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Nuova Simonelli Appia Life Review (What Your Business Should Know)

Nuova Simonelli Appia Life 2 Groups

Are you unsure of whether or not the new Nuova Simonelli Appia Life is right for your business?

We’ll dish all the details on this recent series of espresso machines. In this review, we’ll provide you an in-depth look into the Appia Life, so you’ll know what to expect.

This is what you’ll learn about:

  • Important features of the Appia Life machines, and how they affect you
  • Various configurations the Appia Life comes in
  • How the Appia Life compares to other Nuova Simonelli machines
  • Information on Nuova Simonelli’s background as a company
  • What kinds of settings the Appia Life will thrive in

So let’s take a closer look at this new machine.

Quick Summary

What the Appia Life series does is improve upon Nuova Simonelli’s previous Appia models. It has an extra emphasis on energy efficiency and ease of use, with features such as boiler insulation and Easycream.

These are the perfect machines for businesses that want an environmentally friendly model that new hires won’t have an issue learning to use quickly.

Important Features (and What They Mean for You)

Semiautomatic or Automatic

Depending on which configuration of the Appia Life you decide to get, you will have the option of choosing whether it’s semiautomatic or automatic.

For instance, every machine in the Appia Life’s Standard series can come as either automatic or semiautomatic. The XT series, on the other hand, is only available at this point in time as an automatic machine.

So what difference does that make? Briefly put, the answer is control.

Semiautomatic machines are those where the duration of the brew cycle is completely controlled by the user. You get to start and stop the extraction.

What this means is greater flexibility and customization. On the flipside, it also means that the quality of your drinks will vary based on who’s making them.

For that reason, it can take some time to master a semiautomatic machine. But they’re still preferred by many espresso experts.

Automatic machines only require you to start the brew cycle. Then, using pre-programmed settings, they’ll stop brewing at the right time for you.

Although this gives baristas less control over the process, this does free them to focus on other things while making drinks. They can easily froth milk or work on building relationships with the customers.

Cool Touch Steam Wand

Nuova Simonelli Appia 2 Side View

Both series of the Appia Life have optional cool touch steam wands. These steam wands can go a long way towards increasing the comfort of your employees.

How? They protect your employees from burns.

Unlike traditional steam wands, which get hot during use, cool touch steam wands are insulated and remain cool. On top of protecting your baristas from accidental burns, it reduces your time spent cleaning.

Since they stay cool, milk doesn’t immediately burn onto their ends. No more fighting to scrape crusted milk off these steam wands.

Cup Warmers

One of the tricks of the barista trade is pouring warm water into an empty cup before you add espresso.

The reason for this is that it helps preserve the heat of a drink. Cold cups make a hot latte drop in temperature much more quickly.

The Appia Life machines will keep you from having to pour hot water into your waiting cups. With cup warmers on top, keeping your cups heated is as easy as setting it on a shelf.

In the end, this means your customers get to enjoy each hot cappuccino for as long as possible.

Boiler Material

Boilers matter in an espresso machine. Without them, you wouldn’t have the power to steam or the optimal temperatures for brewing.

You’d be surprised at how boiler features matter, such as what they’re made of. With these Appias, you’re getting boilers made from stainless steel.

It’s a pretty common boiler material for a good reason. It’s especially durable, so you can expect the boiler to keep going for a long time.

Boiler Insulation

Energy efficiency is important in just about any machine. This is for two reasons:

First, it’s better for the environment. And second, it has a tendency to reduce energy consumption, leading to lower utility bills.

The same concept can be found in espresso machines. Various design elements can make them more or less energy-efficient.

To promote energy efficiency, the Appia Life models have boiler insulation. With this insulation, the boilers don’t need to work quite as hard to stay hot.

This kind of thermal insulation is so economical, in fact, that it reduces the energy consumption of the Appia Life by 13%.

Soft Infusion System

Nuova Simonelli Appia Life Pre Infusion

Many people would be surprised to hear just how much goes into every single shot of espresso. From the coffee blend, to the grind, to the brewing pressure – altering even one thing can completely change the taste.

Nuova Simonelli’s soft infusion system is designed to boost consistency in your drinks’ flavor. What it does is softly settle the puck before extraction with a light stream of water.

In turn, this smooths out any channeling and unevenness caused by improper tamping. Every particle is able to be reached during extraction, leading to an unforgettable full-bodied taste.

You’ll get this technology in any of the Appia Life models. In short, it’s like you’re getting a promise of unchanging quality.

Reverse Mirror

One of the many things that goes into a shot is visual monitoring. With a look, baristas can tell if there’s something wrong with the espresso.

They can tell if there’s channeling in the grounds based on how many espresso streams are coming out. They’re able to see if there’s any issues with quality depending on the color.

That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on your espresso. And the Appia Life makes that breezy with its reverse mirror.

The back plate on any Appia machine is designed as a reflective surface. Aside from looking sleek, it gives a good vantage point for watching each shot while it brews.

Push-Pull Steam Levers

Many other espresso machine designs use steam valves. While they work just fine, twisting a valve constantly over the course of a busy shift can start to hurt.

To combat this discomfort, Nuova Simonelli used push-pull steam levers on the Appia Life machines. Instead of a valve, baristas just push a lever back and forth – not unlike flipping a light switch.

