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Unic Mira Review (The Details Your Business Should Know)

Have you been trying to figure out if the Unic Mira is right for you or your business? In this Unic Mira review, we'll tell you everything you need to know to help make that decision.

UNIC Mira 1 Group Volumetric (Tall Cup) MI-1G-AV-TC

You're going to discover...

  • What the key features on the Unic Mira actually mean for you.
  • Advice on which machine configuration to pick.
  • Background information on the brand so you know whether it's reliable.
  • How the Unic Mira compares to similar espresso machines.
  • Which operations this machine is most suitable for.

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Quick Summary

Unic Mira

UNIC Mira 2 Group Volumetric

Available in configurations with one to three groups and tall cup brewing options, the volumetric Unic Mira is an ideal commercial espresso machine for small to large coffee shops and restaurants. Equipped with multiple infusion options and a powerful steam supply, the Mira is a top pick if you need a machine to deliver speedy, reliable and customizable results in a fast-paced environment. 

Key Features And What They Mean

Stainless Steel Construction

While other espresso machines may rely on less durable plastic components, the Unic Mira models we sell at Majesty Coffee boast boast welded steel frameworks with stainless steel panels.

Wherever you have solid construction like this, you can expect increased longevity. Parts are less likely to break down and need replacement, and the overall integrity of the machine is enhanced. 

Plus, stainless steel is easy to keep clean as a whistle.

Direct-to-Boiler Mounted Group Heads

Temperature control is crucial for proper extraction when pulling espresso shots. There are several different design types for getting the boiler water to the group head, some of which include pipe systems to transport hot water.

With the group head mounted directly to the boiler in our Unic Mira machines, there's no need for extraneous pipes. Heat loss won't be an issue as water is pulled directly from the boiler, giving you total temperature control and a higher quality product.

Programmable Volumetric Keys

Volumetric keys guarantee consistency in your product. The barista programs optimal espresso volumes into the machine so that every shot is pulled at the correct volume.

Not only does this eliminate guesswork for restaurant and cafe staff, it supports baristas juggling multiple drink orders. Instead of monitoring every shot, they can focus on beverage prep and customer service.

Overabundant Steam Supply

Have you ever worked on an espresso machine that quite literally ran out of steam while you were frothing milk for a latte? If you haven't, you can probably imagine that it's bad for business when your customers have to wait for your machine to recover.

The Unic Mira's overabundant steam supply ensures that you'll have all the steam power you need to make drink after drink without a profit-killing halt in the works.

Multiple Infusion Options

Some baristas prefer pre-infusion brewing methods, but not everyone does. Many machines come equipped for pre-infusion, but they may be limited to this method alone.

The Unic Mira machines don't restrict your options. With the ability to choose your infusion method, you can switch up your brewing method at any time.

Pod Adapter Kit Available for Group Heads

The group heads on the Mira models can be modified to take espresso pods. However, this function doesn't tend to be suitable for the vast majority of businesses.

In reality, only about five percent of customers opt for espresso pods, largely because they don't typically deliver the same flavor and quality. For this reason, our professional team at Majesty Coffee recommends using freshly ground espresso.

Cup Warmer

A cup warmer is a smart feature for when your customers order drinks in porcelain cups to stay. Essentially, it's part of quality control—a chilly cup will cool the espresso and any steamed milk added.

A fix for this is to let the cup sit with boiling water in it until you're ready to pour the shot into it. But this is time-consuming, not to mention unnecessary if the cup is already to temperature, which means one less step and satisfied customers.

Automatic Refill

For commercial applications, a direct connect machine with automatic water refilling is preferable over a pour-over reservoir, hands down. The reason it's a must is that you don't want to be stranded in the middle of a drink lineup with a depleted water reservoir.

Direct connect espresso machines also allow you to set up a water softener or filter in your water line, ensuring two important things: that your espresso tastes great, and that the machine doesn't break down due to scaling issues.

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Different Configurations

1 Group Volumetric

UNIC Mira 1 Group Volumetric

The Single Group machine is perfect if you go through a maximum of 10 pounds of espresso every week. 

Usually, this machine is ideal for smaller cafes or establishments looking for a machine to squeeze into an area without a lot of counter space. And if you're a home user, this is probably the machine for you.

1 Group Volumetric Tall Cup

unira mira 1 group volumetric tall cup

The benefit of the Tall Cup machine is that you can place virtually any size cup under the group heads.

This is time-saving for businesses that offer large sizes for standard beverages. You can skip the shot glasses and brew directly into small or large cups to get orders out fast.

