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Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Review – Is it Worth it For Your Business?

nuova simonelli aurelia II

Will the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II espresso machine be a fit for your business? In this Aurelia II review, we'll tell you everything you need to know to help you assess.

By the time you're done reading, you'll know...

  • What the key features of the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II mean for you.
  • How to choose between the different configurations of the Aurelia II.
  • Important information about the brand's history and reliability.
  • How the Aurelia II compares to a few similar models.
  • What types of operations this machine works best for.

Let's get started...

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Key Features And What They Mean

Volumetric Dosing

Volumetric dosing means programmable volumes for espresso shots. As a business owner, you'll be able to ensure quality consistency as only perfectly measured espresso shots will be pulled all day long.

To use this feature, the barista sets the espresso volumes and the machine automatically dispenses at these programmed volumes for the rest of the day. 

This equates to more time freed up to start on other drinks in a line or spend the kind of face-to-face time with customers that builds a loyal following. 

The only Aurelia II machine that does not include volumetric dosing is the Aurelia II Semiautomatic (it has manual dosing).

Raised Group Heads

raised group heads example

Does your business offer espresso beverages in multiple sizes? Considering a machine with raised group heads like the Aurelia II models will facilitate a faster production line.

Baristas will be able to brew directly into small or tall cups, saving the extra step of brewing into shot glasses and then transferring to a cup.

This method of brewing also makes it easier to maintain that perfect layer of crema that aficionados look for on an espresso. Though skilled baristas can carefully transfer espresso from shot glass to cup, it's easy to damage the crema and degrade the quality of an otherwise excellent espresso. 

Soft Infusion System

The Soft Infusion System built into the Aurelia II machines is one of the features that makes them so advanced.

It's a pre-infusion system that wets the ground coffee before releasing a pressurized water stream for even extraction, fully developing flavors and creating perfect crema.

The Soft Infusion System also provides a safety measure against poor espresso tamping. Seasoned baristas often do practice tamps periodically throughout the day, but this system cuts down on the need for this kind of manual "recalibration" and ensures a higher quality product.

soft infusion system

Cool Touch Wands

This is like a free gift to your baristas. No more burns on a piping hot steam wand. The Cool Touch Wand is designed to stay at a nice, cool temperature, even while steaming. 

In addition to making a safer environment for your baristas, the Cool Touch Wands make for easier cleaning as milk crusts won't form and make extra work.

cool touch wand example

Push Pull Steam

The push-pull steam trigger is meant to facilitate fluid motion while steaming milk. Instead of clunky levers and knobs that will wear on your baristas' wrists, the Aurelia II machines have a simple switch that can be tapped into on and off positions for ergonomic steaming. 

This is a beneficial feature for baristas who spend long hours on the espresso machine. The more intuitive the design, the more effective your baristas can be.

Reverse Mirror

With a back plate that serves as a mirror, Aurelia II machines allow baristas to see every angle of espresso production to monitor for quality and precision. 

A reverse mirror can be used in tandem with functions like volumetric dosing and pre-infusion to ensure that the espresso is of optimal quality. And if it isn't, the visual cues will help baristas isolate problems for correction quickly and efficiently.

aurelia barista configuration

Power Saving Options

Part of budgeting for your business—or for your home—is calculating energy usage. This may seem like a small thing, but the Aurelia II's energy-saving capacity can add up to significant dollars saved over time.

Another advantage to energy conservation comes with the use of multiple electrical appliances. There's less worry that you'll totally sap your electrical ecosystem, which often happens at the worst possible time (like in the middle of a rush).

Different Configurations

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Semiautomatic Espresso Machine

The Aurelia II Semiautomatic is the basic Aurelia model offered at Majesty Coffee. It's a high-tech machine with few rivals in terms of performance and reliability, even without the volumetric dosing and LCD screen display.

If your staff is proficient, this is an excellent machine for them. Professional baristas will have complete control over the brew cycle from start to finish.

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Volumetric

With programmed volume dosing, the Volumetric is an ideal option for baristas and staff of all skill levels, guaranteeing product consistency. It's built for businesses that do large numbers in espresso beverages and aim to deliver a superior product at speedier rates.

This machine also offers an autosteam option, which streamlines beverage production on the milk frothing end. At the press of a button, milk is steamed to the perfect temperature, preventing scalding and enhancing flavor and texture.

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Digit

The Aurelia II Digit adds to the Volumetric design an LCD screen system to enhance production for demanding professionals and high-volume businesses.

