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5 Best Espresso Machine with Eagle on Top

Looking for that majestic espresso machine with the eagle on top? This guide is for you. We're talking all about the Elektra home espresso machine models with the coolest embellishments.

best espresso machines with eagle on top

Here's what you'll find in this guide:

  • Background information on Elektra to give you an idea of what the company is all about.
  • What Elektra espresso machines are known for (besides the impressive eagle design).
  • All the stunning home models that Elektra makes for retro lovers.

Elektra Machines with Eagles on Top

Elektra Micro Casa Espresso Machine Copper and Brass Art.S1

The Elektra Micro Casa Leva is a totally manual model. In other words, brewing espresso is done by lever. 

When you pull the lever downward to brew, you apply pressure to a spring inside of a piston. This initiates pre-infusion. 

Inside the group, the coffee is slowly being immersed in water. When you see the coffee start dripping into your espresso cup, you'll release the lever.

The lever will slowly return to its upright position as the spring pushes it, pumping water through the coffee bed. You'll see the espresso pouring steadily at this point. For a double shot, just pull the lever twice.

Let's talk a little more about pre-infusion. This initial extraction stage ensures that the coffee bed is evenly saturated and fully extracted.

Basically, pre-infusion is insurance that you get a tasty espresso shot.


  • Fully Manual Lever Group: The ultimate old-world espresso machine design controlled entirely by the barista.
  • All-Metal Casing: The machine is encased in solid metal from top (or eagle) to bottom, your choice of shiny chrome, copper, or brass.
  • High-Quality Brass Boiler: A robust, long-lasting boiler resistant to rust.
  • Steam Pressure Gauge: Easy to use, this gauge will tell you when the pressure is optimal for brewing espresso. You'll know when the indicator moves to the green shaded area.
  • Water Level Sight Glass: Worried about running out of water? You'll be able to see the water level to prevent this from happening.
  • Brass Spring Piston: No plastic parts here. The brass piston resists warping from heat over time so that you can continue to make beautiful espresso shots every time.
  • Boiler Pressure Relief Valve: This safety mechanism ensures that your boiler won't build more pressure than it can handle.
  • Internal Pressure Regulator: Another self-managing system that keeps machine temperature from climbing too high.
  • Built-In Safety Thermostat: This helps to safeguard the heating element in case the water runs out. But keep checking the water level anyway!


  • Stunning Appearance: Nobody who walks into a room with one of these machines is going to miss it. It will likely be a centerpiece that elevates the room decor. 
  • Dry Steam: This machine generates super dry steam, delivering perfect microfoam.
  • Pre-Infusion: Aside from encouraging a fully developed espresso flavor, pre-infusion helps to settle the coffee and prevent channeling that can arise from improper tamping.
  • Minimal Assembly Needed: All you need to do is connect the steam wand when you receive this model. No frustrating assembly.
  • Quiet Operation: If you aren't a fan of the noise level of some espresso machines, you'll be happy to hear that a manual machine like this one is going to be quiet as a mouse.


  • Training Required: When it comes down to it, the manual model is the most involved espresso machine type. If you're a rookie, be prepared for a steep learning curve.
  • Slower Operation: If your goal is to make an Americano as quickly as possible, this is not the machine to do it.
  • More Precise Grind Needed: As a manual machine, the Micro Casa Leva will require a pretty precise espresso grind. It's less forgiving than other machine types.
Elektra Micro Casa Espresso Machine Chrome and Brass Art.S1CO

This version of the Micro Casa Leva is all chrome and brass. The eagle and main parts of the body are brass while the base, group, and steam arm are elegant chrome. Finished with black bakelite handles for heat resistance.

Elektra Micro Casa Espresso Machine Chrome Art.S1C

Creating a silver-dipped look, this model is all chrome, sure to complement a wide variety of tastes and styles. The black bakelite handles blend in seamlessly.

