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Quick Mill Silvano vs Rancilio Silvia

Shopping for a home or office espresso machine? In this guide, we're comparing the Quick Mill Silvano vs Rancilio Silvia. You'll find all the crucial details right here to help you narrow down your decision.


We'll be discussing...

  • Key similarities between the Quick Mill Silvano Evo and the Rancilio Silvia M.
  • Which features are different on these machines and how they work.
  • How to select the machine that suits your needs.

Quick Summary

Quick Mill Silvano Evo

Quick Mill Silvano Evo Espresso Machine

This is an upper-tier home espresso machine that can easily support a small office with user-friendly features. If you want a machine to brew espresso and steam milk at the same time, this is your best option.

Rancilio Silvia M

Rancilio Silvia M Espresso Machine

This compact home or office machine is an excellent budget option. Choose this machine especially if you're just learning the ropes and you want to start with espresso pods.


Semiautomatic Machines

Dosing is done manually with semiautomatic espresso machines like the Quickmill Silvano Evo and the Rancilio Silvia M.

When you start brewing, you'll decide when to stop the process for the best results. This means that you'll be in control of the brew cycle from beginning to end.

To give you some comparison, an automatic machine is programmed to end the brew cycle at the appropriate volume.

With manual dosing, you'll have more flexibility every time you pull a shot. If you like the option of pouring a long shot or a ristretto shot, or just getting creative with your recipes, manual dosing will let you do this on demand.

1 Group

The Quickmill and Rancilio models are single-group machines, making them perfect for home use.

A single-group espresso machine is also a great choice for many small office locations looking to upgrade the caffeine options at work.

Pour-Over Design

These pour-over models come with water reservoirs that are manually refilled to keep the machines operating.

With standard use, the two-liter water tanks in the Quickmill and Rancilio will keep going without needing frequent refilling throughout the day.

Pour-over machines are convenient if you need a machine that can work anywhere—machines that plumb into a water line must be located near the source.

If you buy a pour-over machine, you may want to consider using water filter or softener tablets in the tank to improve water quality and reduce scale buildup.

Stainless Steel Construction

Encased in polished stainless steel, these espresso machines shine. 

Stainless steel panels add a professional touch to the overall style of any espresso machine. If you're making the investment, you want the whole package—functionality and looks.

Another great quality of stainless steel is its durability. It holds up well to wear and tear in the long run.

PID Temperature Controller

The Quickmill has a PID controller with a programmable offset differential to regulate the brew temperature with maximum precision.

A PID controller monitors a series of variables in the system for accurate adjustments utilizing an algorithm. Because it's so reliable, it's a common thermal management system in industrial equipment. 

You can program the group water temperature in the Quickmill by one-degree increments.

Note that the Rancilio doesn't automatically come with a PID controller—it's an option that you can select.

Cup Warmer

The cup warmers on top of these espresso machines will always keep your espresso cups at the right temperature for hot drinks.

Cold cups make hot lattes lose heat faster, which is why cafes often preheat cups, either with hot water or a cup warmer.​

Another nice thing about the cup warmer space is that it gives you a place to store coffee cups. When you're ready to make an espresso drink, just grab a cup from the top of the machine.

Key Differences


Sometimes the size of an espresso machine plays a big role in your decision. Cramped spaces require small enough equipment.

Fortunately, both of these models are compact. There are just some slight differences to note.

The Quickmill is 16 inches high, 10.5 inches wide, and 13 inches deep. A bit smaller, the Rancilio is 13.75 inches high, 9.25 inches wide, and 11.25 inches deep.

Exact measurements of your counter space are recommended to help you figure out placement of any machine you purchase. 

Single Boiler vs Hybrid Boiler

A single boiler in the Rancilio means that it needs a little time between brewing and steaming to adjust the temperature.

The Quickmill is pretty unique. With its thermoblock hybrid boiler, it's similar in function to a dual boiler machine in that it allows you to brew and steam simultaneously.

