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Victoria Ardiuno Black Eagle Review (What Your Business Should Know…)

How will you know if the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle is the right espresso machine for your business? By the end of this review, you'll have a detailed picture of the ins and outs of this machine so that you can decide with confidence.

Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Volumetric VA-BE-Vol-Model-2&3gr-02

Here are all the elements we'll be covering:

  • The Black Eagle's key features and what they mean for you.
  • Advice on which machine configuration will benefit your business the most.
  • The brand's history and an assessment of its reliability.
  • How the Black Eagle compares to similar models.
  • Which operations this machine is most advantageous for.

Let's get started...

Quick Summary

Victoria Arduino Black Eagle

Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Espresso Machine

Few commercial espresso machines boast the kind of technology that can completely transform espresso production and create a new level of precision. With the option of gravimetric technology, a T3 thermal regulation system and combined volumetric and manual dosing, the Black Eagle is the perfect choice for high-volume specialty coffee shops looking for Barista Championship quality.

Key Features And What They Mean

T3 System

T3 technology gives the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle a comprehensive temperature management system rarely seen in other espresso machines.

Espresso production has many variables baristas are trained to manage. Temperature stability is a vital one, but it's often down to the machine and not the barista, making it difficult to control.

Thanks to its "smart" T3 technology, the Black Eagle allows the barista to set the temperatures for the brew groups, water infusion and steam through several independent copper boilers.

The result is unprecedented thermal accuracy, giving baristas the power to pull only the most perfect espresso shots.

t3 espresso machine technology

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Gravimetric Technology

The Black Eagle's trailblazing gravimetric technology sets this model apart from any other commercial espresso machine. In fact, a closer look at this tech puts it squarely in its own class.

The gravimetric system features a built-in scale in the drip tray to weigh each espresso shot for the ultimate quality control. Not only can baristas program brewing by weight for optimal results, they can also track it with unparalleled precision.

This mechanical innovation is the most accurate and flexible measurement system for espresso extraction currently available, and a revolutionary answer to inconsistency issues.

*Note that the gravimetric technology is only available in the Black Eagle Gravimetric (more details on this configuration below).

Volumetric Dosing

Businesses with high customer traffic depend on volumetric dosing to keep up with demand.

When the barista programs the desired espresso volumes, the machine intelligently extracts every espresso according to programming all day long. Every shot will be pulled at the accurate volume, regardless of shift changes, skill level and operation by different baristas throughout the day.

With this automatic dosing, baristas have more time to spend working on other drink orders or getting that much-needed face time with customers that will help build your brand.

Manual Dosing

Not every volumetric machine comes with a manual dosing option. This is one of the features that makes the Black Eagle a favorite of professional baristas.

Manual dosing requires baristas to start and stop the brew cycle, which gives them the opportunity to customize espresso on demand. However, manual brewing takes skill and greater focus than automated volumetric dosing and may not be ideal as a sole function in busier settings.

Having both volumetric and manual options provides access to the best of both worlds and ensures that all users can expertly operate the machine.

LED Screen

LED screen on victoria arduino black eagle

The Black Eagle's LED screen is a sophisticated communication channel between the machine and the user, providing vital data in real time.

The user can monitor the temperatures of the boilers and the brew groups as well as timing and espresso volume to oversee the brewing process and ensure product quality.

Cool Touch Wands

Typical steam wands reach high temperatures that can easily burn baristas while they're cleaning the wands after use, and many baristas have the marks to prove it.

Cool Touch wands are designed with thermal insulation that prevents temperatures from reaching that level, offering users a safer, more comfortable experience.

Another pro is that the cooler temperature prevents milk from caking onto the steam wands after milk frothing, making them much easier to keep clean.

cool touch wands

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Soft Infusion System

The Black Eagle's soft infusion system is a creative method of settling the coffee before the brew cycle is triggered.

Soft infusion refers to a pre-infusion approach to espresso extraction in which a gentle stream of water is released to saturate the coffee before the water is dosed at full pressure.

This method guards against uneven tamping that could throw off the extraction and prevents channeling that would leave areas of the coffee untouched during the brew cycle. 

