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Quick Mill vs Rocket (Anita vs Appartamento)

This guide is going to provide you with a comprehensive comparison of the Quick Mill vs Rocket (Anita vs Appartamento) espresso machines. We'll be reviewing them side by side for an in-depth analysis that will help you decide which machine is right for you.

Quick Mill vs Rocket (Anita vs Appartamento)

Here's what we're going to cover...

  • Which features the Quick Mill Anita Evo and the Rocket Appartamento share.
  • The key features that make them different and how they work.
  • Advice on choosing the machine that fits your individual needs.

Quick Summary

Quick Mill Anita Evo

Quick Mill Anita Evo Espresso Machine

Commercial-grade parts and easy-to-use features make this espresso machine a smart pick for the home, an office, or a small restaurant. It's the best choice for serious espresso enthusiasts who want a pour-over machine with an extra large reservoir and a quieter pump.

Rocket Appartamento

Rocket Appartamento Espresso Machine

This gorgeous espresso machine packs in style, power, and commercial features to deliver coffee shop quality espresso drinks. Also great for a variety of locations from the home to a restaurant, this is what you want if you're looking for ample steam power and an impressive overall look.


Pour-Over Design

Equipped with water reservoirs, the pour-over Quickmill Anita Evo and Rocket Appartamento require manual refilling when the water gets low. 

You'll want to make sure that you stay on top of this as the machine won't function without a sufficient water supply.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you'll need to take care of descaling the machine regularly. It's also a good idea to look into a water filter or softener that will improve the water quality.

The good thing about these machines is that you don't need to place them near a water line (direct-connect machines hook up to a water line and require appropriate placement). Just keep an eye on the water tank!

Output Capacity

Making up to 20 espressos per hour on a single group, these espresso machines are perfect for home espresso enthusiasts seeking high performance.

The Quickmill Anita Evo and Rocket Appartamento can also accommodate a number of small businesses.

Consider the pace of coffee production in the environment you'll be using an espresso machine in to determine what kind of output capacity you need.

But for lower volume production, single-group machines with this kind of capacity are typically solid choices.

Stainless Steel Construction

The Quickmill Anita Evo and Rocket Appartamento are constructed from high quality stainless steel.

Stainless steel is sturdy and resilient, not to mention perfect for adding a level of professionalism to any setting. 

Cleaning these machines will be a cinch and provide a big payoff as they'll be effortlessly shiny and appealing. 

Manual Dosing

Espresso machines with manual dosing offer the user greater control of the brew process.

Whereas automatic (a.k.a. volumetric) espresso machines deliver a programmed amount of water, semiautomatic machines (with manual dosing) require the user to start and stop the brew process.

This means that the user will need to have a certain amount of skill in determining the optimal brew formula, but it allows for greater creativity and can help anyone hone their craft.

Manual dosing is operated via a lever on the Rocket Appartamento and the Quickmill Anita Evo.

E-61 Commercial Group

Providing excellent thermal stability, the Quickmill Anita Evo's E-61 group is equipped with thermosiphon circulation to keep water moving through the group head and the brew temperature constant.

The Rocket Appartamento is also constructed with an E-61 group that assists temperature stability.

Automatic pre-infusion is another bonus of the E-61 group—the coffee bed will be fully saturated before the pump applies the full brew pressure to assist in even extraction.

The E-61 group is a commercial features that delivers professional results, even for the home user.

Copper Heat Exchange Boiler

A heat exchange boiler allows you to brew espresso and steam milk at the same time. It does this by separating the brew and steam temperatures through the boiler system.

The heat exchange boiler is built with an internal compartment and a copper tube that siphons the water to the group head to heat the water to brew temperature by the time it lands.

For a little comparison, a regular single-boiler system needs to adjust the temperature after you perform one function to do the next one, so it will take longer to finish making a latte.

Because the boilers in the Rocket Appartamento and the Quickmill Anita Evo are made of copper, they're antimicrobial and provide natural insulation.

Boiler Pressure Gauge

The boiler pressure gauge in these machines is there to help you monitor what's happening in the boiler.

You'll be able to tell when the machine is ready to brew and steam, which is particularly helpful when you're just heating it up in the morning.

No Burn Hot Water Spigot and Steam Arms

No-burn steam arms and hot water spigots are a welcome upgrade to standard components that will burn you easily if you're not paying close attention.

Cleaning the steam arms on the Quickmill Anita Evo and Rocket Appartamento will be safer and easier as they're designed to stay cooler and keep milk from caking on.

