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Rocket R58 vs MozzaFiato

It's time to compare the Rocket R58 vs Mozzafiato. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the detailed information you need to figure out which espresso machine is right for your home or small business.


We'll be discussing...

  • Key similarities between the Rocket R58 V2 and the Mozzafiato Type V.
  • Which features are different on these machines and what they offer.
  • What to consider when choosing between these models.

Quick Summary

Rocket R58

Rocket Dual Boiler R58 Espresso Machine

The Rocket R58 is a top prosumer model with lever-operated brewing, automatic pre-infusion, and a powerful dual boiler system. It's the perfection option for a home, office, or small restaurant that requires the adaptability of a convertible pour-over and plumbed-in machine.

Rocket Mozzafiato

Rocket Mozzafiato Type V Espresso Machine

Similarly designed inside and out, the Rocket Mozzafiato is something of a pour-over-only version of the R58 with a heat exchange boiler. It's ideal for home aficionados, small offices, and restaurants with a smaller budget and where users are trained on a semiautomatic machine.


Lever-Operated Semiautomatic Machines

The Rocket R58 and Mozzafiato are built for experienced baristas with semiautomatic brewing.

Instead of dispensing a programmed amount of water like an automatic machine, the R58 and Mozzafiato are fully controlled by the user via a mechanical lever.

This creates generous adaptability if you prefer to handcraft each espresso. You'll gain the opportunity to pull longer shots or ristretto shots on demand. For vintage lovers, the lever adds an old-world feel.

If you're a beginner barista, these espresso machines will help you to achieve pro status quickly.

Output Capacity

Producing 20 espressos per hour, the single-group R58 and Mozzafiato are more than capable of sustaining the caffeine requirements of the average household.

If you're shopping for a small office or restaurant, these models can also fit the bill. Many small businesses that aren't coffee-centric need a high-quality single-group machine for low-volume espresso service. 

With typical use, these machines will save you money and supply all the high-quality espresso drinks you need.

Water Tank

These machines come with water tanks that you'll manually refill as the water level gets low.

Inside the R58 is a 2.5 liter reservoir. The ample capacity ensures that you won't have to replenish it after only a few lattes.

The Mozzafiato's reservoir is even bigger, holding 2.9 liters of water. Any location where more than one person is making cappuccinos will benefit from large reservoirs like these.

PID Temperature Controller

With adjustable PID controllers, these Rocket models are incredibly consistent in temperature. As trained baristas know, temperature consistency is a key ingredient in excellent espresso.

The R58 comes with an external PID control box to allow you to make quick, easy adjustments. Just choose your preferred language setting and plug in your desired temperature settings in Fahrenheit or Celsius.​

To adjust the temperature on the Mozzafiato, simply remove the drip tray and find the controls right on the machine. This way, the face of the machine retains a more classic appearance while the digital PID display remains out of sight.

E-61 Commercial Group

Enhancing temperature stability, the E-61 commercial group head keeps hot water circulating between the boiler and group at all times.

This means that the brew head is heated even while the machine is idling, creating a more consistent brewing environment.

This group is also designed to perform automatic pre-infusion. Before the pump reaches full pressure, the coffee bed will be evenly saturated, encouraging full flavor development.

Between the temperature stability and automatic pre-infusion, the E-61 group makes brewing perfect espresso effortless.


You might find yourself doing a double take of these espresso machines. Design-wise, they're very similar.

Housed in polished 304 stainless steel, these models shine. They essentially mirror each other with sleek angular shapes, rotating steam and hot water valves, and dual Rocket manometers.

Perhaps the most noticeable difference is in the steam and hot water wands. They're farther-reaching on the R58, which slightly alters the appearance.

Overall, Rocket gives its trademark classic design with a contemporary twist to both of these machines.

Pressure Gauges

Each of the Rocket models' dual pressure gauges on the front of the machines gives you specific information to help you optimize performance.

On one side is the boiler pressure gauge. In terms of everyday use, it indicates when you can brew and steam. If you've just turned the machine on, this gauge will show you when the warm-up period is over.

The brew pressure gauge displays the amount of pressure created during the brew process. By using this gauge as your guide, you can perfect your brew ratio and make espresso like a pro.

Low Water Sensor

A manually refilled water tank requires close monitoring. For this reason, Rocket adds low water sensors to these models to make your job easier.

When the water level dips to a certain point, a light on machine will flash, indicating that the user should add water to the reservoir.