Elektra Micro Casa Espresso Machine Copper and Brass Art.S1

The copper and brass Elektra Micro Casa Leva is breathtaking in alternating soft copper and lustrous gold tones. This model comes with wooden handles to meld together the earthy look.

Elektra Micro Casa Semi Automatica Model ART.SXC

Not sure you can work a full lever espresso machine?

The Micro Casa Semi Automatica might be the better option for you.

This model comes with an easy-to-use button that you'll push to start and stop brewing espresso.

While a semiautomatic espresso machine still needs you to know the extraction cycle so that you can stop it at the right time and volume, it's much simpler to operate than a lever machine.


  • Manual Dosing Button: Streamline the brew process by pushing a button. 
  • Heat Exchange Brass Boiler: Energy-efficient with a short warm-up. This boiler maintains brew and steam temperatures at the same time, allowing you to brew and steam together.
  • All-Metal Casing: Like the other models, the Semi Automatica comes in different combinations of chrome, copper, and brass.
  • 3 Simple Button Controls: One button is the power switch, one fills the boiler, and one is for brewing espresso.
  • Steam Pressure Gauge: Easily read when the machine is ready to brew.
  • Water Level Sight Glass: Keep an eye on the water level while you work (it's important not to let the water run out).
  • Electric Pump: Instead of a spring piston, this machine contains an automatic pump to supply consistent pressure.
  • Boiler Pressure Relief Valve: Keeps your boiler from building up a dangerous level of pressure.
  • Internal Pressure Regulator: Manages thermal activity, ensuring optimal temperatures.
  • 3 Way Solenoid Valve: Releases pressure so that you don't get splattered with hot coffee grounds when you remove the portafilter from the group.


  • Same Gorgeous Design: The Elektra Micro Casa Leva may impress your guests, but so will the Micro Casa Semi Automatica. It's designed with the same classic appeal and legendary eagle.
  • Easier Operation: Though a semiautomatic machine still takes some training for brand new baristas, it's much easier to learn than a lever machine. You can consider this the intermediate or motivated beginner machine.
  • Simultaneous Brewing and Steaming: With the heat exchange boiler allowing you to pull a shot and steam milk at the same time, you'll be that much closer to your latte.
  • Dry Steam: You won't get a lot of water sloshing into your pitcher when you turn on the steam wand.
  • Minimal Assembly Needed: Just like with the Micro Casa Leva, attach the steam wand and you're good to go!


  • Pricier: With its robust boiler system and electronic features, the Semi Automatica does cost a bit more than the Leva. Really, this is the most notable con with this machine.
Elektra Micro Casa Semi Automatica Model ART.SXC

All chrome, this version of the Elektra Micro Casa Semi Automatica comes with a sturdy bakelite handle.

Elektra Micro Casa Semi Automatica Model ART.SX

Like the Micro Casa Leva in copper and brass, the similarly styled Semi Automatica displays a brass eagle on top and a mainly brass body with plenty of warm copper accents.

Elektra Mini Verticale Espresso Machine

This semiautomatic model is a downsized version of Elektra's commercial vertical espresso machine called Belle Epoque.

Basically, Elektra took a popular commercial model and reconfigured it for home use.

Designed like a professional espresso machine, the Mini Verticale has a cup holder space. But instead of sitting on top of the machine, it's built in open-cabinet-style, flowing with the machine design nicely.

The Mini Verticale can make your espresso setup a little more compact if you're not sure what to do with your espresso cups.

One thing to note is that brewing and steaming work differently on this machine. There is one boiler that shares these tasks.

To make it easy, Elektra has installed both a brew button and a steam button on either side of the machine.

When you want to steam, you'll press the steam button and wait for the machine to reach steam temperature as indicated by the light that comes on. Then you're ready to go.


