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Ditting KR804 Review – Is This Grinder Right for Your Business?


Assessing whether the Ditting KR804 is right for your business? This review is going to help you understand the details of this retail coffee grinder to get you closer to your decision.

We're going to cover...

  • Key features you need to know about and what they mean for you.
  • Different configurations available for the Ditting KR804.
  • A little on the brand's background so you know if it's reliable.
  • Comparisons of the KR804 with similar models.
  • Which operations to buy this machine for.

Let's get started...

Quick Summary

Ditting KR804

Ditting KR804 Commercial Coffee Grinder

Known for incredible durability, cool grinding, and high efficiency, this commercial coffee grinder is virtually unmatched. Built for low-volume locations, its configurations are ideal for coffee shops, labs, and restaurants looking for little to no cool-down period for back-to-back grinding.

Key Features And What They Mean

Ditting Grinding Discs

With 80 mm flat burrs, The Ditting KR804 is a powerful coffee grinder.

The special design of the sharpened Ditting grinding discs lends a hand in maintaining a cool grinding environment. In fact, the size of the burrs alone enhances the cool grinding—larger discs make fewer rotations, reducing friction, heat, and static.

If you want the greatest uniformity in coffee particle size when you grind, the flat burrs will make this possible.

Whereas conical burr grinders produce bimodal particles that emphasize brighter features of the coffee, flat burr grinders make uniform particles that meld the coffee's flavors together. 

Segmenting grinding into multiple steps, the innovative Ditting grinding discs achieve unparalleled particle uniformity.

Finally, Ditting outfits every model with grinding discs that won't burn out easily. The KR804's will go through up to a jaw-dropping 15,000 pounds of coffee before needing replacement.

Stepless Grind Adjustment

Adjust your fineness settings from Turkish coffee or espresso-fine to French press coarse in one smooth motion. There are no preset notches on this grinder, so you can fine-tune your adjustments from a 100 to 900 micron range with total fluidity.

As a retail coffee grinder, this model is made to grind coffee for your customers to take home from your shop.

Since stepless grind adjustment lets you make the smallest of adjustments, what they really allow you to do is grind for a wide variety of coffee makers and methods with the utmost precision.

Something your customers will appreciate.

This also means that you can grind for your own filter coffee brewing needs with the very same precision.

A quick note about the Turkish coffee setting: If you plan to use this setting frequently, the Ditting KR1203 is specifically equipped for the job.

Bag Holder

A good retail coffee grinder should have a bag holder. This will clip the bag in place so that you don't have to stand around and hold it while the machine grinds.

The KR804's bag holder will let you get to other tasks that need immediate attention. There's no need to waste a full minute waiting by the grinder if multitasking is important in your business (and it probably is).

When all the beans are ground, use the tapping device to knock the rest of the grounds into the bag and clear out the chute.

Vibration Plate

The vibrating plate on the KR804 starts to shake when the grinder is activated.

Automatically settling the coffee in the bag, this plate is key in making the fluffy grounds more compact to fit in the bag.

Because it's an automated function of the machine, this eliminates the manual step and saves you time. For coffee shops, timing is everything.

Standard Retail Grinder Hopper

The hopper can hold about 1.1 pounds of coffee beans, a standard capacity for retail grinders.

It's the perfect capacity for those one-pound retail bags, leaving a little extra room to ensure that there's no spillage.

Specialized Motor

On average, the KR804 grinds one pound of coffee per minute with a .65 kW motor. This is a fairly moderate speed, not slow by any means, but not the fastest.

What makes the grinding impressive is that the motor is expertly designed to create a larger grinding capacity even at finer grind settings.

In other words, the Ditting KR804 handles finer grind settings better than many—if not most—other grinders on the market with a faster cool-down.

As a result, you can use this grinder continuously even on some of the finest settings, which is important in a higher volume establishment.

This premium feature truly sets the KR804 apart.

Overload Protection

The overload protection feature on the Ditting safeguards the grinder when electrical circuitry issues arise.

A power surge can easily damage your equipment. This is why the overload protection is installed—to add to the grinder's durability.

Safety features vary from grinder to grinder. Keeping the motor in good condition, this one is seen in many top-quality grinders.

Different Configurations

Ditting KR804 Standard

The standard KR804 model is the option for grinding directly into both retail bags and filters for drip coffee service.

This configuration comes with a standard vibration plate that is quite easy to clean. This is not only time-saving, but good for quality as you can easily minimize exposure to older grounds from different batches.

