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Ninja CE251 vs CE201: Which One Should You Get?

Ninja CE251 vs CE201

Are you trying to decide between the Ninja CE251 and CE201? They look almost exactly the same, so it’s easy to get them mixed up.

In this comparison, we’ll be diving into the similarities between these Ninja coffee makers. We’ll also cover the differences between them and what you should consider before buying either one. By the end of this post, you should know which Ninja coffee machine is right for you.

Let’s get started.


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Ninja CE251

Ninja CE201


Ninja CE251 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Brewer with Permanent Filter, 2 Brew Styles Classic & Rich, Adjustable Warming Plate, 60 oz. Removable Water Reservoir, 24-hr Delay Brew &, Black/Stainless Steel

Ninja 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker with Classic and Rich Brews, 60 oz. Water Reservoir, and Thermal Flavor Extraction (CE201), Black/Stainless Steel

Water Tank Capacity

60 oz

60 oz

Carafe Size



Programmable Brewing



Reusable Filter





Plastic, rubber, metal

Brew Pause



Ideal Uses




The Ninja CE251 is your standard Ninja coffee machine, designed for your convenience. Able to brew small or large batches, you can use it to brew enough for a group or just enough to satisfy your caffeine cravings. You can even program it to brew a cup up to 24 hours in advance, making it the perfect choice for home users in need of a convenient and easy coffee machine.

If you were to put the CE201 next to the CE251, you probably wouldn’t notice the difference. Indeed, this coffee maker gives you all the same convenient features as the former, with the added benefit of being made from extra durable materials like rubber and metal in addition to plastic. This could be the choice for you if you want a tougher coffee machine for your home.


Programmable Brewing

Oftentimes, you’re in a rush in the morning as you get ready for work or school. In the midst of a rush, you may not have the ability to stop and brew a fresh cup of coffee.

These Ninja brewers help save you time you would otherwise spend brewing in the morning. They both have programmable brewing, which means you can set up the coffee machines to brew a carafe up to 24 hours in advance.

That means, before you go to bed at night, you can put your coffee grounds and water in, then set your machine to brew. If you set the brewing time for the next morning, you could wake up to find your house filled with the aroma of freshly made coffee. No need to struggle to make it yourself while you hurry through your routine.

Water Tank Capacity

Another thing about making coffee that can take up your time is having to refill the water tank. All coffee machines have water tanks because water is vital for making coffee.

However, not all water tanks are equal. They come in a range of sizes, which means they can hold more or less water depending on the size you get. A coffee machine with a bigger size can make more cups before it needs a refill.

Both these Ninjas have 60-ounce water tanks. This is quite a large size and means either one can make up to 12 cups before they require a refill.

Removable Water Tanks

You know now that the CE251 and CE201 both have 60-ounce water tanks. However, the water tanks on these machines have an additional feature designed for your convenience: the ability to be removed.

How is that helpful to you?

Well, imagine you needed to refill the water tank on either one. If the water tank was permanently attached to the machine, you’d have to carry the entire thing to your sink or bring a large pitcher of water over to pour in.  This is clearly not an efficient setup.

That’s what makes the fact that you can remove the water tank so helpful. You can just slide the tank out and carry it to your sink for an easy refill.

Warming Plates

Unless you order or make it over ice, a cold coffee is disappointing. When it’s hot, it warms you up and energizes you. But when it’s cold, it tastes old or forgotten.

These Ninja coffee makers are prepared to keep each carafe you brew warm for as long as possible, so you have more time to savor each cup. This is because they have built-in warming plates, which are heating elements that rest beneath the pot.

With the warming plates, every single pot of coffee can stay warm for hours. If you’re drinking it alone or with a group of people that likes to sip slowly, this means you can take your time and be sure your pot will still be hot and when you return to it for more.

Flavor Straws

Have you ever had cups of coffee from the same pot that taste different from each other? For instance, your first one might be just fine, while the second tastes watery and weak.

This might be because, while brewing, the coffee wasn’t circulated and mixed well. Fortunately, this issue is a thing of the past with either of these Ninja coffee makers.

In the center of the carafe, there’s a flavor straw. While the machine brews coffee, the straw forces it all to intermingle, ensuring all cups are consistent in flavor.

Brew Pause

Sadly, carafes of coffee do not brew instantly. It takes a minimum of several minutes for a coffee machine to make an entire pot, which can be a frustratingly long wait for some.

Don’t have time to wait? The CE251 and CE201 both come equipped with a brew pause function. In the middle of brewing, you can use the pause to stop the flow of liquid, pour yourself a cup, and then resume brewing once the carafe is back in place.

This is perfect for those mornings when you just can’t wait for your first cup of the day.

Permanent Filters

Traditionally, a coffee machine required you to buy tons of paper filters, especially if you used it regularly. Over time, this could lead to a high cost and, of course, waste as you throw away the grounds-filled papers.

The CE251 and CE201 both save you from having to invest in an excess of paper filters. Each one includes permanent filters that you can use repeatedly, time after time.

Carafe Size

If you’re looking to make large batches of coffee to share or sip on over the course of a day, you’ll be interested in the carafe size of any machine. For the CE251 and CE201, the size of the carafe is equal: 12 cups.

This is more than enough to serve a pretty large group or to last you for hours. Furthermore, you don’t have to brew 12 cups every time if you don’t want to; the carafes can also be used to brew smaller sized batches for personal servings.

That kind of flexibility can help you prevent waste. You’ll always be able to make exactly as much coffee as you need when you need it, rather than brewing too much or too little.



Frankly, there aren’t many differences between these two Ninja coffee makers. One difference, however, is the materials each one is made from.

The CE251 is made entirely from plastic. This will give it a nice lightweight feel, but some might not like it because of concerns related to durability.

On the other hand, the CE201 is made from a combination of plastic, metal, and rubber. If you’re looking for something that feels a little more long-lasting, these materials could be preferable.


Size is the final aspect in which these coffee makers differ. The CE251 measures at 9.96 x 10.55 x 14.61 inches, while the CE201 measures at 8.74 x 9.94 x 14.61 inches.

In other words, the CE201 is just a bit smaller than the CE251. If you’re really low on space, this could make a difference for you. For most people, however, the difference is so minimal, it’s not likely to be to noticeable.

Which One Should You Get?

So, which one should you get: the CE251 or the CE201? As both are almost identical, your decision is honestly a bit more difficult.

If you’re really concerned about materials, you might prefer the CE201 because it uses metal and rubber components in addition to plastic. Many don’t like the feel of plastic appliances, so that might matter to you.

In terms of size, you might also want the CE201 if you’re looking for a more compact model. This might be the case if your kitchen is crowded.

In all other aspects, though, these coffee makers are the same. You’ll get the same level of performance from either one, or the same functions. For that reason, we can’t recommend one over the other – which one you’ll choose is up to you.

If you’d like to dive deeper into them, you can check out both coffee makers here:

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