  • Manual Dosing Button: Brew espresso easily will the push of a button.
  • Brass Boiler: Corrosion-resistant brass is found in the boiler systems of many high-end espresso machines..
  • All-Metal Casing: Enjoy the beauty of Elektra's all-metal designs.
  • Electric Pump: An automatic pump will supply consistent pressure for brewing.
  • Indicator Lights: Lights that accompany the on/off switch and the steam button tell you when the machine is on and when you can steam milk.
  • Adjustable Steam Valve: Turning the steam valve will slowly increase the steam power so that you can determine exactly how much you need for smaller or larger quantities of milk.
  • Commercial Grade 58 mm Portafilter: The same heavyweight portafilter that comes with commercial Elektra espresso machines.
  • 3 Way Solenoid Valve: You don't have to wait to remove the portafilter from the group head (no chance of getting sprayed with explosive coffee grounds).
  • Removable Drip Tray: Taking the drip tray out allows you to drain the water and liquid waste with ease.


  • Cup Space: No room on your shelves for coffee cups? That's what the cup storage area in the Mini Verticale is for.
  • Handcrafted Design: This is a pro of all of the Elektra models. Each piece is handcrafted with care and absolutely stunning.
  • Dry Steam: Elektra makes sure that its models provide dry steam to make rich, creamy cappuccinos.
  • Easy to Clean: Between the polished metal and the removable drip tray and cover, cleaning this machine is a snap.


  • Greater Assembly Required: When you get this machine, you'll need to attach the eagle to the top and secure the reservoir with an included screw. Not much more than the other machines, but more nevertheless.
  • Wait Between Brewing and Steaming: You'll need to give the machine a chance to reach proper brewing and steaming temperatures separately when making a latte.
Elektra Mini Verticale Espresso Machine

This version of the Mini Verticale comes in mainly brass with more subtle copper accents and a sophisticated wooden base. 

Elektra Mini Verticale Espresso Machine A1 Chrome

The chrome Mini Verticale is silvery from top to bottom with a wooden base painted black to complement the chrome.

What Elektra Is Known For

Elektra has been in the business of crafting gorgeous espresso machines since 1947.

A family-owned business, Elektra was founded and is still owned by the Fregnan family. The company handcrafts unique espresso machines in Treviso, Italy, combining classic style and innovative functionality.

Elektra's home espresso machines are unlike any other on the market. It's that special attention to aesthetic that most notably differentiates them, but there's much more to be explored.


It's true—the retro look of Elektra espresso machines is what will first draw you in.

Designed with the famous eagle sitting on top of the machine with its wings outstretched, the Elektra models are unmistakable.

Unlike other espresso machines, Elektra models are built in tower form, giving them a remarkably vintage look. 

If you want to know what it's like to work on one of the original espresso machines, an Elektra can pretty closely simulate the experience for you.

You won't find any plastic parts on the housings of these models.

Encased in gleaming metal, Elektra machines stick to polished copper, brass, and chrome. In fact, mixed metals are featured in many Elektra machines, showing off the brand's skillful artistry.

Anyone with an eye for artistic design and vintage style will be instantly enamored of these machines.


Elektra makes home espresso machines in fully manual and semiautomatic designs.

One of the few makers of traditional manual espresso machines, Elektra pays homage to the ingenious design of original espresso technology.

But if you're not comfortable with a manual machine that requires you to control each aspect of brewing by hand, you can choose more automated versions of Elektra models.

These home machines are meant to allow you to make expert espressos, lattes, and cappuccinos one at a time with the greatest care, paying special attention to each.

User Friendliness

Despite their intricate designs, Elektra machines are actually quite simple and straightforward.

This way, they achieve a level of user-friendliness that may be surprising to those who are just being introduced to Elektra machines.

Many espresso machines come with a long list of user-controlled switches, buttons, and dials. While these are all meant to give you the opportunity to customize drinks to your exact specifications, sometimes they're a little overwhelming.

There are those purists who prefer a more pared-down espresso machine that keeps the advanced features integrated with overall function, limiting the number of separate features to fiddle with and streamlining everything into one elegant approach.

This is the model Elektra follows, bringing you advanced temperature stability and machine performance without you really needing to think about it.

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