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Victoria Arduino Eagle One Review (What Your Business Needs to Know)

Victoria Arduino Eagle 1

If you’re on the lookout for an espresso machine that will undoubtedly wow your customers, you really can’t go wrong with a Victoria Arduino. In general, this manufacturer makes stunningly gorgeous models that are truly dressed to impress.

What’s more, Victoria Arduino machines tend to be high-tech and high-quality. Is that the case with Victoria Arduino’s Eagle One?

In this Victoria Arduino Eagle One review, we’ll take an in-depth look at this machine. Here’s what you can expect to learn:

  • Important Eagle One features and why they’re important.
  • Potential alternatives to the Victoria Arduino Eagle One.
  • Background information on Victoria Arduino.

Let’s dive in.

Quick Summary

Victoria Arduino Eagle One

Victoria Arduino Eagle One Side

With nothing more than a look, you can tell that the Victoria Arduino Eagle One means business. Sold in 2- or 3-group configurations, this is one speedy espresso machine. It’s also packed to the brim with all kinds of technology that will make it a barista’s darling, such as an EasyCream system that makes steaming effortless.

Important Features and How they Affect You

Soft Infusion System

Every single step of the brewing process matters when it comes to espresso. It’s important that every step of the process is attended to, or you could easily end up with an inferior-tasting shot.

That’s precisely why the Eagle One has a refined Soft Infusion System, also known as SIS. It helps guarantee consistent quality in your beverages by evening out the grounds in the portafilter prior to extraction.

By releasing a gentle stream of water before full pressure is applied, any irregularities in tamping are erased. The result is a full-bodied and flavorful espresso that your customers are sure to remember.

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New Engine Optimization (NEO)

Saving on your expenses is simply part of efficiently running a business. If your day-to-day costs are too high, you’re sacrificing profits that could otherwise go towards investing in your establishment.

The Victoria Arduino Eagle One can help you with that, too. Its engine has been optimized, ensuring the machine runs as efficiently as possible.

This leads to less energy consumption. As the machine consumes less energy, it will also cost less to operate than other unoptimized espresso machines.

Thermal Energy Recovery System (TERS)

One thing that truly makes the Eagle One a cut above many of its predecessors is the implication of a new Thermal Energy Recovery System. Like with the engine optimization, this system is designed to maximize efficiency.

Rather than wasting its discharged water, the Eagle One takes that water and uses it to heat up incoming water. Basically, the Eagle One recycles water.

In terms of numbers, that leads to this espresso machine using 8% less. This could potentially lower your utility bill, and it’s also environmentally friendly. The Eagle One is an espresso machine you can use with a crystal-clear conscious.


Watch a seasoned barista use an espresso machine, and you’ll see them doing something that could seem strange: running the espresso machine after pulling a shot. This could look wasteful, but it has its purpose.

The process of running water through your portafilter in between brew cycles is called purging. It helps clean out the portafilter and promotes thermal stability in your water.

In the middle of a busy shift, it’s easy to forget to do this. Even if you remember to do it, you may use more water than necessary, leading to wastefulness.

To protect you from that outcome, the Eagle One has an auto-purge function. The espresso machine will purge itself automatically, covering your barista if they happen to forget and freeing them up to attend to other matters.

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Cool-Touch Steam Wand

Victoria Arduino Eagle One Steam Wand

Any barista who has significant experience with an espresso machine has probably received a burn from the steam wand at least once. Whether it was from accidentally brushing up against it or due to cleaning it, the steam wand can produce painful injuries. It can easily become a real workplace menace for your baristas.

The good news is, Victoria Arduino solved that issue, too. No matter how long your employees use the steam wand, it will remain cool to the touch.

There are so many benefits to this. The first is obvious: employees can safely clean the steam wand and handle it without risk of injury.

However, another benefit is that milk doesn’t crust to the surface of the wand because it’s not hot. This means that your employees are able to save a little bit of time that would otherwise be spent scraping milk crust off the wand.

Ergonomic Steam Switch

Old-fashioned espresso machines used a popular steam wand design that had baristas twisting a valve to generate steam. This design works just fine, and you’ll still see it on espresso machines today.

However, over hours and hours of twisting a knob, your wrist can become sore. Further down the line, this repeated strain can even hurt your wrists.

That’s where the Eagle One’s ergonomic steam switch comes into play. Look above the steam wand, and you’ll see a switch. Simply push the switch to generate steam – no wrist strain involved.


