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Quick Mill Anita vs Andreja

We're diving into a detailed comparison of the Quick Mill Anita vs Andreja in this guide. You'll learn everything you need to know to pick the right espresso machine for you.


Here is what this guide is going to cover...

  • Which features the Quick Mill Anita Evo and Andreja Premium Evo share.
  • What makes these espresso machines different and what it means for you.
  • How to decide which option to purchase.

Quick Summary

Quick Mill Anita Evo

Quick Mill Anita Evo Espresso Machine

With a large water tank, accessible features, and a prosumer-quality E-61 commercial group, the Anita Evo is a wise choice for a home, office, or small restaurant environment. It's best for users with intermediate skill.

Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo

Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo Espresso Machine

Also equipped with a sizeable water tank and commercial components, the Andreja Premium Evo is perfect for the discerning espresso enthusiast's home kitchen or office. This machine is for you if you need plumbing options.


Lever-Operated Manual Dosing

As lever-operated espresso machines, the Quickmill Anita and Andreja offer the ultimate hands-on experience.

To brew espresso, the user pulls the lever into the on position. Once the espresso has reached the correct volume and brew time, the lever is returned to the off position.

Brewing espresso on these semiautomatic models takes a bit of skill, but you’ll feel like a professional barista. They're great for anyone looking to master their craft.

3 Liter Water Tanks

These Quickmill models come with water tanks that are manually refillable and can hold up to three liters of water.

That’s a substantial amount for a single-group espresso machine. With typical usage, you’re not likely to run out of water several times a day.

This is especially useful for a setting where there are potentially several employees making coffee around the clock.

Output Capacity

On average, the Anita and Andreja can produce about 20 espressos per hour. For home espresso machines, they have some serious commercial machine power.

This type of output capacity is perfect for many office environments. Without a doubt, it can meet the caffeine needs of a small group of employees.

E-61 Commercial Group

The E-61 commercial group raises the bar for home espresso with temperature stability and automatic pre-infusion.

This group is designed with a thermosiphon that circulates water throughout the group head to keep the brew temperature consistent.

With automatic pre-infusion, you’ll get better flavor from your espresso. The machine will fully saturate the coffee bed to extract all of the subtle flavors and create a rich cup of coffee.

Pulsar Equipped Vibratory Pump

Vibratory pumps are common in pour-over espresso machines, but they have a reputation for being noisier than rotary pumps, the types plumbed-in espresso machines typically utilize.

To fix this, the Anita and Andreja come with pulsar technology. The pulsar device will reduce the noise of the vibe pump by 25 percent, making these machines much quieter than other pour-over options.

This is especially appreciated in a quiet office where a louder espresso machine might disturb your work.

No Burn Steam and Hot Water Arms

Quickmill adds no-burn steam and hot water wands to these espresso machines to make them more comfortable for the user.

Cleaning steam wands after frothing milk can be a little treacherous since without the burn-free technology, they’re too hot to be safely handled directly.

Burn-free wands are not only safer, they’re also easier to clean as milk will be deterred from sticking.

Insulated Copper Heat Exchange Boiler

A heat exchange boiler allows you to steam milk and brew espresso simultaneously. You won’t have to perform one function at a time and wait for the machine to adjust its temperature.

With a boiler containing an isolated internal compartment, it works by heating water siphoned to the brew head to the correct temperature, keeping steam temperature separate.

This dependable heating system is long-established in the espresso industry and used in many high-quality commercial units.

Pressure Gauges

There are two pressure gauges that come with the Quickmill models to enhance machine operation.

The boiler pressure gauge indicates when it’s time to brew and steam. This can be especially helpful when you’ve just turned the machine on and you’re waiting for it to warm up.

Using the brew pressure gauge, you can monitor how many bars of pressure are building to brew espresso and determine if you need to adjust your brew ratio.

Between these two pressure gauges, you’ll have more information at your disposal to create stellar lattes.

Cup Warmer

Cup warmers are heated areas on top of espresso machines. They provide a space for storing espresso cups, but more importantly, they preheat them for you.

Typically, baristas will preheat espresso cups by adding hot water so that by the time the hot beverage is ready, they can dump the water and pour the drink into a toasty cup.

This will keep the drink hot for longer. Since the cup warmer does the preheating automatically, you can skip the hot water step entirely.

Key Differences

Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo Plumbed Option

The Andreja is unique. Though it’s a pour-over espresso machine like the Anita, it can also be converted to a plumbed-in machine.

Plumbed-in espresso machines hook up to a water line, unlike pour-over machines, which take manual refilling.

If you find that you’re too busy to refill the tank, the plumbed option is a crucial feature.

It will also making installing a water filter or softener easy, improving water quality and minimizing scaling issues that can break the machine.

Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo Sirai Pressurestat

The job of the pressurestat (typically found in heat exchanger machines) is to regulate the brew temperature by controlling the pressure in the boiler.

The pressurestat deactivates the heating element in the boiler when the steam generation reaches a certain level of pressure, indirectly controlling the temperature.

The Andreja comes with an upgraded Sirai pressurestat, a type commonly used in commercial espresso machines. It’s durable and reliable and will stand up to a good amount of wear and tear.

Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo Boiler Fill Light Indicator

The boiler fill light indicator on the Andreja is a new feature. It will tell you if the boiler is refilling when you’ve initiated the brew cycle and the pump is active.

The more information you have about how your espresso machine is working, the easier it will be to increase your consistency.

Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo Commercial Grade Valves

Now built with commercial-grade valves, the Andreja offers steam adjustability with greater sensitivity.

You’ll have more control when using these steam valves for effortless on and off and easy steaming.

Price Considerations

Our high-end coffee equipment and espresso machines are priced to meet your budget needs.

We offer the Quick Mill Anita Evo Espresso Machine for $1,595 and the Quick Mill Andreja Premium Evo Espresso Maker for $1,795.

So Which Should You Buy?

If you're on the hunt for a professional tier espresso machine to save money on cappuccinos from the coffee shop, both of these Quickmill models are ideal.

With their E-61 commercial groups and burn-free hot water and steam arms, the Anita and Andreja are easy to use to craft drinks like a barista champion.

You can also opt for either the Anita or the Andreja for a small office setting to keep you going through the afternoon slump.

But with its commercial valves and plumbed option, the Andreja is often the best choice for an office espresso machine.

So how do you decide between these excellent home espresso machines?

Really, it's all about your preferences. 

If you want to jump right into espresso equipment with more commercial parts and functions, go for the Andreja.

But if the Anita fits your budget better, you won't be missing out on fun features like automatic pre-infusion and manual lever operation.

For speedy service and the best prices online, see the Quick Mill Anita and Andreja here on Majesty Coffee…

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