Just remember that the steam arms won't necessarily be totally cool after use. Always use caution. 

Cup Warmer

The top of these machines serve as cup warmers to keep your lattes and cortados nice and hot in heated cups.

When a hot drinks hits a cold ceramic cup, it will instantly cool down just a bit. The warmer the cup is, the slower the cooling process will be.

In addition to heating, the cup warmers provide a convenient location for stashing espresso cups. 

Key Differences

Machine Dimensions

Comparing machine dimensions, these models are just a tad different.

The Quickmill Anita Evo is 15.75 inches high, 11.5 inches wide, and 18.25 inches deep while the Rocket Appartamento is 14.25 inches high, 10.5 inches wide, and 17 inches deep.

The Rocket Appartamento is known for being a compact espresso machine that's able to fit in cramped spaces.

As the Quickmill Anita Evo is right behind it in terms of overall size, it's also quite a compact option that will be able to fit in with other standard appliances.

Reservoir Size

Fairly standard in size, the Rocket Appartamento's water tank holds 2.25 liters. This is plenty for home users as well as many small businesses.

The Quickmill Anita Evo has a larger tank that holds 3 liters. The larger the tank, the less often you'll need to fill it.

Rocket Appartamento Steam Power

One feature on the Rocket Appartamento that owners of this espresso machine love is the steam power.

It will create beautifully frothed milk with silky microfoam in a relatively short amount of time.

More steam power enhances your ability to texture the milk and get the right volume for a cappucino or a latte.

Quick Mill Anita Evo Insulated Boiler with T.E.A. Coating

It's common for espresso machine manufacturers (including Rocket) to supply some type of barrier to prevent leaching from metal parts.

The Quickmill Anita Evo's steam boiler has a T.E.A. coating that cuts the risk of metal leaching.

It's also insulated, which provides extra thermal protection and energy efficiency on top of the benefits of the copper material.

Rocket Appartamento Metal Tamper

You'll get a metal tamper with the Rocket Appartamento, unlike espresso machines that come with plastic tampers.

While there's nothing wrong with plastic tampers, they don't often provide the same weight that will help you apply the correct amount of pressure when tamping.

Some folks just prefer the metal tamper for aesthetic reasons. In general, the metal tampers are frequently favored by professional baristas.

Quick Mill Anita Evo Group Pressure Gauge

Along with the boiler pressure gauge, you'll have access to a group pressure gauge in the Quickmill Anita Evo.

The group pressure gauge functions to help you figure out if problems are occurring with your brew ratio. You'll be able to tell if the brew pressure isn't quite adequate.

This gauge can even indicate if the pump ever needs replacement, making it a great maintenance tool.

Rocket Appartamento Removable Plastic Cup Guard

The plastic cup guard that keeps the cups on the cup warmer from going over the edge of the Rocket Appartamento can be taken out.

One of the perks of this feature is that the cup guard will be easier to clean when you're sprucing up the machine.

You may also want to remove the cup guard if you just need the extra clearance overhead. It will be a small difference, but the removable cup guard acts as a bit of a built-in height adjuster.

Quick Mill Anita Evo Internal Pulsar

The internal pulsar keeps the Quickmill Anita Evo's vibratory pump quieter than the standard vibe pump.

Normally, vibratory pumps are considered louder than the rotary pumps often placed in plumbed-in commercial espresso machines.

If you place a high value on super quiet equipment, the Quickmill Anita Evo is sure to please.

Price Considerations

At Majesty Coffee, we always take your budget into consideration when we price our espresso equipment.

We offer the Quickmill Anita Evo Espresso Machine in standard stainless steel for $1,598.

The Rocket Appartamento Espresso Machine comes in two choices of White or Copper circular cutouts on the side panels for $1,700 (for the White) and $1,750 (for the Copper).

So Which Should You Buy?

If it's not easy choosing between these espresso machines, we sympathize. Both are great options for use in the home kitchen as well as in small businesses, including restaurants and offices.

The Rocket Appartamento is slightly more geared toward professional environments with its excellent steam power and a metal tamper.

The Quickmill Anita Evo can be a nice beginner machine for someone who wants to get into espresso at a prosumer level.

No matter which one you pick, you'll have a high performance machine that won't disappoint.

Bottom line: Choose the machine that has the features that match your preferences. 

For expert service and the best prices online, check out the Quickmill Anita Evo and Rocket Appartamento here on Majesty Coffee...

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