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How Does Starbucks Make Cold Brew? (**Easy Recipe**)

Starbucks is a popular coffee icon. Want to know how Starbucks makes their famous cold brew coffee? Read on!

It's among the world's most popular retailers, marketers, and roasters of coffee. But who loves that Starbucks price tag?

My wallet doesn't.

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Starbucks is currently taking the coffee industry by storm with their arsenal of yummy cold brew cocktails. This refreshing twist on the iced coffee is pretty easy to make the Starbucks way. 

I'll tell you how they do it...

What Is Cold Brew Coffee?

So what is cold brew coffee anyway?

Cold brew coffee is an all-day cold coffee drink (not iced!) made with a heavily steeped coffee brew base. Cold brewing is contrary to the traditional coffee brewing method, which employs hot water.

starbucks cold brew coffee steeping

Cold brewing, as the term implies, uses cold or at least room temperature water for steeping. The entire process takes at least 12 hours.

What makes Starbucks cold brew especially potent? Starbucks steeps their cold brew for between 20 to 48 hours!

After steeping, the solution is then strained using either a cheese cloth, a coffee filter, or with a French press for a smooth and clean finish.

And since it's a coffee concentrate, one cold brew serving is usually a 50/50 solution with water.

Cold brew coffee can be served fresh, on ice (don't ruin your cold brew by watering it down with ice!), unsweetened, or with other tasty ingredients such cream and other coffee flavoring (typically vanilla).

starbucks cold brew facts

Why Drink Cold Brew Coffee?

You've already made your peace with the world drinking regular hot brewed coffee every morning before going to work.

So why switch up your morning routine with cold brew coffee?

Here's why:

  • It has a fuller mouthfeel
  • Smoother texture compared to hot brewed coffee
  • Less bitter and less acidic
  • Tastes great even when unsweetened
  • Nitro versions of cold brew are already sweet and creamy! 

Click here to learn more about nitro cold brew. The sweet and sexy cousin of regular cold brew!

Not convinced? Watch this video to learn about the health benefits of cold brew vs. traditional brewed coffee:

How To Make Cold Brew Like Starbucks

Most if not all of you will agree that cold brew tastes much better than regular iced coffee.

And for that, we also know that a lot of you love your Starbucks cold brew, and want to know how to make it at home.

Here's how!

  1. Buy Starbucks Cold Brew pitcher packs. Each carton of these product contains four pitcher packs.
  2. Place two pitcher packs of Starbucks Cold Brew inside a 2-liter jar or container with at least 24 fl.oz. capacity.
  3. Pour 1 liter of room temperature water.
  4. Cover the jar and place inside your refrigerator for a 24-hour steeping. Remove the packs and discard right away.
  5. Add three to four cups of water into the jar and stir. The amount of water to be added can depend on how strong you'd like to have your cold brew.
  6. Serve on ice or without it, unsweetened, or with some tasty add-ons.
  7. This method can yield up to six 8-ounce servings and is good for up to 10 days in your fridge.
  8. Enjoy!
bottle cold brew in glass

Want to make even better cold brew? Yes. Better than Starbucks. Click here to check out my cold brew at home recipe.

Get brewing!

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