With an LCD screen system for major operations, baristas gain unparalleled control of dosing, pre-infusion, boiler pressure and energy settings. Essentially, the Aurelia II Digit makes crafting exceptional espresso beverages more streamlined, efficient and user-friendly. 

Combined with the autosteam option, this machine is not only a prestigious piece of equipment, it's built for easy training.

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II T3 Traditional Espresso Machine

The Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II T3 is constructed with multiple independent copper boilers that let baristas monitor and adjust water temperatures in the primary boiler, the group boilers and the group heads.

This equates to sharper precision and on-demand adaptability for extracting coffees with different profiles. Especially for businesses looking to position themselves as reputable third wave establishments, temperature control like this is important as it keeps the delicate nuances of the espresso intact.

Like the Digit, the Aurelia II T3 also comes with an easy-to-operate LCD screen system.

*Note that only the Volumetric version of the T3 has the raised group heads.

Comparable Alternatives

La Spaziale S40 2 Group Volumetric

The La Spaziale S40 2 Group Volumetric can be compared to the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II Volumetric. The S40 shares the Aurelia II's design map as a sophisticated machine with surprising user-friendliness.

Though the S40 Volumetric is a bit pricier than the Aurelia II, it comes with the peace of mind that it's an easy-maintenance machine that requires little after-sale service.

Victoria Arduino White Eagle Digit

If you have your eye on the Aurelia II Digit, you may also be interested in the Victoria Arduino White Eagle Digit. 

Check out the similar features:

  • Volumetric dosing
  • LCD display
  • Raised group heads
  • Cool Touch Wands
  • Push-pull steam switches
  • Soft Infusion System
  • Automated cleaning
  • Power saving modes
  • Reverse mirror
  • Autosteam option

The White Eagle Digit is slightly more expensive, but in addition to being a high-end machine, it's really an artistic statement piece in a upscale coffee shop's decor. 

White Eagle T3

This machine is very similar to the Aurelia II T3, sharing the vast majority of functions and tall cup capacity (on the Aurelia II T3 Volumetric). 

One thing Victoria Arduino's T3 model offers that Nuova Simonelli's doesn't is an autosteam option. This is one feature that raises the price of the White Eagle T3, but for some businesses, it's a practical function worth the investment.

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave Volumetric

Available in two- or three-group configurations, the Aurelia Wave is an equally speedy espresso machine. It can easily withstand the demands of a high-volume business.

Here are other similarities it shares with the Aurelia II:

  • Cool touch steam wands.
  • Volumetric dosing configurations. 
  • Raised group heads. 
  • Soft infusion system.

And now here are some improvements that were made to the design:

  • Beautiful LCD display that makes it easy to operate the machine. 
  • Gorgeous silhouette shaped like a crashing wave.
  • Custom color options. 

About the Brand

nuova simonelli espresso machine logo

Nuova Simonelli has been building innovative espresso machines since 1936. The creator of the T3 technology system, this company has been named the official machine of the World Barista Championship.

Professional baristas around the world trust Nuova Simonelli and its numerous product lines, including the Musica, the Oscar II and the Aurelia Wave.

Ideal Machine Applications

Though all of the Aurelia II models are state-of-the-art machines for medium- to high-volume commercial enterprises, each model has strengths that are suited to particular business types.

The Semiautomatic is ideal for coffee shops with well-trained baristas. It's possible that this machine could be an excellent choice for a restaurant or for a business that offers espresso beverages in addition to their main products, but proper training is important.

The Volumetric and Digit can accommodate beginner, intermediate and advanced baristas, making them solid options for a variety of businesses. Fast-paced coffee shops and cafes with higher customer traffic can especially benefit from efficient machines like these.

The T3 can also be operated by baristas of various skill levels. It's most practical for busy coffee shops looking to deliver the best quality and fastest service.

What Customers Say

Our customers love their Nuova Simonelli espresso machines. We hear that this company's products are an industry professional's dream. 

Nuova Simonelli products look beautiful and offer intricate functionality for the barista who takes pride in crafting the perfect shot of espresso.


Our Nuova Simonelli Aurelia II machines come in a range of prices to match different budgets and needs.

We offer two-group models in the $8,000 to $15,000 dollar range with the Semiautomatic on the more economical end and the top-of-the-line T3 capping the higher-priced end.

For high-tech three-group machines, you'll find that we set equally affordable prices in the range of 9,000 (for the Semiautomatic) to 17,000 dollars (for the T3).

If your business requires a four-group machine, we offer the Digit with four groups in the 17,000 dollar range.

You can also grab the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Wave Volumetric starting at $10,125 in our store. Prices may vary depending on the configuration and number of groups you select.

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