1 Group Volumetric with SteamAir

UNIC Mira 1 Group Volumetric with SteamAir

The SteamAir editions offer an autosteam option, which is the ability to push a button to froth milk to the perfect temperature—no chance of scalding the milk. 

This is another mechanism that eliminates human error, ensures consistency in your product and reduces time spent on monitoring milk temperature.

1 Group Volumetric Tall Cup with SteamAir

UNIC Mira 1 Group Volumetric Tall Cup with SteamAir

This option combines volumetric dosing, tall cup capacity and autosteam technology in the single-group Unic Mira.

It's the perfect machine for busy small businesses or for establishments with employees who are Jacks and Jills of all trades.

2 Group Volumetric

UNIC Mira 2 Group Volumetric

The Twin Mira is made for businesses that go through about 25 pounds of espresso every week.

The upside to having two group heads versus one is that you'll be able to make multiple drinks at one time. This is not a necessity for every business, but most tend to see this as advantageous for streamlining production.

2 Group Volumetric Tall Cup

Unic Mira 2 Group Volumetric tall cup

The 2 Group Tall Cup is the equivalent to the Single Group Tall Cup in terms of cup size capacity, just made for businesses with higher traffic.

You'll have two separate groups to make two drinks of any size at the same time. If there's an order for a large decaf latte and a large regular latte, you can steam one pitcher of milk while pouring the shots for both lattes simultaneously.

2 Group Volumetric with SteamAir

UNIC Mira 2 Group Volumetric with SteamAir

Like the Unic Mira 1 Group, the 2 Group also comes in the SteamAir model. Consider this model if your business is medium-sized and focused on fast service.

3 Group Volumetric

Unic Mira 3 Group Volumetric

The Unic Mira 3 Group is capable of handling 40 pounds' worth of espresso per week. Larger businesses and cafes should consider this kind of capacity to keep up with demand.

This machine is the widest of the machines discussed so far, so be sure that you have enough counter space.

On the plus side, it makes it easier for more than one barista to make drinks at the same time, which is good for getting through lines quicker and delivering better customer service.

Comparable Alternatives

Nuova Simonelli Appia II Volumetric

appia ii semi automatic volumetric espresso machine

Nuova Simonelli is another company making espresso machines that are easy to operate. You'll find similar functions in our Unic Mira and Nuova Simonelli Appia II Volumetric models.

Here are a few:

  • Volumetric dosing
  • Automated cleaning
  • Number of group heads
  • Pre-infusion settings
  • Price

There are some key differences between these models, including width with each group head count. But if you're looking for a machine that's similar in terms of functionality and price point, look into the Appia II Volumetric models.

La Pavoni Bar T 2V

La Pavoni Bar T 2V

The La Pavoni Bar T 2V is another volumetric espresso machine that can be compared to the Unic Mira 2 Group model. 

Like the Unic Mira 2 Group, this machine has:

  • Volumetric dosing
  • 2 groups and steam wands
  • Direct water feed
  • Hot water tap

It does have fewer features, but it's an economical option that may be suitable for smaller businesses, depending on individual needs.

About the Brand

Unic has been making commercial espresso equipment since 1919. It's a company with a solid reputation, and its products don't tend to disappoint. 

This company has a few different espresso machine lines, including Stella Di Caffé and Tango with features adapted for a variety of business types. 

Ideal Machine Applications

For cafe or restaurant owners, the Unic Mira line of espresso machines will provide superior efficiency and functionality, two vital requirements in every coffee-centric business. 

All of the Unic Mira machines are designed for professional usage, but each configuration is meant to fit different business needs.

Small cafes and restaurants looking to add cappuccinos and lattes to their menu offerings will likely find that the Single Group machine will meet all their needs.

For larger cafes, the 2 Group and 3 Group machines will keep the customer line moving while maintaining quality excellence for every customer.

Keep in mind that the Tall Cup machines are going to be the most cafe-friendly as they allow baristas to make drinks directly in any size cup.

What Customers Say

Unic espresso machines are known as the workhorses of the industry. They're often purchased for use in remote locations as they rarely break down or require servicing.

Most of our customers find them to be ultra user-friendly and convenient. 


Our Unic Mira machines come in a range of prices to fit different budgets. For restaurants, home users and small cafes with lower volumes, we recommend the economical single group machines in the 5,000 dollar range. 

For larger cafes, the two-group machines in the 7,000 to 8,000 dollar range can suit a medium-volume customer traffic flow.

For the variety of high-tech features, the three-group Mira machines in the 8,000 dollar range tend to be an affordable and reliable option for establishments that see larger numbers on a daily or seasonal basis. 

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