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How To Make Cold Brew At Home (Fast Recipe)

Ahhh: Cold brew coffee...

Don't you want to know how you can make it at home?

Read on and I'll show you!

A true coffee lover knows the ritual of getting their daily morning or afternoon cold brew at their local coffee shop. 

I'm an afternoon cold brew coffee girl, myself.

how to make cold brew coffee at home fast guide

I don’t remember life before cold brew, and frankly, I don’t want to. Making cold brew coffee at home can save you time, money, and most importantly, you can use your favorite coffee to make it. 

Cold brew coffee at home should save you time and money

Here, let me help you. It's super easy, friends.

In this article, I share everything you need to know to make a great cold brew coffee at home.

What is Cold Brew?

Cold brew is a cold or iced coffee made by steeping rough-cut, ground coffee beans in room temperature or cold water for 12 to 24 hours.

Hate reading? Watch my quick and easy "How to Make Cold Brew" video:

Steeped to taste, cold brew gets stronger the longer it's steeped.  If you like a lighter coffee, steep your grounds for 12-17 hours. 

Anything steeped between 18-24 hours makes a darker, richer coffee.

Lighter in calories than the average iced coffee, and a bit healthier than most coffee drinks, great cold brew has its own, dark signature flavor drawn out from the brewing process.

What Is The Difference Between Cold Brew and Iced Coffee?

People often confuse cold brew and iced coffee, thinking they're the same drink. False. 

Let me tell you, the quality of iced coffee just can’t compete with cold brew.

dont put extra water or ice in good cold brew

Traditional iced coffee is much simpler and faster to make.

Iced coffee is just hot brewed coffee that is poured over ice, or chilled.

Though it is faster, iced coffee is lighter and more watered-down than cold brew, thanks to the ice. 

cold brew is richer than iced coffee

Steeped for much longer than iced coffee is brewed, with cold brew, you get a cup of coffee that contains more of the natural flavors that are extracted from the beans. 

While cold brew doesn't contain as much caffiene when compared to most coffee drinks, the coffee isn't watered down with ice, so generally cold brew contains more caffeine than iced coffee. 

Longer steeped cold brew is an especially smoother and richer brew. It's a better, more rewarding coffee experience than iced coffee.

What is The Best Kind of Coffee for Cold Brew?

The best thing about making cold brew?

You can use any dark roasted beans, even if the beans aren’t fresh anymore.

Beans that are more than 2 weeks old can still make a great cup of cold brew! So while you can get the best coffee beans in the world, and have a great tasting cold brew coffee, you are OK skimping a bit for the cold brew making process. 

But if you’re like me, and your coffee beans are always used up before they get old, (shout out to us, caffeine addicts!), cold brew can also be made with a fresh batch of coffee beans.

You want to start with your favorite dark roasted beans, a dark roast or an espresso blend.

For coffee to be made into flavorful cold brew, make sure that the beans are rough-cut, or coarsely grounded.

You can do this using an at-home coffee grinder.

If you haven’t invested in a grinder yet, you can also use a food processor (desperate times call for desperate measures).

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee in 3 Easy Steps

As cold brew has become mainstream, there are many cold brew making kits on the market: don’t fall for them. 

Cold brew is easy!

I make my cold-brew using my handy French Press, but it can also be made with a simple mason jar and your favorite dark roasted, rough-cut beans. 

With these next few steps, you’ll be a cold brew making pro!

Get ready for the best coffee you’ve ever made...

Step 1: Create the coffee grounds mixture 

Using a French Press, a pitcher, or even a thrifty mason jar, add 4 cups of filtered, room temperature water to 1 cup of your dark roasted, medium-coarse coffee beans. Give the mixture a quick stir.

use a french press to make cold brew coffee at home

Step 2: Let the coffee mixture sit

This step is the hardest and requires the most patience. Cover the mixture and let the coffee sit at room temperature for 12-24 hours. Anything less than 12 hours will give you a weak and unsatisfying cup of cold brew, so trust me: be patient and let it sit, coffee friend.

Let your french press cold brew coffee to steep in the fridge

Step 3: Push the plunger and filter your coffee

If you are using a French Press, just press the filter down and pour your cold brew into a pitcher (or any liquid friendly container). If you aren’t using a French Press, use a sieve or a cheesecloth and pour over a pitcher. You want to filter your coffee to make sure you get your cold brew nice and smooth without the crunchy beans getting in the way.

Filter cold brew coffee with a french press

Enjoy Cold! You can store your cold brew up to 10 days in the fridge.

store home-made cold brew coffee in the fridge
homemade cold brew lasts 10 days in the fridge

No french press? No problem!

Check out this video about how to make delicious cold brew in a mason jar in a few easy steps:

And just like that, you’ve saved yourself $5 at your local coffee shop! 

With dark roasted beans and patience, you too can make a great cup of cold brew.

You're welcome. Get brewing!

Pour milk into homemade cold brew coffee for richness

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