't have to worry about refilling the tank.

Though both the Andreja and the QM67 operate as pour-over espresso machines with manually refilled water tanks, only the Andreja can be upgraded to a plumbed-in version with an optional automatic water feed function.

You can also easily connect a water filter or softener to a plumbed machine to improve water quality and reduce scale buildup that can damage the machine, reducing manual maintenance.

Quick Mill QM67 Evo Eco-Friendly Standby Mode

The standby mode that comes with the QM67 will save energy and reduce your carbon footprint in the quiet times.

Because you’ll be using less energy, chances are, you’ll see the difference in your energy bills. Especially if you plan to use your espresso machine quite a bit, this could be substantial.

Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo No Burn Steam Arms and Hot Water Spigot

After steaming, most steam wands can easily burn you while you’re cleaning them, which is why the Andreja’s no-burn steam arm and hot water spigot are so ingenious.

Designed with thermal protection, they'll remain cool enough to handle lightly without burning you.

An additional benefit is that milk won’t stick to the steam wand as much, which means that cleaning it will be quicker and easier.

Price Considerations

At Majesty Coffee, we take pride in offering our premium espresso equipment at the best prices online.

Constructed in classic stainless steel, the Quick Mill QM67 is in stock for $2,195 and the Quick Mill Andreja is available for $1,795.

So Which Should You Buy?

There are more similarities than differences between these machines, which we know won’t make your decision easier. But there are key differences that can help.

While both are excellent for small offices and home kitchens, the QM67 might be a little more conducive to a busier environment with its high-power dual boiler system, PID controller, and shot timer. 

Plus, the standby mode is a great tool for reducing energy usage in a business.

On the other hand, the Andreja's plumbed-in option is also a plus for business purposes (as well as for minimizing maintenance for a home espresso machine).

One thing that these models do share is that beginner to intermediate users can practice their barista skills on them, and the lever dosing action will impress everyone.

At the end of the day, personal preferences will probably come into play more than anything else. Both of these machines are sturdy options for prosumers.

For expert service and the best prices online, find the Quick Mill QM67 and the Quick Mill Andreja here on Majesty Coffee...

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