The result is a lack of sore wrists, even on the busiest days.

Different Configurations

Nuova Simonelli Appia Life Compact

Appia Life Compact

The Appia Life Compact is the machine for you if you like look of the Appia Life, but don't know if you have much room for it. This machine was designed specifically to have a small footprint so that virtually anyone can find the space for it.

Plus, it comes in three attractive colors for your choosing: red, black, and white. This increased visual flexibility means that not only can it fit in physically, it can also fit in aesthetically to your home or business. 

Here are some additional features of the Appia Life Compact:

  • Drytex thermal boiler insulation.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Ergonomic Design.
  • Large-capacity 7.5-liter boiler.
  • Optional raised group heads.
Appia Life Volumetric

The Appia Life Compact is wonderful for you if you're short on space, but it might not have the power you need if you're running a larger business. That's where the Appia Life Volumetric comes in. 

Unlike the Compact, this model is available with anywhere from one to three group heads. Of course, this means it’s also wonderful for speed. The more groups you have, the more shots of espresso you can make at once.

Double steam wands contribute to you being able to steam more milk simultaneously, too. You can also expect the following features from the Volumetric series:

  • Automatic dosing to ensure consistent shots of espresso.
  • Large boiler capacity
  • Cup warmer rail
  • Drytex thermal boiler insulation
  • Multiple color options.
Appia Life Semiautomatic

We'd recommend the Appia Life Semiautomatic for small to medium specialty coffee shops. The difference between this one and former Appia Life models we've discussed here is that it's a semiautomatic machine.

Semiautomatic just means that your employees will have total control over the duration of the brew cycle. This allows them to experiment with different flavor profiles.

The downside to semiautomatic models is that they can be difficult to learn, so new hires may not produce shots as high in quality as veterans. However, once a barista learns to use the machine, they'll have room to spread their creative wings.

Here are some other features you can anticipate from the Appia Life Semiautomatic:

  • One- or two-group configurations.
  • Different colors to choose from.
  • Raised group heads.
  • Cool-touch steam wands.
  • Ergonomic controls.

Comparable Alternatives

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia 2 T3

Nuova Simonelli Aurelia 2 T3

Businesses with a high volume of espresso orders would be wise to consider the Nuova Simonelli Aurelia 2 T3. 

It's available as a two-group automatic configuration, or a three-group semiautomatic configuration. Either way you look at it, it's a speedy machine.

Plus, its cutting-edge T3 system will let you tweak the temperature of each individual boiler it has. This lets you refine the brewing conditions so each espresso is perfect.

Here are some other highlights of the Aurelia 2 T3:

  • Raised group heads
  • Bar pump gauge
  • Surface LEDs
  • Soft infusion system
Nuova Simonelli Musica

If you're looking for an alternative to the Appia Life Single-Group, Nuova Simonelli's Musica is a fantastic option. 

Not only does it look gorgeous, but its heat exchange boiler won't have a problem steaming milk for back-to-back drinks. Plus, its pre-infusion will produce a well-rounded flavor in every shot you make.

Here are some other highlights of the Nuova Simonelli Musica:

  • Optional LED edges
  • Reverse mirror
  • Programmable hot water nozzle
  • Push-pull steam

Brand Background

Curious about the brand behind these innovative espresso machines?

They’re called Nuova Simonelli, and they’ve been in the espresso machine business since 1936. Their vision has always been to create both ergonomic and inventive models.

Most of their espresso machines are designed with the barista in mind. That makes them a favorite for professionals around the world.

Best Applications

Depending on which configuration of the Appia Life you choose, there are various environments it will work better in.

If you choose the heavy-duty XT, you can expect a machine befitting a medium to large business. Coffee shops, restaurants, or any other business with a large volume of espresso drinks to make each day would do well to consider it.

The Appia Life Standard series has a bit more versatility. You can use the Compact or the 2-3 group models for larger commercial settings, as well.

But if you’re a small coffee shop, home, or office, you could also choose the Appia Life single-group.

What Customers Say

At this point in time, we don’t have any of the Appia Life configurations in the Majesty Coffee Store. For that reason, we don’t have any feedback on these specific machines just yet.

However, it’s worth noting that our customers are usually very pleased with the Nuova Simonelli machines we do offer. You can demand high quality from a company with Nuova Simonelli’s solid reputation and experience.

Additionally, if the Appia Life machines are anything like other Nuova Simonellis, you can anticipate an unprecedented level of user-friendliness. These are clearly designed to bring together the user’s comfort and delicious espresso.

Pricing Information

We're pleased to offer the Nuova Simonelli Appia Life in the Majesty Coffee store for the most competitive prices online.

We have the Appia Life Compact starting at $6,200, the Appia Life Volumetric starting at $4,900, and the Appia Life Semiautomatic starting at $7,200. Prices vary depending on the number of group heads you choose.

We do, however, offer the Musica and the Aurelia 2 T3 models. Our Musica is available for a range of $2,245-3,240 depending on whether you choose it as a pour-over or direct-connect with or without LED edges.

On the other hand, our Aurelia 2 T3 ranges from $15,615-$17,415 depending on whether you get it as a semiautomatic with three groups or an automatic configuration with two groups.

If you'd like to learn more about any of the machines in this review, please click on the links below:

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