Whether you need a grinder for large batch brewing, French press, or pour-overs, the KR804 is a flexible option.

Like other Ditting models, the KR804 is known for its durability and precision and will grind a whopping 30 pounds per day.

It's a powerful machine worth every penny as a long-term investment.

Ditting KR804 Modified

The modified version of the KR804 is the model for anyone in need of a grinder that can grind directly into a container that isn't a retail bag (or perhaps even a coffee filter).

Its vibration plate is not connected to the motor. Instead, it's mounted to the housing, minimizing noise level and excess vibration.

Otherwise, the modified KR804 provides the same features and functions as the standard KR804, able to grind up to 30 pounds of coffee in a day.

Because it opens up grinding options for coffee filters, cans, and other containers, it's perfect for shops doing cuppings and single-cup brewing.

Comparable Alternatives

Mahlkonig Tanzania Filter Coffee Grinder

It's a very different grinder, but the Mahlkonig Tanzania has many features that are more or less shared with the Ditting.

These features include:

  • Turkish-style grinding
  • 80 mm flat burrs
  • Bag holder
  • Bag shaker

Like the Ditting KR804, the Mahlkonig Tanzania is capable of some super fine grinding. The Tanzania has a fairly powdery Turkish-style setting, though it isn't a true Turkish grind.

Here are some key Tanzania features that separate it from the Ditting:

  • 1.2 to 2 pound grinding capacity per minute
  • 1.6 pound hopper
  • Larger 3.3 pound hopper option

The Tanzania is quicker, but despite its cooling fan, it will need more resting time than the Ditting if you're grinding fairly continuously.

Though the Tanzania is made with high-quality components, its burrs do not come with the same longevity as the Ditting KR804's.

However, it's an excellent alternative to the standard Ditting KR804 for a medium-volume cafe.

Mahlkonig Guatemala GUA710 Filter Coffee Grinder

Like the Ditting KR804, the Mahlkonig Guatemala comes in configurations that adapt to different locations.

The Guatemala's unique customizable options include:

  • Foldable table (for a coffee lab or single-portion grinding)
  • Raised outlet height
  • Self-service option
  • Filter coffee basket holder

This grinder can do large batch brewing, single-cup grinding, and more. It is, however, more basic in its grind settings.

Of the two models, the Ditting KR804 is the better option for as fine as Turkish-style grinding.

The Guatemala does grind at the same speed as the Ditting KR804, but the Ditting still has the more robust grinding discs that will outlast the Guatemala's.

If you're looking for an alternative to the modified Ditting KR804 that can be customized for coffee labs, the Guatemala is a good place to start.

mahlkonig ek43 filter coffee grinder

If what matters to you most is grinding speed, the Mahlkonig EK43 is another grinder worth your consideration.

It shares a number of similar features with the Ditting KR804 including the following:

  • Bag holder.
  • Stepless grind adjustment.
  • Large, flat burrs.

The EK43 also has a bevy of other qualities that make it convenient in high-volume grinding environments. It has a knock-off device that clears the chute and knocks any lingering grounds into the bag, ensuring your customers get exactly as much as they pay for. 

One upgrade the EK43 makes is in the size of its burrs. These burrs are positively massive at 98mm, allowing the grinder to produce up to almost three pounds of Turkish-fine grounds per hour.

About the Brand

The Swiss company Ditting is well known for making high-performance grinders that hold up in heavy wear-and-tear conditions like champions.

Founded in Zurich, Switzerland in 1928, the company actually started in automobile manufacturing and started making finely crafted commercial grinders in 1954.

Ditting's retail grinders come with an ETL Sanitation Seal and meet NSF-8 standards in the U.S. They're durable high-end grinders for commercial locations. 

Their accuracy and cool grinding set a new standard for the industry.

Ideal Machine Applications

Ditting's KR804 configurations are both ideal in low-volume establishments. But each configuration has its advantages in specific locations.

The standard KR804 is perfect for small coffee shops. The modified KR804, on the other hand, is ideal for pour-over bars, labs, and restaurants.

The more specialized your needs, the more likely you'll prefer the modified KR804. But both configurations are designed for low-volume businesses.

What Customers Say

Our Ditting grinders are brand new, and we're excited to add them to our premium selection.

We love feedback from our customers. It helps us provide superior service to others searching for the perfect coffee equipment and lets us know that we're meeting our own high standards of service.

Currently, we're awaiting feedback on our Ditting models, but we feel confident in the reliability of these grinders and the exceptional experience they offer.


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