Frothing milk might just be one of the hardest parts of making a milk-based espresso drink, such as a latte. You have to hold the pitcher at just the right angle and submerge the steam wand just enough to properly aerate the milk.

Perfecting milk frothing takes time and practice, not to mention failure along the way. While you want to be patient with employees learning the ropes, you don’t want customers to receive subpar drinks.

The Eagle One’s EasyCream system resolves the issue. Regardless of your employee’s skill level, the auto-steamer on the machine ensures consistent foam across the board.

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Programmable Hot Water Dispenser

More likely than not, your business serves more than just coffee to your customers. Your menu probably has drinks such as freshly brewed tea, which requires hot water.

Most espresso machines can dispense hot water, including the Eagle One. This in and of itself is not a remarkable feature.

What makes it remarkable is that the Eagle One’s water dispenser allows you to program two different doses in it. This means you can program the machine to dispense the right amount of water time after time.

Your employees won’t need to spend time measuring out the proper dose for an Americano or a tea. You can leave it to the Eagle One.

Color Options

Whether you own a coffee shop, restaurant, spa, or hotel, you’ve spent time and effort cultivating the perfect atmosphere for your clientele. An important aspect of that is the look of your business.

A small bonus to the Victoria Arduino is that it’s available in different colors. Of course, if you purchased it in the basic steel color, it would still look stunning. However, having the option of perfectly matching your espresso machine to your business’s décor could help leave a favorable impression on your customers.

Comparable Alternatives

Victoria Arduino White Eagle Digit

Victoria Arduino White Eagle Digit Espresso Machine

See in store.

One thing that can be said about Victoria Arduino is that they are truly pioneers in the world of espresso machines. It makes sense that the best comparison would be another Victoria Arduino model such as the White Eagle Digit.

Like with the Eagle One, it gives the option of choosing two or three group heads. This increases its brewing speed, allowing you to pull more shots at one time.

Here are some other important features of the White Eagle Digit:

  • It’s sold in a few different color combinations to blend into more settings.
  • The ability to program up to four different doses in each group head, so you can pull consistent shots for various drink recipes.
  • An energy-saving auto-off feature that you can use to program a shut-off and turn-on time for the machine.

Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Gravimetric

Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Gravimetric

See in store.

The Black Eagle takes Victoria Arduino’s technological advances to new extremes. It incorporates an innovative gravimetric technology that measures the weight of the espresso in the cup.

This makes it one of the most precise espresso machines you’ll find on the market. Any variations in drinks made by different employees will be eradicated.

Plus, this is one of the most visually versatile espresso machines out there. You can get it in several different colors with different trim, so you can be sure it looks precisely as you want it to.

These are some other key components of the Black Eagle:

  • Textured side panels that make the espresso machine look like it has folded wings.
  • T3 Technology that gives your baristas total control over all the machine’s heating elements.
  • Cool-touch wands to protect employees from surprise burns.

About the Brand

You might be asking yourself: just who is Victoria Arduino? What reason do you have to trust them as a brand?

Here’s the answer, in brief: Victoria Arduino is one of the most experienced espresso machine manufacturers on the market today. They’ve been around since 1905.

Their entire existence has been dedicated to making machines that reduce waste, keep baristas comfortable, and look beautiful.

Ideal Uses

Like many other Victoria Arduino espresso machines, the Eagle One was evidently made for professional settings. Although you could purchase it for your home if you wanted to, its technologically advanced features and speed make it best for medium to large businesses.

If you’re a busy coffee shop, restaurant, or hotel, this machine could be a great match for you.

What Customers Say

Currently, we do not have any customer feedback regarding the Eagle One. We’re confident in the quality of this machine, though.

Victoria Arduino machines are often used in world barista championships. With over 100 years of experience in making competition-quality machines beloved by baristas around the world, you can be certain Victoria Arduino produced another world-class machine with the Eagle One.

Pricing Information

At Majesty Coffee, nothing gives us greater pleasure than providing the best deals to our customers. We offer the best espresso machines for the lowest prices online.

Our Victoria Arduino Eagle One, for instance, is available for $16,650 for the 2-group configuration and $19,350 for the 3-group configuration. You can also find the Black Eagle Gravimetric in our store for $23,850-30,105 and our White Eagle Digit for $13,050-15,375 depending on the number of group heads.

Do you have any questions about the espresso machines in this review? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 888-978-5224.

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