In short, it auto-corrects for human and machine error.

Reverse Mirror

With a back plate mirror, baristas can monitor the entire brew cycle from every angle, from start to finish.

Visual monitoring of the espresso is essential for tracking the stages of extraction and making sure that only an outstanding product reaches the customer.

The Black Eagle's conveniently built-in mirror makes this all the more accessible to baristas. Simple but highly effective for quality management.

Different Configurations

Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Volumetric

Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Volumetric VA-BE-Vol-Model-2&3gr-02

The Black Eagle Volumetric is the standard high-tech model with automatic dosing and sophisticated functionality that baristas adore. 

In addition to the features described above, the Black Eagle Volumetric comes with the following:

  • Push pull steam (ergonomic steam trigger)
  • Automated cleanings
  • Energy saving options
  • Bar pump gauge

This configuration of the Black Eagle is available in two-group and three-group models. 

Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Gravimetric

Victoria Arduino Black Eagle Gravimetric

This is the Black Eagle configuration with the highly sought-after gravimetric system, offering baristas unprecedented mastery of the brew process and final product.

One of the aspects of the Black Eagle Gravimetric that makes it so exceptional is that the data it provides is unaffected by external factors like an accidental bump of the drip tray.

If you want all the functionality of the Black Eagle Volumetric with the addition of this groundbreaking measurement system, the Gravimetric model is for you.

Like the Volumetric model, the Gravimetric comes in two-group and three-group options.

Comparable Alternatives

Due to the pioneering nature of the Black Eagle, there aren't really any models that can be fairly compared to it.

That being said, Victoria Arduino's White Eagle may be the closest relative of the Black Eagle.

Victoria Arduino White Eagle Digit

Victoria Arduino White Eagle Digit

The White Eagle Digit comes in two-group and three-group options and has many features in common with the Black Eagle:

  • Volumetric and manual dosing
  • LCD display
  • Cool Touch wands
  • Soft infusion system
  • Power saving options

But the White Eagle doesn't come with many of the features that make the Black Eagle so advanced, including gravimetric and T3 thermal technology.

However, depending on your business, the White Eagle can potentially be another option.

Victoria Arduino White Eagle T3

Victoria Arduino White Eagle T3

The White Eagle T3 does have T3 technology, but it doesn't come with the gravimetric system that takes precision to a whole new level.

It's a lower-cost option next to the Black Eagle if you're looking for a T3 machine. Just bear in mind that though it's an excellent espresso machine, it's a different animal entirely.

About the Brand

Victoria Arduino was founded in 1905 by Pier Teresio Arduino. His dream to bring the world elegant, technologically advanced espresso equipment remains the focus of the brand today.

From 2015 to 2017 Victoria Arduino was the official partner of the World Barista Championship, a prestigious title every barista recognizes. Check out Victoria Arduino's other brilliant models like the stunning Adonis and Venus Bar.

Ideal Machine Applications

The businesses positioned to benefit the most from the Black Eagle are large coffee shops and cafes that build their reputations on the highest standards of quality possible.

Because different espresso machine configurations are best for specific types of applications, it's important to consider your own professional requirements.

The Black Eagle Gravimetric is the machine for specialty coffee shops while the Black Eagle Volumetric excels in a diversity of high-volume environments, from coffee shops to restaurants and even corporate offices. 

If you're thinking about entering barista competitions and championships, the Gravimetric is the answer.

What Customers Say

Victoria Arduino espresso machines are widely regarded as top-of-the-line in technological innovation and artistry.

These machines blend functionality and beauty, giving our customers the opportunity to elevate the cafe atmosphere and cultivate a truly remarkable experience for their clientele.


At Majesty Coffee, we conduct a careful analysis of every machine to bring you the most affordable prices for cutting-edge technology.

We proudly offer the two-group Black Eagle Volumetric in elegant chrome for $24,000 and the three-group for $27,000 (prices vary for other color options).

Our two-group and three-group Black Eagle Gravimetric machines are available in chrome for $26,500 to $33,450. Prices are adjusted for more color options.

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