The thermoblock can also be shut off separately from the coffee boiler, which lowers energy consumption.

Unlike a dual boiler, however, the Quickmill takes a few more seconds while you're making a latte. That said, it will be faster than the Rancilio.

Quick Mill Silvano Evo Shot Timer

Timing your espresso shots is vital. If you want the best results, you'll need to make sure that your shots are falling between the correct time parameters.

Unlike machines without build-in timers, the Quickmill has an integrated timer that saves you the trouble of having to use your smartphone or buy a kitchen timer.

It's a convenient addition to the machine that makes the steps of your espresso process nice and smooth.

Rancilio Silvia M Thermal Wrapped Boiler

Increasing the energy efficiency of the Rancilio, the thermal wrapped boiler reduces heat loss.

The thermal wrapping enables the machine to conserve up to eight percent more energy when you switch to standby mode.

The more energy you conserve, the lower your power bills (and eco footprint) will be.

Quick Mill Silvano Evo 3 Position Power Switch

The Quickmill's three-position power switch gives you some options when turning the machine on.

If you push the power switch all the way to the left, the boiler fills without turning on the heating element. Push the switch all the way to the right and you turn the power and heating on. To shut the machine off, return the switch to the center position.

By choosing the far-left switch position, you'll be making sure that the heating element is protected in the event that the boiler doesn't fill for some reason.

It's a built-in safety feature just in case something goes awry.

Rancilio Silvia M Removable Pod Kit

Some beginners prefer to start with pods. They're easy to use and can get you used to operating the espresso machine before you get into things like dialing in the grind for the perfect espresso shot.

The Rancilio is pod adaptable, but unlike other pod machines, it isn't restricted to pods.

This espresso machine is adaptable, allowing you to install a pod kit and remove it later if you want to move toward using freshly ground coffee.

Quick Mill Silvano Evo 3 Way Solenoid Valve

Have you ever been sprayed by hot coffee grounds when removing the portafilter from the group head after pulling a shot?

That won't happen with the Quickmill three-way solenoid valve. It's designed to release pressure in the group head once brewing is complete so that you don't have to wait and guess when the portafilter is ready to remove.

You'll also see drier coffee pucks with the three-way solenoid valve. This is a bonus because dry pucks are easier to remove than muddier ones.

Quick Mill Silvano Evo Pump Pressure Gauge

Pressure gauges give you vital information about what's going on in the machine. The Quickmill allows you to check the pump pressure when you're brewing espresso.

Using this gauge as your guide, you can figure out if you should make any adjustments to the brew ratio. 

If the pressure isn't reaching nine bars, start tweaking your brew ratio. Far less frequently, it can be an indication that the pump needs replacement.

Just in case it ever does, you'll know faster with the pump pressure gauge.

Price Considerations

At Majesty Coffee, we take pride in offering our customers the most innovative espresso technology for competitive prices.

We offer the Quick Mill Silvano Evo Espresso Machine for $1,075 and the Rancilio Silvia M Espresso Machine for $715.

So Which Should You Buy?

While both of these machines make great options for home kitchens or for small office settings, the Quickmill and Rancilio can offer some exclusive benefits.

First, consider your budget. The Rancilio is an excellent machine that fits essentially any budget while providing plenty of power.

But if the Quickmill is in your budget, consider whether having the ability to steam milk and brew espresso at the same time is an important feature for you. Often, this functionality is vital for busy offices.

Another major difference between these machines is pod adaptability. Not ready to jump into espresso grinding? The Rancilio can be a good transitional machine.

Here's the bottom line.

In general, the Rancilio is a good first-time espresso machine for beginners.

The Quickmill is also a good beginner machine if you know that you want to skip the pods, and it will give you greater control with a shot timer and pump pressure gauge.

For expert service and the best prices online, check out the Quick Mill Silvano Evo and the Rancilio Silvia M here on Majesty Coffee…

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