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Coffee Shop Sales Ideas (10 Exciting Ideas for Your Sale)

Coffee Shop Sales Ideas

When you’re looking for a way to encourage new customers, a sale is always a good option. The deals could do an excellent job of convincing anyone who’s on the fence about your shop to wander in.

But with all the other sales out there, it can be hard to come up with one of your own that will stand out of the crowd. We’ve compiled a list of coffee shop sales ideas for you to help get the ball rolling.

Let’s take a look.

Why Should You Have Sales?

Think about all the times you’ve been interested in buying something, but worried that it cost too much. Did you ever tell yourself you were going to wait and see if it went on sale?

This is a strategy that many customers use, too. That’s the reason why Black Friday sales are so immensely popular, even in physical storefronts.

Just this past year, Americans spent more on Black Friday sales than ever before. Sales like these can be vital to a business.

These kinds of deals affect all aspects of your business, too, from getting new customers to retaining old ones to how people view your company.

In short, sales work. They pull in people who might have been eyeing your establishment from afar.

Coffee Shop Sales Ideas

Seasonal Merchandise Sales

In a previous post, we recommended selling merchandise in your coffee shop. It has the added benefit of giving you other avenues to make a profit from.

But it also gives you another foundation to build potential sales and deals on. You’ve probably seen back to school sales during the early fall, for example.

Depending on what kinds of merchandise you have, you could do something similar. For instance, if you’re selling hoodies and sweaters, you could do a “gear up for the fall” sale where those items are at a lower price.

Combine your seasonal sale with an online storefront, and you’ve got gold. Some studies have shown that 51% of Americans prefer shopping online, and that the vast majority (96%!) have made an online purchase.

Raising Awareness for Charity

Your customers will be helping the community when they spend in your coffee shop, and it will make them feel great.

Giving to a charitable cause is fantastic publicity for you. On top of benefiting the charity in question, you connect with your community by showing that their values matter to you, too.

But it has a bigger effect than just making you feel good. About 70% of millennials have said that they will feel more inclined to spend on brands that openly support causes.

With that in mind, you could make your sale about generosity. Offer drinks or certain merchandise at a reduced price with some of the proceeds going to charity.

Merge this with social media, too. If it was successful, announce at the end of the sale how much was donated and make sure to thank your customers for their giving nature.

That way, your customers will be helping the community when they spend in your coffee shop, and it will make them feel great.

Customer Appreciation Bargains

Your customers are a crucial part of your continued success. Why not thank them for their loyalty?

One interesting idea is to have a customer appreciation sale. The options are endless here.

You could figure out what some of your top sellers are and have a sale on those items. Or you could add a little extra to any order, like a second drink for half off or a free pastry.

Consider going the extra mile and making an impression by having a thank you written on each paper cup. You could even have thank you coupons for your customers.

These efforts will make your customers see how much they matter to you, which won’t go unnoticed.

Sweeten a Popular Event with Deals

We’ve recommended hosting events before. They’re wonderful for piquing your city’s interest in your business and working together with the community.

Beyond that, they’re prime time for some kind of sale. You’ll already have visitors coming for the event, so it’s an opportunity to capitalize on the increased traffic.

You could make whatever the sale is pair with the event. If you’re having game night, for example, think about having cheap snacks for your guests to nibble on.

Have a Shop “Birthday” Bash

Founding your shop and keeping it running is a momentous event worthy of celebration.

People like to have a reason to celebrate. Founding your shop and keeping it running is a momentous event worthy of celebration.

Think about having some kind of birthday bash sale to commemorate the anniversary of your coffee shop. To celebrate, have your baristas craft new and intriguing recipes or use some old classics in the sale.

If you wanted, you could even treat it a little like a birthday. Use some colorful décor, bake cupcakes to sell, or put a sign on the sidewalk out front with a handwritten happy birthday message.

Maybe even all of the above. You can give your customers a reason to celebrate.

Holiday Deals and Gifts

Holidays are a huge part of the average person’s yearly spending. Surveys have shown that the average customer actually spends over $1,000 on holiday gifts for their loved ones.

This is another sparkling opportunity for you. You could have a few sales during popular festive holidays, such as those in the winter.

Since people will be on the hunt for gifts, look into offering gift cards or merchandise in your sale. These items are perfect stocking stuffers for fans of your coffee shop.

Ideas for Promoting Your Upcoming Sale

Planning your sale is just half the battle. Getting the word out and boosting awareness is another integral step.

Fortunately, we’ve got some ideas for signal boosting, too.

Have Signage Outside

With some chalk and an artistic flair, you could produce an adorable sign that people won't be able to miss.

Plenty of local business have those cute handwritten chalkboard signs on the sidewalk by their front door. It looks homemade, down-to-earth, and trendy.

If you’re located in a place where there’s a lot of foot traffic, a sign is the perfect way to catch the eye of passersby. With some chalk and an artistic flair, you could produce an adorable sign that people won’t be able to miss.

It’s a wonderful and Pinterest-worthy path to increased awareness of your sale.

Spread the Word on Social Media

These days, just about everyone has a smartphone and a connection to everyone else in the world through it. The vast majority of the people you know likely have a social media account of some kind – if not multiple.

We spend a large amount of our time on these accounts. How much exactly?

Some studies have indicated that people spend an average of three hours a day on social media. That’s why it’s a smart place to advertise for your sale.

Don’t be limited to just one platform, either. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are just the tip of the iceberg.

You could create a YouTube account for your coffee shop, too, where you share recipes and parts of your day with interested followers. It’s potentially another opportunity to boost the hype for your sale.

Ask Your Customers

If you need some inspiration, turn to the people who spend at your establishment. After a sale, have polls or posts asking how your patrons felt about it.

Did they think it was a success? What did they like or what didn’t they like?

You could even ask them what they would like to see in the future. It’s possible one of your customers has an idea that could turn out to be a huge win for your coffee shop.

Plus, it never hurts to give your customers a voice. Listening to them shows you care about their interests and want to make a place they’ll love to go.

Post Advertisements Locally

You’ve posted on your social media account and you’ve got a sign out front. Now what?

If those things aren’t enough, think about working with some businesses nearby yours. Check with bars or restaurants to see if they would be okay with you putting up flyers for your upcoming sale in their building.

Many businesses like this have bulletin boards or counters displaying advertisements and flyers. If your coffee shop has something like this, you could also offer to do the same for other businesses.

Or ask an office building if they’d be willing to put up a flyer in the employee breakroom.

Drum up some additional interest by putting an exclusive hashtag on these ads. If a customer sees one and uses the hashtag online, you could potentially do a giveaway to one random person who used it on the day of the sale.

It’s an opportunity to forge bonds with companies around you.

Wrap Up

The bottom line is, sales attract people. Coffee shops can sometimes have a reputation for being too expensive, and by holding a sale, you can prove to anyone unsure about stopping by that it’s worth it.

Make a good impression during the sale, and you could keep people coming back for more.

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