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Ditting KF1800 Review – Is This Grinder Ideal For Your Business?


You're scoping out the Ditting KF1800 but you're not sure if it's right for your business yet. This review is going to provide you with all the crucial details about this industrial coffee grinder to help you decide.

Here's what you're going to learn...

  • What the key features on the Ditting KF1800 are and how they work.
  • Brand background and Ditting's industry reputation.
  • How the Ditting KF1800 compares to models with similar features.
  • Which operations this commercial coffee grinder supports.

Let's dive in...

Quick Summary

Ditting KF1800

Ditting KF1800 Industrial Coffee Grinder

Built for unmatched speed, power, and longevity, the Ditting KF1800 is a commercial coffee grinder for higher volume roasteries. With a compact design, it's ideal for small roasting plants that need to keep up with high demand.

Key Features And What They Mean

Large, Powerful Grinding Discs

With 180 mm grinding discs, the Ditting KF1800 processes beans at whirlwind speed.

This grinder produces 12 pounds of ground coffee per minute—over 700 pounds an hour.

Like all of Ditting's grinders, the KF1800 is outfitted with Ditting's specialized grinding discs. Achieving exceptional particle uniformity, they grind quickly in multiple steps to ensure consistency.

This will easily differentiate your business from your customer's perspective. Today, more and more consumers expect a high level of consistency and quality.

Because Ditting's grinding discs are so finely crafted, they last far longer than standard options. The average roastery will need to go through 100,000 pounds of coffee before the discs begin to wear down.

Unbeatable speed plus the Ditting grinding discs' bar-setting wear-resistance make the KF1800 tough to compete with.

Large Hopper

The KF1800's hopper holds huge quantities of beans. Capable of holding 66 pounds at a time, it helps busy locations increase efficiency.

Smaller hoppers can eat up time as you'll need to stop and refill them more frequently. More economical use of time means greater productivity.

If total efficiency is the goal, you'll need a hopper that better matches your higher volume needs.

Hopper Magnet

Coming into contact with any loose bits of metal mixed in with the coffee beans can spell disaster for your grinding discs.

Especially with the large batches roasteries are typically working with, it can be nerve-wracking to think of metal bits finding their way into your grinder.

The KF1800's strong hopper magnet catches any metal scraps that may wander into a batch before they cause damage to the grinding discs.

It's a built-in safety mechanism (and much-deserved peace of mind).

Adjustable Outlet Extension Tube

Grinding into barrels or other large containers is what the KF1800 is designed to do. But with an adjustable outlet extension tube, you have a wider range of options.

The outlet tube can be adjusted to grind into receptacles of varying sizes and types, making it easier to switch between different grinding needs.

This is the kind of flexibility many roasteries need.

Choosing equipment that supports your business with practical, user-friendly features will help you work smarter, not harder.

Slide Gate

The slide gate built into the KF1800 helps you to better control grinding.

This device will help you regulate output by allowing you to start and stop grinding as needed.

When you've reached the desired amount of ground coffee, cut the inflow from the hopper off in one quick, simple motion.

Compact Size

Searching for an industrial grinder that's as economical on space usage as it is powerful? The KF1800 is the answer.

65 inches high, 20 inches wide, and 20 inches deep, it's a slender machine. If you're carefully negotiating space, it will save you some logistical headaches.

The compact size also affords smaller roasteries the opportunity to combine the tremendous output capacities of multiple KF1800s to meet customer demand.

Comparable Alternatives

Ditting KFA1403

Ditting KFA1403 Industrial Coffee Grinder

Ditting's KFA1403 can be considered a smaller version of the KF1800.

Built for medium to higher volume coffee roasters, the KFA1403 boasts the same specialty Ditting grinding discs (able to grind up to 35,000 pounds of beans), adjustable spout, and slide gate.

Standing at 37 inches high, 13.5 inches wide, and 16 inches deep, it also shares the KF1800's space-saving design.

Here are some key features and capacities that are different:

  • Output capacity
  • Hopper size
  • Grinding disc diameter
  • Included cold brew gear
  • Price

Constructed with 140 mm grinding discs and a 22 pound hopper, the KFA1403 grinds half the amount of beans that the KF1800 does—six pounds per minute. This is perfect for many smaller locations that don't need the speed of the KF1800.

If you want cold brew gear, you don't have to make separate purchases as it's included with this grinder. 

As the KFA1403 is a lower-capacity machine, it has a lower price tag. Essentially, you would need two KFA1403 grinders to make one KF1800.

Mahlkonig DK15LVS Industrial Coffee Grinder DK15LVS

A similar output capacity makes the Mahlkonig DK15LVS a good model to compare the Ditting KF1800 with if you're searching for alternatives.

The Mahlkonig grinds 660 pounds per hour—not far behind the Ditting. 

Here are some of the other features and functions shared by the Mahlkonig and Ditting:

  • Grinding disc diameter
  • Hopper size
  • Hopper magnet

Some key features of the Mahlkonig are a 53 gallon mobile container and portable design. Built on wheels, the Mahlkonig offers total convenience if you need to relocate it. 

What the Mahlkonig doesn't have is the smaller body of the Ditting. At 63 inches high, 31.1 inches wide, and 48.8 inches deep, it does require significantly more space.

With the rolling wheel construction, large mobile container, and the ability to grind non-coffee goods like spices and grains, the Mahlkonig is higher in price than the Ditting.

In terms of output and quality, the Mahlkonig is a worthy competitor. 

Nuova Simonelli MCD Bulk Grinder

The Nuova Simonelli MCD Bulk Grinder might not have quite the same output capacity as the other grinders in this review, but it still has many appealing features. It's an especially good option if you want something that can produce large amounts of coffee grounds to sell bags to your customers.

Here are some features it shares with the Ditting:

  • Stainless steel grinding discs.
  • Durable construction.

It's important to note here that this isn't a grinder you'd choose by itself for an extremely large industrial setting. However, this would be an excellent grinder for larger retail settings.

For one thing, it has a tough die-cast aluminum body that you can rely on. It also has a powerful motor that helps the grinder make short work of your coffee beans. 

About the Brand

The Swiss company Ditting came to life in 1928 in Zurich, Switzerland. Originally in the business of automobile manufacturing, Ditting turned its attention to commercial grinders in 1954.

This company's reputation is sparkling. Ditting grinders are famous for their sheer power, robustness, and longevity. A Ditting is going to deliver incredibly precise results for years to come.

Ideal Machine Applications

The Ditting KF1800 is an ideal grinder for small to medium roasting locations with high-volume requirements.

Because of its unique combination of compactness and large-grinder speed, the KF1800 affords smaller roasteries the opportunity to meet high demand.

If you want the same Ditting quality for a smaller roastery with a more moderate (but still on the high side) volume, look into the Ditting KFA1403.

What Customers Say

Here at Majesty Coffee, we're pleased to add these remarkable industrial grinders to our commercial grinder family. We look forward to receiving feedback on these models.

Given the high quality of Ditting's grinders and its impressive reputation in the industry, we are confident that our Ditting models will go far beyond simply meeting business owners' expectations.


Your budget is a big part of your decision. We price our equipment with care to bring you premium quality at the lowest prices.

Our Ditting KF1800 Industrial Coffee Grinder comes in classic Grey for $13,995.

For expert service and the best prices, check out the Ditting KF1800 and other industrial grinder options on Majesty Coffee...

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