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Nuova Simonelli G60 Review – Is it The Right Grinder For Your Business?

Nuova Simonelli  G60 Coffee Grinder

Have you been trying to figure out if the G60 is the right espresso grinder for you or your business? This Nuova Simonelli G60 review is going to guide you with a detailed outline of this model's functions and all the information you need for your assessment.

We're going to cover...

  • How the Nuova Simonelli G60's key features translate in home or professional settings.
  • Company background and history to find where it lands on the reliability meter.
  • How the Nuova Simonelli G60 compares to similar grinders.
  • Which operations this grinder is most appropriate for.

Let's dive into the features...

Quick Summary

Nuova Simonelli G60

Nuova Simonelli AMC G60 Coffee Grinder

An on-demand espresso grinder like this one with micrometric grind adjustment and a commercial motor will set your business, office or home kitchen up for success. It's an excellent choice for small coffee shops and home enthusiasts who want fast grinding combined with cafe-quality results.

Key Features And What They Mean

On Demand Grinding

nuova simonelli g60 espresso grinder on demand photo

With on-demand grinding, the coffee is ground directly into the portafilter in measured quantities, making it easier to craft the perfect espresso.

The Nuova Simonelli G60 will distribute fresh coffee in the desired amount for optimal extraction without excessive wastage. 

A huge plus about this system is that the flavor of the coffee will be incredibly fresh as oxidation time is limited, preserving the quality of the coffee.

Stainless Steel Flat Burrs

The large 60 mm burrs in the Nuova Simonelli G60 will make grinding espresso a breeze. Because they're made of stainless steel, these burrs will grind up to 1,000 pounds of coffee before needing to be replaced. 

Flat burrs are recommended to coffee shops and individuals who want a uniform grind. This creates balanced extraction, without the risk of over-extracting smaller coffee particles and under-extracting larger ones.

Those passionate about espresso choose flat burr grinders for consistency and high standards of quality with repeatable results.

For coffee shops, this means that every barista will be able to pull the best shots from expertly ground espresso.

Micrometric Grind Adjustment

This is a feature that professionals love. The Nuova Simonelli G60's micrometric grind adjustment allows you to make adjustments in the smallest of increments to get that perfect grind for the coffee.

If you're looking for maximum control of grind selection for a diverse range of coffees and specialty blends, a stepless system like this is a top solution.

Commercial Grade Electric Motor

The Nuova Simonelli G60 is a compact machine with a one-pound hopper that fits easily under low shelving. But don't be fooled by its small size—with 60 mm burrs and commercial motor, it's built for speed.

The powerful motor will deliver freshly ground espresso in a matter of seconds, breezing through long customer lines and keeping production quick and efficient.

different parts of the nuova simonelli g60 espresso grinder

Portafilter Holder

A portafilter holder on the Nuova Simonelli G60 holds the portafilter while the machine doses, allowing baristas to grind espresso while operating other equipment or working on other orders.

With the ability to multitask, baristas can be faster and more efficient, saving valuable time that can increase revenue with more customers served.

Comparable Alternatives

Mazzer Super Jolly E Doser Espresso Grinder 2810E

The Mazzer Super Jolly E is an electronic espresso grinder that provides on-demand, accurate dosing.

Here are some of its features: 

  • Flat 64 mm burrs
  • 2.7-pound hopper
  • Stepless grind adjustment
  • Single and double electronic dosing
  • Low blade speed (1,600 RPM)
  • Digital display with shot counter

With comparable burrs and stepless grind adjustment, both of these grinders are fast, high-grade machines with great control of the grind settings.

The Mazzer Super Jolly E has a larger hopper and single and double dosing with independent adjustment for easy shot pulling. It's also taller than the compact Nuova Simonelli G60, although a Mazzer Mini short hopper is offered.

The Mazzer Super Jolly E costs more, but it has more technical features. If you're looking for a more basic but high-quality grinder for under one thousand, the Nuova Simonelli G60 is a great option.

Mazzer Mini E

Is a compact size the bottom line for you on your search for a quality espresso grinder? In that case, allow us to introduce you to the Mazzer Mini E. 

These are some similarities it shares with the Nuova Simonelli G60:

  • Moderately large flat burrs.
  • A short bean hopper with a capacity under 1 pound.
  • Hands-free grinding
  • Compact design.

Thanks to their similarly sized burrs and and similarly strong motors, both the G60 and Mazzer Mini E can grind doses of espresso quickly for you. 

Plus, you won't have to sacrifice much counter space for either grinder. Both were created to have a remarkably small footprint on your counters.

Like the aforementioned Super Jolly, the Mazzer Mini E is slightly more expensive than the Nuova Simonelli G60. However, this is because it has some improvements like a low blade speed that keeps your beans cool and multiple stylish color options.

About the Brand

nuova simonelli espresso machine logo

Nuova Simonelli was created in 1936 to bring the world the top innovations in espresso equipment. Having earned the title of the official machine of the World Barista Championship, Nuova Simonelli is a name baristas associate with superior quality.

The goal of the company is to make high-tech coffee machinery as simplified for the user as possible. For more grinder options, see the Nuova Simonelli MDXS on Demand Espresso Grinder and the top-of-the-line Mythos Grinder.

Ideal Machine Applications

The Nuova Simonelli G60 is an adaptable accompaniment to many environments, including small coffee shops, offices and home kitchens.

For coffee bars, the G60 can be used for a range of coffee types. You can dedicate it to decaffeinated coffee beans, single-origin beans or any type of special blend.

It's small and powerful enough to meet the needs of busy office buildings, and for coffee enthusiasts, it will aid in expert espresso craftsmanship.

What Customers Say

We greatly value the feedback we receive so that we can better serve our customers. We're told that our Nuova Simonelli machines take quality to a higher standard.

Our customers love the combined user friendliness and performance of their Nuova Simonelli equipment. These machines are sleek, powerful and easy to use.


To bring you the most affordable options, we price our Nuova Simonelli G60 grinders with your budget in mind.

We offer the Nuova Simonelli G60 in elegant Black for $895. You can also grab the Mazzer Mini E for $1,195 or the Mazzer Super Jolly E for the same price. 

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