To prevent the boiler from totally drying out, the power will automatically cut when the water level gets too low, protecting the machine.

Cup Warmer

On top of the R58 and Mozzafiato are warming trays to preheat cups. Why use the warming trays? Because heated cups keep your cappuccinos hot better than cold porcelain.

Surrounding the warmers on these espresso machines are cup guards that stop cups from sliding off in case the machines are accidentally nudged.

Beyond the preheating function, you'll also find that the warming trays are convenient spots to store espresso cups. No need to overcrowd your kitchen cabinets.

Key Differences

Double Boiler vs Heat Exchanger

A double copper boiler system in the R58 dedicates individual boilers to brewing and steaming. 

This setup makes it possible to pull a shot and steam milk for a latte at the same time instead of having to wait for the boiler to reach the right temperature for each function.

The Mozzafiato's insulated copper heat exchange boiler achieves the same function with a single-boiler system and a tube running through to heat water to the optimal brewing temperature as it's siphoned to the brew head.

The Mozzafiato's heat exchange boiler is incredibly energy-efficient, though it requires more group head flushing before pulling a shot than the R58.

Steam Power

The R58's 1.8 liter dedicated steam boiler provides lots of power. Delivering commercial performance, the R58 can continuously steam milk for back-to-back drinks.

As with other Rocket models, the Mozzafiato also offers generous steam power with its 1.8 liter boiler system. For home use, it's more than sufficient for quick action and perfect microfoam.


These models are probably more similar than they are different in size. Still, there are slight variations that may make a big difference if you have limited space.

With the cup guard in place, the R58 is 16.25 inches high, 12.25 inches wide, and 17.5 inches deep. Taking the cup guard off will reduce the height to 15 inches.

Cup guard and all, the Mozzafiato is a little smaller at approximately 15.75 high, 11 inches wide, and 16.75 inches deep.

Rotary vs Vibratory Pump

Depending on which type of pump your espresso machine contains, you can expect different noise levels while brewing.

The R58 comes with the quieter rotary pump, a feature that may or may not be important to a home barista. ​

The vibratory pump in the Mozzafiato will generate more noise than the R58's rotary pump. On the other hand, it's not loud enough to be disruptive.

Both pumps produce high-quality results, which is why they're both used in prosumer espresso machines.

Rocket R58 Plumb-In Option

A defining feature of the Rocket R58 is its plumb-in convertibility. If at any time it becomes inconvenient to rely on the manually refillable water tank, you can switch to a direct supply from a water line.

Since this model combines the pour-over and direct-connect model types, you get the best of both. You can operate it in any location, but if you have it connected to a water line, you'll enjoy reduced daily maintenance.

The Mozzafiato is a strictly pour-over model, so it can't be converted to a plumb-in machine type.

Rocket Mozzafiato Adjustable Feet

If just a hair more room at the top of the Mozzafiato becomes necessary, all you need to do is adjust the feet.

The adjustable feet won't dramatically change the height of the machine, but they'll make some wiggle room for storage or for more comfortably grabbing cups from the warming tray.

It's a simple design element that makes a lot of sense when you're negotiating smaller countertop areas.

Price Considerations

While these espresso machines have many shared features, their prices reflect their key differences.

We offer both machines at Majesty Coffee at some of the lowest prices you'll find online.

Our Rocket R58 Dual Boiler Espresso Machine is available in classic stainless steel for $3,000. Also in shiny stainless steel, our Rocket Mozzafiato Type V Espresso Machine is available for $2,100.

So Which Should You Buy?

At this point, you know the ins and outs of these espresso machines, including the similarities and differences.

Now how do you choose between them?

If you're looking for a home espresso machine to bring cafe quality to your kitchen, both of these models are stellar choices.

With automatic pre-infusion, lever operation, and PID temperature control, experienced baristas will enjoy truly handcrafting each espresso.

When it comes to choosing a machine for a business like a small office or restaurant, the R58 might be the better choice if you consider the steam power and direct-connect conversion.

More than anything, the ability to choose the automatic water feed ensures smooth operation and easier maintenance. These benefits will be even more significant in a business setting.

But ultimately, both models are reliable, delivering an unparalleled espresso experience wherever they're used.

Bottom line: Consider your budget and whether you need the convenience of the plumb-in function to determine which model is the right investment.

For quality service and the best price online, check out the Rocket R58 and Mozzafiato here on Majesty Coffee...

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